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Dee - June 1

Is anyone expecting their af around the 12th June. Im currently 5dpo and the waiting is killing me? This is my first month ttc with my b/f of 5 years. Im planning on testing on the 8th. My nipples have been extremely sensitive since about 2dpo. I dont even want to touch them. Anyone out there want to be my waiting buddy?


eilis - June 1

i have a thread where most of us are due around the 10th-ish and we would love to have you! This is also my first month ttc I can definitely relate to you! My real name is Lisa and I am 32 yrs old from Canada. I have many symptoms but fear that most of them are in my head, i am a little ahead of you as i am currently 7dpo and due on the 10th of june. how are you holding up???


Dee - June 1

Hi Lisa, yes I saw that thread and it seemed a little crowded but from now on I will check up on it. I am 25 and also from Canada, Vancouver BC actually. Where abouts are you from? The only symptom Ive had are the sensitive nipples. We b/d religiously around O time so Im hoping something worked. My boyfriend is actually leaving in Aug to do a 3 month educational course on Vancouver Island and I wont be seeing him, so we were hoping for me to get pregnant in June or July. So if nothing comes of this month we will have to try for next month. I really am trying not to get my hopes up though. What symptoms have you had?


eilis - June 1

hi dee, i am from toronto...but dh and i have vacationed a few times in vancouver, we have very good friends in richmond. i have had burping (?), night sweats ,crazy vivid dreams and today mild af cramping. i might be imagining it but my nipples look twice their size and are tender. so i am waiting to test on june the 9th... we have a really big bbq at our new house on the 17th...i'll know by then and have to "pretend" i'm drinking" something so our friends don't get suspicious. i had a friend who told everyone the minute she got her bfp and then m/c and it was devastating because everyone was asking her, so if i am i will keep it under wraps for ahwile! good luck to you and maybe we will both get a bfp and can move on to the first trimester board together!!! please keep me posted on what happens i will definitley keep checking this thread!!! :)


Mariasweets - June 2

I am 32 and currently 5dpo. I am also on the other thread, but thought I'd write here too. Sorry, I'm not from Canada. :) I am expecting af June 12th and can't wait to start testing. I had a miscarriage in Feb and am hoping this time will be it. I am kind of like eilis, I think most of my symptoms are in my head. I do however, have a slight crampy sensation in my lower right abdomen and I had just the slightest bit of blood on my tissue this morning, but nothing since. So I guess we will all just wait and see. Please keep me posted? Thanks


poweroflove - June 4

Hi all, I am Karla, 36 and ttc#1. I m/c in April at about 5.5 weeks. I o'd on May 31 and AF is due June 14. Back in April when I was pregnant I tried to convince myself that I was making up the symptoms, but here I am again with similar symptoms....pulling in abdomen and heavy bb's are my main ones, but I just feel pregnant. Yeah, I know I am not an expert, but I am hopeful. My mistake last time was that I was so worried about POAS that I did it all the time. I should have had stock in EPT. This time I am going to try and show some restraint and not test until the 11th, which would be 11dpo. Baby dust to all of you. You all will be in my thoughts and prayers. I am not in Canada, but I used to live in Bellingham, WA and loved BC.


sonia10 - June 5

I think I am 4 dpo. I am expecting my AF around the 16th. I say "I think" because I don't know. This is my first month of charting and using opks. The opks had a very light light pink line on CD14 and CD15. There was a temp dip on CD14 and then they have been all over the place. So i don't even know if I ovulated or not. I'd like to wait with you all. I am 34 and ttc #1.


poweroflove - June 5

Sonia, I would love to type with you through this journey. I have not entered the world of charting or opk's yet. The first time I got pregnant it was our first month ttc. After I m/c the doctor told me to wait at least 1 normal cycle (which I did) and this month we BD'ed like champs! Every woman is different as far as symptoms, but I can tell something is going on with my body. My husband and I are moving tomorrow so if I am inncomunicado for a few days it is because we haven't gotten our wireless network up and running. You are in my thoughts. Hope we can wait together.


sonia10 - June 5

Hi Karla/poweroflove, Good luck with the move. I'm sorry about the m/c. Hope your current symptoms are a sign of pregnancy. Sometimes the mind can play tricks, especially if we want something really bad. How long have you been ttc? I got off bcp in March and this is my 3rd month of ttc. May be my body is not back to normal yet wich would explain the temps are all over the place. I'd love to wait with you.


poweroflove - June 5

Sonia, glad to hear from you! I am a newlywed. My husband and I were married in late February and I was pregnant by mid-April. I had not been on bcp, so my body didn't have to make any major adjustments, my cycle is like clockwork, it always has been. April was only the 2nd cycle we were ttc, but the first that we were trying to match bd'ing with ovulation. So to answer your question about how long have we been ttc...not long. I am hopeful though that I will be pregnant within the year. Thanks for your kind words about the m/c. I think that it is even more common than people think. I was really sad at first, but I am a very rational person and I know that it wasn't my fault, other than I have some old eggs and not all are willing and ready to make a baby. If I get a BFN this month maybe you can give me some pointers on the whole temperature thing. Back to packing...what a pain, but soon we will be in our new house! Be kind to yourself.


twotimesthecharm - June 6

I am 7DPO and I am not expecting to see the witch on 06/12. I took a dollar tree test yesterday and got a faint line, yeah at 6DPO. I am going crazy. I had B/W done today. Here's the link to my chart. http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/Sugabear


ashleyd - June 7

June 18th... I O'd early this month though, so we'll see. Feeling a bit odd, but not trying to take every little thing and make it an "OH!" situation..


Danielle26 - June 7

I'm somewhere between 7 and 9 dpo, I have very sore, swollen BBs, my nips hurt a lot, and I get shooting pains in my BBS. I've been having light cramping since around 5 dpo, but a few minutes ago I had a needle sharp pain in my uterus. I couldn't help it, I yelled ouch! Sound promising for implantation?


poweroflove - June 8

Sonia and all, I have moved into my new home and my DH got our wireless network up and running last night so I am a surfing fool. Twotimesthecharm- I just visited your site- wow girl, you have really been through a lot- my thoughts are with you and I hope that this is the boy you all have been dreaming about!!! Today I am convincing myself that I am not pregnant. GRRRR!!! Babydust all around!


sonia10 - June 8

welcome back poweroflove. Hope your move went off OK. I believe I am 6 dpo. Daniell, I have also been having sharp pains in my abdomen since yesterday. Sometimes I get this when I am ga__sy. My not much gas this time, just tummy pain. I am having no other symptoms, so trying to not think too much of it.


poweroflove - June 10

Yesterday was my first day back to work since moving and when I was searching a box for deodorant I came across a box of pregnancy tests, I couldn't control myself, so I POAS. It came back pregnant. I was 9dpo yesterday and the digital reader turned to pregnant before I could even finishing peeing. On my way to work I stopped at my OB to give a blood sample to check HCG and my progerterone level. The results will be back Monday. I knew I was pregnant... Sonia- how are you feeling? Are you still experiencing sharp pain in the abdomen? My biggest symptom is fatigue.


sonia10 - June 11

Congrats to you Karla. I could not wait any longer...had to take a hpt this morning and it came back BFN. The abdominal pains went away, but i feel nauseated constantly. But I guess a BFN is a BFN. af is due around the 16th. Guess it's onto the next cycle for me...



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