Waiting For No AF 7 9 Symptoms Anyone

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Lara - July 5

Hi guys. Anyone else waiting for No AF on 7/9? I havn't had any symptoms except yesterday (7/3) had light brownish bleeding, IB perhaps? Good luck everyone!


LC - July 5

I am waiting for af not to come that same day. I have had no symptoms either except a backache and a litle tired....which is unusual for me. Last time I was pregnant (ending in miscarriage) I had lots of symptoms....sore bbs, tired, backache, bloated.... When do you plan to test??


Kelly - July 5

I am due for AF 7/12. I wish you a lot of luck and hope you get a BFP!!! ~~~Baby Dust~~~


Lara - July 5

Well if AF doesn't pay me a visit then i'll probably test in about a week from now, maybe earlier if I start getting lots of symptoms. I'm so nervous! When are you expecting your AF LC?


M - July 5

I am waiting for no AF on the 7/9 too. I have had some cramps (quite strong), yeast infection (which is v v rare for me), and have been very tired. I am not hopeful as I suffer from mild PCOS and I am not treating it with drugs but have been very 'active' recently so there is a chance.


deby - July 5

I am due for af 07/9 as well. Think its too soon to test? Very sore b___bs which feel very full. Just started mild cramping today so am almost afraid to test and be dissapointed!


LC - July 5

Suppose to start af on 7/9. Went to the dollar store to get one of their tests so I wouldn't waste a lot of money this weeks testing....but they were out!!!!! Couldn't believe it! I going to try to wait until Friday but not sure I can wait that long!!


M - July 5

Testing always brings AF on in my case, so will TRY and be patient and wait until Saturday. I normally get sore bbs but nothing so far which is strange for me.


Paris - July 5

Me too, it is only my 2nd month of ttc. AF due July 9th, mild cramps yesterday and very sore bbs for a wk now, and tired too. Apart from that though, no symptoms 'except I had a nose bleed', and I've not had one of those in like years. Last month I had every symptom in the book, and I was convinced I was pg, but this month not many symptoms at all and do not feel pg one little bit (we''re gonna test tomorrow a.m. which is what. . . in the middle of the night for you guys? ) I'm in Paris France, and it looks like most people on this site are in the States. . . but it is really nice to read everyones thoughts as we are all going through the same (I love this site)!


M - July 5

I am from UK. I think its all over for me a little light bleeding has just appeared and I think a little late for IB now (10 DPO). I was using OPK this month and did not get a positive until 6/24 so it is a little early.


S - July 5

hey all....im due for NO af 7/10. the waiting is making me crazy! i really havent had many symptoms. no sore b___bs, nausea or sickness. although ive had some cm which i heard is a sign. also, mild cramping in lower abdomen, constipation (ew) and more of an appet_te. i never got sick when i was pregnant with my son so i have high hopes. i want to test so bad. they have up to 5 days before your period tests.....maybe ill try one of those! keep in touch ladies, i like going through this with someone! good luck all


Lara - July 5

The more I think about it the more impatient I am getting! I think I'll get a test with two in it and test on Saturday morning. A lot of the symptoms I also get from AF so I never know which it is. My nipples seem to be changing more than they usually do.. I could be imagining things though. Let me know how you guys are going! Btw Im in Australia, so I'm probably at least half a day ahead over here.


Mel - July 5

Hey ladies! I'll wait wiht you all! I'm in the same boat! AF is due 7/9 ish. I went off the pill last month and have been active this month. O'ed around 23rd-25th. Had a few symptoms...rock hard stomach, followed by soft and bloated stomach the next few days. I have been extremely tired this past month, very restless at night, leg pain, frequent urination and slight nausea at times. Oh and very ga__sy! Eww! I know! I took a hpt this past Friday, but -. Haven't tried again since then, I don't want to be disappointed. I know it's early in the game to think I am pg, it's only been one month, but you start wanting it so badly so quickly, you know! ~~~~Baby Dust Ladies!!!!!!~~~~


bump - July 6

bump, bump, bump. . . he he


Deb - July 6

I think af is coming. I have been very crampy the past 2 days. My friends say it doesnt mean anything and that you can still get crampy when you are pregnant..especially the first month you miss your period..but i think they are just being nice cause they are my friends. Hoping for no AF but just know in my heart..she's coming. Good Luck to everyone due this weekend! I am due the 9th.


Paris - July 6

Me too, due the 9th, cramping too. . .and I don't feel pg at all. . .


deb - July 6

I just had lunch with friends and they say that coul be sign..especailly your first month (not sure if they are just saying that cause they are my friends and want to keep my hopes up) but paris like you said...I dont feel pg either.



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