Waiting Buddy Mar31 Anyone

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Annie - March 22

Hi again..Anybody waiting for Mar 31st. I need waiting buddy. This waiting is killing. I am 5 dpo. I O'd on 17th..Anyone?? ********Lots of Baby Dust to all***********


Layla - March 23

Hi Annie! I'm waiting on April 1...close enough! I'm not sure my chances are very high but we'll see. I had some issues with the mini pill and think I ovulated at 5dpo I had cramping and bleeding for one day then at 14 dpo had AF cramping for two days but no AF. So I'm calculating the AF at April 1 based on the one day bleeding. Don't know what is up with me. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!


rae - March 23

im waiting on the 29th, not sure when i ov'ed, either 10-11dpo, or 20dpo... good luck ladies!!


Annie - March 23

Hi Layla and Rae, Much baby dust your way.You girls keep me posted about when u are planning to test. What symptoms do you have for now.


Layla - March 23

I've tested 5 times all BFN the last was a week ago. With the cramping I had a week ago I had a lt brn streak in cm this was very similar to what I experienced with DD as well as nausea and dizziness however that has since ceased and now I feel fine. How are you feeling any symptoms for either of you?


Annie - March 23

I have this cramps in my lower right abdomen, and headaches. I feel very hot and temperature is always high. How many DPO are you?


layla - March 23

I would be 24 dpo if the light bleeding I had didn't count as a period. LMP was 2/16 then OV 2/27 Medium bleed 3/4-5 (2 wk early AF? or implantation?) Cramping 3/12-13 with slight discharge. I haven't been charting temps as this was not planned.


emily - March 23

Hi. I´m due on the 30th. I´m (I think) 4 dpo. I have milky discharge and cramps!!!!


Amanda - March 23

Oops wrong b___ton Anyway I'm the 26th i think and I am really hoping I have been having some cramping and b___st tenderness nipples are so sore that i can't even touch them... MAybe the Easter bunny will bring us all a little joy **** BAby dust to all ****


Hope - March 24

I'm due to have af somewhere between the 29th and the 1st of next month... it depends on my bodies mood.... I have been experiencing pregnancy symptoms for 2 and a half weeks now... I think I ovulated somewhere between the 9th and the 15th... I don't kow how to tell....good luck to everyone!


Suz - March 24

According to charts my accident occured right when I'm most fertile(I cycle every 24ish-25ish days). I was not planning this at all. Had very noticable cramps on the 20th and a headache all that day. Also had pimples worse than usual, greater pressure on my bladder when I have to pee and a conciderable discharge a couple days ago twice and somewhat everyday since then. No b___st tenderness though. I've taken two tests, both negative. I'm very very emotional but also quit smoking about 28 days ago so it could be that. Had the flu three weeks ago and still got a stuffy nose from that.... or maybe this? Have had pulling sensations in my abdomen and sometimes when I stand up the muscle in my lower stomach kind of spazz's out and it hurts for a minute. My tummy feels poofy and kinda bloated. I've had SOME of these symptoms before my period in past months but I was on the pill and always turned out to be nothing. I'm just very concerned because of the accident RIGHT when I was most fertile.... we were not using the pill or any other form of b/c. My AF is due between the 29th-31st.


dena - March 24

I O'd on the 16th. The waiting is killing me too. I am expecting my period on the 29th. Good Luck to you!


layla - March 24

Wow Suz, what are you going to do if it is positive? Well you'll be ok. I can't tell with your signs one way or the other but it does sound like something you need to be concerned about. I'm kinda in the same boat...we weren't trying and I have contradictory symptoms but cervical fluid is gone so I think my chances are lower now. You actually have more signs than I do. Keep us informed of your symptoms and good luck! Any signs dena?


emily - March 24

Well. I know I´m not. my cm has decreased and my cp has lowered a bit. Although my nips hurt a little when touched!


erica - March 24

Im waiting on the April 3rd, I think I ovulated around the 16th-21st not sure. My nipples have been very sore. Maybe it's me but I've been craving oysters. Plus I have alot of saliva is that a syptom?



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