Waiting For April 15th Anyone Eles

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Kathy - April 9

Hey all.. any one out there waiting for April 15Th????????????


Melissa - April 9

I am waiting for the 16th. I was pregnant once before, in July, but miscarried in October. I tried to get pregnant again last month without luck. I was convinced that I was, but I wasn't. Now I'm trying again. In a way I keep telling myself that I am not pregnant just so I won't get disappointed again. The waiting is the worst part.


aurelia - April 10

i m waitin for 18 apr...aiks...got pg symptons but..it juz came n gone...tested...but neg..maybe too early to test...juz too anxious...


Kathy - April 10

Hi Melissa and Aurelia!!!!!! Goo dto have some waiting Buddies.. I am trying so hard not to think that I have all these symptoms.. I am trying to iqnore some of them so if I am not preg I won't be so disapointed. Sorry to hear about you mc Melissa.. I can't imagine how hard that is to deal with..**************baby dust all************


Melissa - April 10

Well, it is 10 dpo for me. I read that some women test positive as early as 10 to 14 dpo, so I took a test this morning. It was neg. I think I will wait until Thursday before I try it again. That will be 14 dpo. I am not sure that I really feel any signs of pregnancy this time. I know exactly when I could have conceived though. You see, I am not married, nor dating. I'm 35 and decided I wanted a family with or without a man, so I went in and had myself artificially inseminated. I know I was ovulating at the time because they performed an ultrasound to check. The doctor saw "one big egg." I hope that is a good sign. I am so afraid to get my hopes up this time.


Kathy - April 10

Well don't you have the advantage over us..lol. Some people take longer to get a positive on a urine test so don't give up hope!!!!!


Melissa - April 10

Yeah, I guess I do have one advantage in the ultrasound for ovulation, but I have the disadvantage of getting one shot per month. I get inseminated once per month; no husband to keep sleeping with. Either way, we are all in the same waiting game. After reading some of your posts, I feel like there are many pregnant moms out there. Baby dust is trickling down upon us all. Can't you feel it?


Kathy - April 10

I sure can it seems like the are alot more BFP being posted the last month.. Is this going to be your first child?


Melissa - April 11

Yes, this would be my first. I hope this will be my first. My temp was up today (99.2). Hope that means I am pregnant, not sick. How about you, Kathy? Are you going to have your first (when you test positive - you will, you know)?


Jenny - April 11

Hello ladies! My dh and I are waiting until the morning of the 16th. Af is scheduled to arrive on 4/11 or 4/12, but we are going to wait until 4/16 to test. I'm not having many symptoms... Nipples were Extremely sensitive for the past week and my b___sts coned, then grew larger and became very full. A bit of dizziness and a lot of urination. Other than that, just a lot of gas!! Dh is not enjoying that part...ha ha! Good luck to everybody!


hello Me - April 11

I am waiting for April 15th too..I am getting pain from yesterday. but this last one month i have started feelign dizzy and week. but no sore b___sts. Anyone felt like this????


Kathy - April 12

Hello Jenny and Hello me welcome. How are you doing Melissa?? This will hopefully be my second. When I got prego with my son it was not planned. So this is the first time I am trying. Jenny- I'm with you on the gas dh is not amused, that aspect of pregnancy is just wrong. I wish I could remember what my symptoms were from my son. I was 6 weeks when I got a BFP almost 5 years ago and I only tested because I was late.. Good Luck ladies


Melissa - April 12

I am doing fine, thanks Kathy. I took another test today, but still negative. It's only 12 dpo, so I really didn't expect a positive. My stomach feels a little strange. Between my belly b___ton and the top of my bikini line it feels tight or stretched or tender or I don't know the right word for it. That is really the only symptom, so I don't think I am pregnant, but who knows? I will test again on Thursday. How are things going for you, Kathy?


Kathy - April 12

Going Good, no AF yet so that is good. I have not tested I am trying to be good... I feel like I had more "symptoms" last month but I also got AF last month. Kinda tired my lower back hurts and having some gas (fun) my husband is loving that right now ..lol..But on the same note for lack of symptoms.. I had none with my son.. SO mabey there is hope for those of us with very few symptoms this month..


Katie - April 13

I'm waiting for April 19. Had a m/c in Jan and tried last month for the first time again, but I think I had my od wrong as my cycle had not yet normalised. I ovulated on 5 April (I'm sure as I did a urine test and I also get ovulatory pains) and did bd at the recommended times. I started to feel really tired on Sat (5dpo) like coming down with a cold or flu, and have been feeling the same every day now, without becoming ill. (It is the same tiredness I had in my 1st preg (M/C), but can't remeber when it started, as this preg was unplanned, and I went through a very stressful time at that stage and wouldn't have noticed. This morning I also felt a bit nauseous (8 dpo), but better now. Could this be pg symptoms? (I know it is still too early to test, and will test later if no AF, but I need to fly internationally for business on the 19th, and am not happy about it, as I flew early in my prev pregnancy that ended in m/c.


Krista - April 13

I am waiting for April 15th, and hoping AF does not come. I have been ttc since January of last year. I had a m/c in June, and no luck since. Feb. 28th, I had an HSG done, and my left tube was collapsed, but Dr. said he was able to force it open with dye. Yesterday, I had bit of spotting in early morning (bright red), and again today (dark), so I am hoping for implantation, but trying not to get hopes up too high. Good luck to everyone who is trying!


Lewis' mummy - April 13

Hi Ladies, can i join your group? I too have af due on 15/04 , Im trying for my 2nd I luckily have a 4 year old son, I've been trying for the last 13 months and was starting to loose all faith in my body, but this month I have been leaking colostrum from my b___sts, been really tired by about 6.30 [actually falling asleep] for about a week after o i was feeling really sick but that seems to have gone now. Does anyone know if you can bring these symptoms on just by wanting to be pg soooo bad. Two days left to wait but it feels like years, I kinda think it would be easier just to come on[ even though i dont want to] at least my head wouldnt be so messed up and i wouldnt have the agony of another -ve test. Sorry if i ranted I just wanted to talk to someone and you all sound really helpful. Good Luck and loads of Baby Dust to all. x x x



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