Waiting For The 23rd

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bean - March 15

This is so frustrating!!! I'm 29 and happily married for nearly 5 years. Since we're not getting any younger, DH and I decided to go off the pill this January (I'd been on for about 10 yrs). My obgyn asked that we use bc for at least 2 mths. I expected to have my cycle completely off for quite some time (at least that's what I heard usually happens after being on the pill for so long). AF came like clockwork on 2/22. On 3/6 we messed up... (hate cdms anyway!). Since then it's weird... like I just KNEW. Mind you, we're totally not ready to start ttc. I was thinking maybe later this summer... I was EXHAUSTED the first week. Now this week things are fine, except it feels like there's a party going on in my belly. All this rumbling, tossing, turning. No pain in bbs or bikini line like everyone else claims. I just have a wild bash going on in there. Could it be AF coming in like a storm or something else? It's so frustrating waiting - plus, I miss my Fri night glass of wine! :) Watching the clock tick till the 23rd....


sas - March 15

I was on the pill for 13 years. I came off the pill in sept and i can't believe the PMT symptoms which I get each month. The cramps and the parties that go in my stomach are killing me. That fact that i'm not getting down and depressed with this pain is because i'm putting it down to pregnancy symptoms each month, so get excited. But then AF shows her ugly self and well... as you can imagine it's a rollercoaster ride. If you haven't concieved this month hope it works out for you in the summer. In the meantime Good Luck with any PMT. Oh also each month when AF comes I have 1 gla__s of wine to drown my sorrows.


Dawn - March 15

Hi..in the same boat as you..went off the pill in dec and was on it for 11 years...i'm also 29. since dec, from the time i ovulate til the time i get AF i have cla__sic pregnancy symptoms, so who knows. over the weekend my tummy was also grumbling strangly..I ovulated on 3/7 or 3/8, so there's a chance we could both be pregnant....I have pretty much the same symptoms as I did the last few months, except now I'm getting spikes in my temp and small red veins on my chest...DH & I weren't trying either...I think it's too early for AF to be coming for both of us...


bean - March 15

Thanks for the advice, sas! It's funny - I wasn't even excited until I couldn't figure out why I was so so tired, did a google search, and.. well.. here I am. Now I'm seriously counting the minutes until AF just to know! Oh well.... DH says NICE bottle of wine if it's a BFN. :)



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