Waiting Could Be Pg But Not Sure Advice Anyone

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vagymnast - May 5

My AF should have come yesterday morning, which was May 4th. Nothing still today... however, i had some light brown cm when i wiped once or twice yesterday. but nothing more today. Starting a week ago my br___ts were very sore, which usually happens around that time when AF is coming. But the soreness has pretty much gone away, but still no AF. As most of you know taking HPT's can be frustrating, and nerve wracking... so I havent taken one yet. Im just wondering if anyone thinks that I might be pg, or if AF is just a little late this month...


austynsmommy - May 5

It sounds like you could be. I would take a test first thing in the morning. Let me know how it turns out.


littlehopes - May 6

I had something sim happen. I Kind of got a BFP tonight. Period was due today but I started slightly spotting a couple days ago and have felt realy really tired. My b___bs are normally very very sore prior to period. They dont hurt at all. Nipples are tingly though. Took two different HPT at two different times and both had faint lines. I hope this helps and good luck to you!!!


Krissy68 - May 6

littlehopes - I'm cd 26 and AF is due on May 12. I took a hpt this morning and I got a faint + went and had a blood test done they said it will take 2 days to get the results then I went to the free clinic and the lady was really rude and she said it was NEG but I just didn't believe her I got anoter test and it was a faint + the contol line was dark and the test line was lighter. What do you girls think this means. Krissy68


mandy61678 - May 7

I went to see my hubby last week i stayed a week and we had s_x everyday and night and i was not due for my monthly untill the next week witch would be monday then i started early due to having s_x. and now i am at home. and i have been having water stuff come out and dont know why my panties get wet a little.. what is it? and my period was due on may 1st and i started on the 24 but i bleed a little on the 23 durning s_x. and my b___bs are sore. should i test? need help please thank you all



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