Waiting For The Witch November 7

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Erin - November 3

Anyone else on the witch watch for Monday? Let's wait together! Feel free to join if you're expecting AF anytime from Sunday 11/6 to Wed 11/9!


JT - November 3

I am waiting for it. Don't want it though. I am so tempted to use the pregnancy test that I just bought this morning.


Julie - November 3

Hi Erin and JT, I am waiting for no witch on Monday. I would love to join your thread. What are your symptoms????? I do not have any, but cramping and serious constipation. I have noticed these red lines in my b___st, but I know I am just over looking this. They must have been there before, and I am just looking way too much into this.


JT - November 3

Hi Julie, I have been cramping on and off for the past 2 weeks. I got off the pills during the 3rd week of the pill cycle. Then I got my AF on 10/10. According to the calendar, I O'd on the 24th. Since then, I have been having cramps, headaches and even had a dream that I was pregnant. I hope these cramps are not because I am going to get my period.


Erin - November 3

I had a dream too! I was pg with twins! DH also had a dream I was pg! Ii had spotting at 8dpo and have had some cramping that's more like o pains than af cramps. I had an ultra faint line on a test but it was so faint I think it must have been an evap. I've also had headaches and dh says my bbs look bigger.


dawn - November 3

I am waiting and i am late. But pregency test came back neg. Having alot of presure. i can't believe i am having such truble this time. Already have 3 kids but my youngest is 9. i didn't have any problem then. This really suck. Now i know how women feel that can't get pregent. So BABY DUST TO ALL.


Jennifer - November 3

Im actually due for AF on the 9th but I will like to wait with you. Last month I had a early miscarriage and the doc said it was ok to try again...so we did..my temps are up and I have had sore bbs since the day b4 ovulation. So I have my fingers crossed and pray that if I am pregnant, that this one sticks...Good luck to you all..


Melissa - November 3

Hi all! I'm due for af on Nov.9th. I broke down and took a test tonight at 12dpo...bfn. But that's ok 'cause it's still early right?? I don't have any symptoms yet and to tell the truth not feeling like this is the month...but still have hope.


Lisa L - November 3

Can I wait with you all, too? My AF is due on the 9th. I had a miscarriage in June. So I am very anxious. I have been having some distinct symptoms-- bloating, cramping, hightened sense of smell, moody, headache, heartburn and lower back ache. I can't believe I am having so many symptoms at one time. I told my husband if I am not pregnant this month that I must be crazy. I am not going to test until the day after my AF. I can't bear a BFN before AF shows.


chrysti - November 3

i am expecting af no later than monday. hope not!!! i have a cold, doubt that's a sign. otherwise, i feel fine. baby dust.


Darleen - November 3

I too want to sit out the long 2ww whith all of you. I am due for af on the 7th, mon. and think I am getting some simptoms, but you know how it goes, don't want to get too excited, I too had a mc in June so I feel for ya Lisa L.


JT - November 4

Hello to all. Well, I was tempted and tok the test just a few minutes ago and of course, negative ;-( I'm 10dpo. I had period-like cramps all day today and I can feel the witch coming. I hope I am wrong. Goodluck to all of us ;-)


Q (as in suzie-q) - November 4

Hi ladies - I'm getting tired of just a single letter for my posts. Anyways, my af is due from the 9th to the 17th. My last period was oct 12th. I'm not really sure when my next one is, as i've had two m/c's this year and previously was going off the pill so my cycles were wonky. I'm going to test on sunday with soon-to-be dh (engaged) so hopefully we'll know either way! The last few days I've been feeling pregnancy symptoms, but it could just be pms! sigh. Sooo frustrating sometimes!


Erin - November 4

Well, fourth day in a row of a 99.5 temp. AF is "late" for me, since she was due 4 days ago based on my cycle length. But I ovulated late, so she's not REALLY due until Monday I guess. I got home last night and looked at the test I'd taken the night before. The line that I saw Wed night is definitely there. It's so faint that dh didn't see it, but I clearly saw it. But since he didn't, I'm wondering if I was looking so closely that I saw the dye strip.


Julie - November 4

Welcome to all... it is soooo great to have people to talk to during these two weeks. JT and Erin, I too had a dream about pregnancy, but it was my husband who was pregnant with a little girl. It was weird, but I'll take it. Erin, your symptoms sound sooo promising and I would take the faint line and run with it. Can you take another test tomorrow morning and see what you get. I took two, one at 2 dpo and one at 6 dpo way too earyly I know, but couldn't wait. Now I am waiting it out until Monday and I should be 2 days late hopefully. Jennifer and Lisa, I am soo sorry for your loss. I do not care how early it is, because you are trying it hurts like heck when you miscarry. For Q, a special welcome.


Nissa - November 4

Hi ladies! I am due for the WITCH to arrive on Nov.9 or 10. I'm VERY nervous because like you all, I want this so bad! My hubby and I have been ttc for 2 mths now (this being the 2nd cycle) and I really feel we've timed everything just right....but of course that doesn't mean anything. The only symptoms I have would be fatigue, being bloated, and my stomach constantly feels like I've been doing crunches. And I just feel FAT! I just don't feel right, but then again, I "didn't feel right" last cycle and still wasn't pg! Do you think it would be too early to test tomorrow? Do any of you recommend opks? The only thing I've been doing while ttc is bding with my husband every other day and keeping track of my cm. I haven't tried charting my temps, or using opks. Have any of you been pregnant before and used any other methods? Thanks for your help in advance!! Baby dust to all ************************************


gbaer - November 4

Hey Erin, I'll join you. JT I've been having the same thing only on the 28th I saw some very light pink discharge in the morning that was it I haven't seen it since. Also the cramp feel more like my belly is streaching and not like cramps. Hopefully we don't see it. Baby dust to all!!!



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