Waiting Game For AF 28 Feb Anyone ELSE

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izzy - February 18

Who else is waiting for AF on the 28th of Feb.? I need a waiting partner....


Red - February 18

I am for 22nf Feb. Good luck!


izzy - February 18

red- baby dust to you too.. feeling any different?


Red - February 18

I am bloated like a ball. Severe backache, soar nipples, my nipples are very dry. Some times I have nausea, and I am feeling full after eating little bit of food. How about you Izzy?


izzy - February 18

i feel really full after I eat anything but still hungry. Very moody, and a lot of gas.


bump - February 18



chriss - February 18

Hi Izzy. I too am waiting (very impatiently) for AF on Feb 28th. I have been really bloated and headachey for last few days, but isn't it too early?? I mean if we are waiting for AF on the 28th, that would mean that ovulation was somewhere around the 14th (give or take a day or 2 on a 28 day schedule) but that would mean that it has only be 5-7 days since conception, so is it too soon to start feeling things or is it just my wild immagination??


C - February 18

Im due on the 28th. Ive been having a 24 day cycle for the past 2 months. very light ones.. been having alot of white discharge- lower back pain


chriss - February 18

good luck to Red and Izza. C - if you are on a 24 days cycle, that means that your last period would have been around Feb 4th, is this so?? and if it is, that means that it has only been about 2 days since you ovulated, which could account for the white discharge and lower back pain.


stacey - February 18

i am due for af on the 20th~ read my posting please, Is my dr wrong, this will explain my situation


chriss - February 18

For those of you who are expecting AF around Feb 28th. Do you have ANY symptoms or signs that you might be pregnant?? If so, what are they?? I am due for AF at this time. I've never been pregnancy and have been trying for seven months. for the past several months, I've taken HPT's around my expected period date and then practically as soon as I got the results, my AF would arrive. Pretty discouraging to say the least. Anyway, my question is, how soon can you expect to feel any symptoms? if at all, I here that some women don't have any.


izzy - February 18

i have a 35 day cycle. anyone else?


Lee - February 18

I am due on Feb. 27.


S- - February 18

Since I am coming off of a D&E, my last period was in NOV. I am waiting for anywhere form feb 25th - beginning of March. UGH. I have symptoms, but can't tell anymore if they are pregnancy or AF symptoms- headache, backache, sore b___sts, but not nipples, gas, soft bowel movements, and brown cm! UGH!!!!


kat - February 18

im due af 25th,ive been abit moody and very tiard the last couple of days,other than that nothing.good luck everyone!


Renee - February 18

I am due around the 26th (give or take a day, my cycles have been a little off). I confirmed ovulation on the 12th through my bbt though. So far I've only noticed that I have a creamy discharge. My cervical fluid usually stops after ovulation. I'm very hest_tant to say if I have any other signs. There have been many months where I was positive I had symptoms and wasn't pregnant, but I'm hoping this is my month! Since this is only my 6th day after ovulation, if my egg was fertilized it probably wouldn't have attached yet, and would not be releasing hcg yet. (I read on average it attaches 8-10 days post ovulation, but can attach anywhere between 6-12 days.)


christi - February 18

i am due for af on the 28th...waiting is no fun at all. I am having a lot of creamy cm as well, considering i am usually pretty dry right now. don't know what that means, but we will find out i guess! baby dust to all!



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