Waiting Buddies Over Here Almost Testing Time From Holly

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Holly - November 5

I thought that we should start a new thread called Almost Testing Time since the last thread is getting a little long. Anyone with symptoms yet? Lots of Baby Dust :)


Holly - November 5

I am having symptoms, but it could be just af. I have sore and swollen b___sts, cramping, headaches, feeling hot, and fatigue. It's kind of weird because my b___sts are usually never sore before af. However, last month, they were so I thought for sure I was pregnant last month. I'll probably start testing this coming Wednesday if no af. I will keep you posted. Tell me what's happening with you ladies. :)


Naysa - November 5

Good luck Holly,I hope u get that BFP!!This cd 14 for me and I am cramping w/ ewcm.I was up late last night watching Birth Stories,I just love watching all those baby shows.I think Af is due 18-20 so I have a bit of a wait.Good luck 2 everyone!


Bubble - November 6

Im 14 dpo & got AF this morning. I was hoping not to get it, but Im OK. Here comes next cycle!! Good luck everybody else! Stay positive! :-)


Holly - November 6

I'm sorry to hear that af came for you Bubble. I pray that you get a BFP next month. ~Baby Dust~ What's going on with everyone else?


Nissa - November 6

Hi all! I am due for AF this coming Thursday (Nov.10). I took a pregnancy test today - negative of course. Its 5 days before and I took the First Response test - the one you can test 5 days before - is there still a chance I can be pg??


Holly - November 6

Hi Nissa, I think there still is a chance since it is early. I bought a first response too, but I am going to wait untill Wed. to take it. Af is due around the 9th of Nov. I am still feeling symptoms. ~Baby Dust~


Nissa - November 6

Hi Holly! Thanks for the encouragement. I am so impatient when it comes to hpts!! My hubby asked me why I continue to waste $ on them, and I told him that he just doesn't understand!! Its a girl thing!!! I am not having ANY symptoms except for frequent headaches, and some occasional mild lower abdomenal pain, and I want to eat all the time....and AF is due Thursday, so I figured I would be experiencing more AF symptoms by now. Usually the week before AF arrives I am irritable, bloated, with very sore and tender b___sts, and I cramp. I'm not having these same symptoms now. Weird huh. How long have you been ttc? This is only my 2nd mth, so I'm a newbie at this. The first month I don't think we really even TRIED, we just bd a whole lot more. This 2nd cycle I've gotten onto FertilityFriend.com and started charting the times my hubby and I bd, changes in cm, and thats about it. I really feel we timed it right this time...I just hope it worked. The fertilityfriend said my predicted o day was Oct.26...well my hubby and I bd on Oct. 23, 24, and 26. BUT, I noticed the change in my cm over the weekend Oct.29 to eggwhite consistency, so my hubby and I bd on Oct.29 and Oct.31. Maybe it wasn't enough, not sure. Anyway, if it doesn't work this time around, I am going to start charting my temp. on the fertilityfriend.com calendar, and also try the Evening Primrose and some Flax seed oil. I've heard those help make your cm "sperm friendly". I didn't realize that some women have "hostile cm" which prevents sperm from moving through and onto to the egg. Interesting huh!!! Anyway, if you have anymore ideas for next go around let me know. I'd love for you to be my waiting buddy since AF is due to visit us both this week. Please keep me in your prayers, as I will you!! Good luck, and keep me posted! ***********Baby Dust **********


Holly - November 8

Hey All! Where is everyone? How's everyone doing?


Nissa - November 8

Hi Holly! AF is a day or two away....hope she doesn't show! I haven't been feeling ANY AF symptoms that I usually have (pms) so do you think it is too soon to test?


Bubble - November 11

How are you ladies doing? I hope you have BFPs to report. Anyone got any good news? If not, stay positive. Im cd 5 & getting ready for another cycle!!! Thank you for your message Holly (Ive been absent for a while I know!) :)


Nissa - November 11

Hi all! I got my BFP yesterday!!!!!!!!! I tested the night before and got a faint p, then tested again yesterday with a digital hpt and it said "PREGNANT" within a min!!!!


Alison - November 11

Congratulations Nissa! That is such great news!! I'm just ovulating now so I'm going to be busy this weekend with my hubby. I wont be able to test til T'giving. You give me hope!


Nissa - November 11

BFPs are in the AIR~~~~~~~~~ Good Luck Ladies!!!!! Keep me posted on your findings!!!


Naysa - November 11

Congrats!!!That is great news.Did you have any cramps/pulling feeling at 5or6 dpo?


Nissa - November 11

I don't remember....I was 16dpo when I started cramping since it was day before AF, thats what I figured it was. For some women implantation can occur that early causing cramps. Could be a good sign! I know its easier said than done, but try to be patient. Try not to test until your a day before AF.....to avoid disappointment! Good Luck!!!



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