Waiting Til The 26 27 To Test Anyone Else

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Colleen - June 20

I am 34 and have been of birth control for over a year. This month I am not due until about the 27th. Since getting off bc I have spotted a couple of days before starting. This month I started light spotting about 10 days before. I am hoping that it is implantation bleeding because it has never happened before. It is all I can think about & it is hard not to test or get my hopes up. I am driving my husband & mother nuts! Hoping to find someone to wait with. Thanks and good luck to all!


Dawn - June 21

Hi Colleen! My AF is also due on 26/27. Not too sure about my symtoms though - could be AF could be preg - you'd think I'd know having 2 children already but both were so different and 7 years apart - gettin old can't remember! So Good Luck to you and let's hope!!


carrie - June 21

Hi Colleen & Dawn. I'd like to share the waiting game with you - I'm also due 26th. Haven't got any symptoms apart from slight sensation in abdomen - could be AF or nerves! Hope we get lucky this month!


chloe - June 21

Hi Colleen, I too am testing on the 26/27. I have had all the symptoms, I hope we all get lucky!


hi - June 21

here waiting!


Colleen - June 21

Hi girls!!! I am so glad to hear from you. I gave in and tested today. Neg - of course, too early. Let's hope everything goes the way we want. Luck to all!


Dawn - June 21

Hiya Ladies!! Well I figured it out last night and based on my 28/29 day cycle, my AF is due on the 23/24? I was a BFH today so I think maybe it's all wishful thinking :( But keeping my chin up for next month anyways! Good Luck and lots of baby vibes to you!! :))


Dawn - June 22

Hi girls - just checking to see how everyone is doing/feeling?? anyone feeling nice and plumply pregnant yet?? Still waiting for the ole witch to show up - I really need to stop being so negative! LOL anyways hope you all are thinking lovely baby thoughts! *S*


carrie - June 22

Hi girls - another day nearer to knowing! I keep prodding my b___bs to see if they're sore - they don't usually get tender til 3 days b4 AF (which will be 2moro) so not sure whether no soreness is good or not! (they soon will be sore with all this prodding!) Still got twinges in abdomen but that's about it. I'm sure it's too early still so guess will just keep waiting... sigh.. how's everyone else?


Colleen - June 22

Hey Ladies! Hope everyone is doing well. I still have some nausea. I also had a little more spotting this morning which makes me worry. Best to all and hope you're lucky.


Colleen - June 22

Carrie~lol~You crack me up, cause I've been doing the same thing. I hate to wait!


chloe - June 22

Hey girls, hows everyone? Hang in there, and baby dust to you all. *****


Dawn - June 22

Awww girls - I wish I could just wave my magic wand (seems to be broken right now) and make all of us preggo ;( But such is not the case since I gave up being God awhile back ( was really hard work) anyways still hoping for all of you and sending you all kinds of baby dust hell I'm sendin all of you baby dirt now!! LOL my af should be here tomorrow or the next ;( Still no clue!! Hoping someone here gets a BFP soon!!


tigress - June 22

Whose bright idea was it to make PMS symptoms almost identical to pregnancy symptoms? What a cruel trick nature plays on women....


Dawn - June 22

Hey tigress...no doubt eh? This is just so NOT fair...and what's funny - I have 2 daughters and I can't seem to remember having ANY af symptoms before I found out I was preg with them??? I think maybe because I am actually paying attention now that I am *trying* to get pregnant? who knows....but then again..I think when you really have to try to have a baby, you probably appreciate being pregnant THAT much more? does that make sense? anyways...still sending everyone lots of *baby vibes*


Dawn - June 23

Well Ladies *CRY* Got AF tonight...bad cramping...feel like yucky :( But it's okay now I can have a few drinks when I go on holidays next week! LOL Still sending baby dust your way - Good Luck !~


here waiting - June 23

i'm suppose to get my af on the 26, but i am having alot prg symtoms, so who knows i diffently cant sleep, i think that a sign



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