Waiting For No AF July 3 Anyone Else

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Tamara - June 23

I'm expecting to have NO AF on July 3rd. I o'd around June 17th and am hoping hoping hoping. Anyone else around the same timeframe???


V - June 24

Hi Tamara... my timing is the same as yours... I'm hoping AF doesn't show up those first couple days of July. ... crossing my fingers for you and me! How long have you been ttc?


jo - June 24

yes, exactly. i'm on first cycle clomid. husband is on volume pills. do you think we can test yet?


Tamara - June 24

I'm gonna test on Friday June 30th early morning...wanna join me? Hopefully we'll all be BFP!! ~~baby dust to us~~ We're not "officially" trying but we are...trying not to think about it too much but it just doesn't work so about 2 months only. I'm so impatient.


bump - June 25



Stacey - June 25

I am due for NO af on July 3rd as well, but ovulated on the 20th. However, even though it'll only be 10dpo I have a dr's appt which they will need to take blood in, so maybe they'll also do a pregnancy test then.


Tamara - June 25

Good luck on your test at the dr Stacey. make sure to tell us the results.


stacey - June 27

hello all, anything happening with anyone yet? I amonly 7dpo,and have my usual backache, slight b___st tenderness, but I also think I have a yeast infection :(


rachy - June 27

my af is 2nd july i have been gettin a disomfert in my groin already to 1 side and i took 2 tests this morning both faint + but im 5 days away from af? can this happen?


stacey - June 27

did you read the test in the given time? Sure it can happen if your test is sensitive enough :) Congrats. Any other signs..and how many days past ovulation are you?


rachy - June 27

the given time for the test was 10 minutes and i ovulated around 20th june and the faint + came up in around 5 to 7 minutes i have also been gettin some discomfert on the right hand side of my lower abdomen and when i press down i can feel it more


Nena - June 27

I am 9 DPO, I have all possible signs except peeing more often. I am not sure when should I test because I took HCG injections to ovulate and now I am taking progesterone pills. I stopped HCG on 16th June, can I test now even though in progesterone pills??? I am loosing my patience ;o\


stacey - June 27

Rachy- I'd say it's time to go to the dr. to get a blood test- all sounds good! NENA- I'd call the dr. and ask when you can test- I'm not sure with all those extra meds..sorry..


Layni - June 27

I am on the EXACT same cycle, I ovulated on the 17th or 18th, AF is due on the 3rd. I'll wait with you all, any sypmtoms anyone?


Layni - June 27

Tamara my AF is due the 3rd too, BUT I will test with you on the 30th, lets use the same brand hpt...what are you going to use?


Layni - June 27

Stacey- A yeast infection is often a sign of pregnancy..many women experience yeast infections throughout their pregnancies.. Good luck:-)


Tamara - June 27

Lacey-I have a clear blue already but I think we should try First Response Early...just cause it is early...what do you think?? Or we could try one of each to be sure. I will do first thing in the morning. I'm flying out very very early to visit family for a week so will post before I go...I'll have a pc on the weekend so I can check in to see your progress...hopefully no af for either of us. GOODLUCK!! ~~baby dust to all~~



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