Waiting For AF Today Any One Else

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izzy - February 28

I need a waiting partner for af today.


jenny - February 28

hey izzy, i will wait wiv u, my AF is 2 days late but i happy to wait wiv u.. i hoping she dont show


AmyF - February 28

I am wating for af also


izzy - February 28

thanks jenny. i'm driving myself nuts here.


AmyF - February 28

izzy- I know the feeling. Hope af doesn't come- it would really be nice. I really don't know when I will start (just coming off a m/c 4 weeks ago, but from what I've read I should have started this past weekend) It would be such good news to find out I am preggers again. :) ***BABY DUST ****


stacey - February 28

izzy- did she come? I'm not sure when mine will visit (hopefully she won't). I had a D&E on Jan 28th and the said 4-6 weeks. Well, Friday was 4 and so far so good! I have some symptoms, but so far have a bfn:(


izzy - February 28

no AF yet. thank GOD. I still have the rest of the nite and pretty much all week. so pray for me ladies. please...


AmyF - February 28



Fi - February 28

I'll wait with you too :) I too had a m/c 4weeks ago AF was due on 26th still not here although I have had cramps. Will keep my fingers crossed for you all x x x


izzy - February 28

still nothing girlz. i'm still keeping my fingers crossed.


Sophie - February 28

Is this the same Fi who used to post alot some months back? Either way, I'm so very sorry for your loss darling. I hope you have better luck in the very near future. My thoughts are with you. GL to everyone else x


jenny xx - March 1

hey izzy. how are ya today, any sign of our favourite auntie flow yet ? well so far she has stayed away from me.. lets hope she stays away from u also.. let me know how ur doing


AmyF - March 1

She was a thief in the night..... but AF came to visit once again. Well, at least I have a date to chart by now. Good luck girls. We all need it.


izzy - March 1

nothing yet girlz still waiting. i took an hpt this morning BFN..... baby dustXXXXXXXXXX


stacey - March 1

Fi- I'm in the same predicament. had a d&e on the 28th, thought af would come this past Friday- nothing! Am still waiting. However, today I took a blood test (hopefully quantatative to measure if I still have any hcg left in my body- either b/c I am hopefully preggers again, or b/c there is still tissue in me. Either way, I'm waiting too!!! (not happily or calmly I might add)


Fi - March 3

Sophie I'm not the same Fi that posted a while ago :) Unfortunatley AF came yesterday I'll just have to keep on ttc. Good luck to you all x x x



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