Waiting And Waiting Some More

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Hanna - March 7

Hello ladies, I am 15 dpo today and am waiting and waiting for the miracle to happen. I even wake up at night wondering if I'm pregnant or not. So how are you all doing? Is there anyone else who is about 15 dpo?


enail - March 7

I am 14 dpo today. waiting. feel like af is coming though . . . the last two weeks have been awful, had signs that I made me think I could be preg. (sore bbs, nausea, cramping) even though it seemed way to early. I often get af a few days late (15 or 16 dpo) so I am going to wait and see. Some more.


charity - March 7

Hanna, hey I'm 15 dpo too. Waiting is the word for the day isn't it! I'm a nervous wreck right now. Good luck to you and to you too enail. Hope we're all big phat and pg soon!


Mythili - March 7

Hey! I am 16 dpo... I got brownish spotting when I wipe with tissue that is about it... I waiting to see if I am going to get my period or not...


Lindsey - March 7

could someoen please explain to me what the dpo means. I mean, I know it means days past ovulation...but did you all know exactly what day you ovulated. My husband and I just started ttc. I thought I had the signs this month, really sore nipples. some weird bumps in the areola that almost have a white head on them (they are on both nipples) and been nausious. lots of cramping since the 23rd of february, not due to have AF till March 9th, just 2 days. Took a qualitative blood test on the 4th, it was negative. But when you say dpo, is that knowing exactly what day you ovulated?


Erin - March 7

I know my keeping track of my BBT as well as using Ovulation prediction kits, and checking my cervical mucous and position. Using all these I can generally narrow it down pretty good to the day I ovulated. You really get in tune with your body.


naomi - March 7

Lindsey, Ovulation normaly happens 12-14 days before your next period is due. Have a search on the net , there is lots of info about ovulation. You sond like you may be pregnant already. Wait untill you are due or after untill you take the next test.


Hanna - March 8

I'm 16 dpo today and still no af.. fingers crossed! How are you doing ladies? Has af shown up yet, or are you still waiting too? As for ovulation, I check my temperature and on the actual ovulation day it drops and the day after it rises. Besides that I have noticed that I can feel cramps when I am ovulating. That is quite a handy sign. Well, good luck to you all and tell me how you're doing, all right?


Lindsey - March 8

Thanks. AF is due tomorrow. I had a little spot of brown discharge when I wiped yesterday. Nothing else since. Unless its AF I dont know what it is. implantation bleeding maybe? Ill have to wait to see if I get it tomorrow. I have run to the bathroom several times thinking AF started. Still having a lot of cramping. Nipples are very sore. still have those bumps inside my areola. Took a hpt this morning, big negative. And the blood test I took on the 4th was a qualitative, came back neg also. So know I dont know


enail - March 8

Today, I am sure af is coming--but so slowly, cramping getting worse and some brown spotting. I am afraid it did not work out this month, and full-b__wn af is on her way . . .:( Hanna: good that af has not arrived for you--best of luck!


Hanna - March 9

Thank you! Well.. this morning I took (yet) another hpt.. and I saw a + !! I just couldn't believe it and I just keep looking at it.. it is really there! I'll keep my fingers crossed for all of you. Lots of Baby Dust!!


Lynn - March 9

Congrats Hannah!! How exciting!!! Did you suspect early on? I am 14dpo and waiting with anticipation. I had strong symptoms before but they have lessoned, except I'm still tired, today I was tired then I got dizzy and nauseaus and had to lay down and I fell asleep. I have cramps as well. Oh I hope!! I'm glad your waiting period is over! Well now there's 9 months! Good Luck!!!!


Hanna - March 9

Thanks! Well, I did suspect quite early on because five days after o (so when implantion is supposed to occur) my b___sts started to get sore and that has never really been a pms sign for me. Besides, I figured that it was a bit early for pms. The last couple of days I have been a bit nauseous.. today I really had to 'fight' to keep my breakfast in. I have been tired for about a week now (but nothing too serious) and had some very slight cramping since 5 dpo. I hope this info helps you! Lots of luck to you!


enail - March 9

Hanna: Congratulations!!! I wish you the best of luck with your pregnancy. My AF started late last night--this just was not my time. Will try again this cycle.


Hanna - March 17

Dear ladies, I have never felt worse than this. I just wanted to let you know that I am not pregnant anymore. Tuesday morning I had a lot of pain (cramps) and that night the bleeding started. Today I am still bleeding and trying to accept that my baby is gone. I can't seem to stop crying.. I want to thank you for all your congratulations and your support during the long wait and hope that you will be with me again, waiting for the miracle, because I still want a baby so much! I was so happy! I just can't believe it is over.. but I have to. Good luck to you all.


mulgajill - March 17

Hanna, i have just had the same thing happen, blood test positive (though hcg levels not high) on thursday, then sunday morning... all over... it is really depressing, but very common, of course. If we were'nt tracking our signs closely and testing it would just be pa__sed off as late period. The upside is i think it is better to know, at least you know conception has happened, and next time.... maybe better luck... well that is what i am hoping for anyway... and i did a couple nights crying, but i think that is not just disappointment but the hormones as well, hope you are feeling better soon.. :-)


caz - March 17

It's always so sad to hear of m/c - this forum is so supportive, especially when you haven't told friends/family you're ttc or have the early symptoms. Then when you lose it you feel you can't share it with them, but this forum is brilliant for sharing emotions. Mulgajill - I was chatting on the 'waiting for 9th' thread. I too had an early m/c on Sunday morning. As you say, at least our bodies can get pregnant - better luck next time for all of us. Can I ask anyone - how long did the bleeding last? Mine was all over the same day. I was still hoping it was implantation bleeding but the cramps were so bad and I pa__sed big clots. I guess we have to just sit tight and wait for the next af to arrive... baby dust ladies ***



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