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Marussia - May 14

Well, I know I'm early to even be thinking about it, but I felt something 3 nights ago when my husband and I had s_x. We have been trying for 3 months now and so far I have felt nothing, until 3 days ago. I feel natiuos, but not in the morning, only at night when I lie down, my stomache jumps into my throat. So, I guess I am waiting to test on the dates above and am looking for women wait with...


Tricia - May 15

Hi, I am waiting to test on May 30 right around your time . I ovulated on May 9 .I am hoping that I got pregnant this time . My nipples are very sore . So iam not that sure .


natasha - May 15

hi, I also waiting to test end of this month. and my b___bs start to feel sore.. not pretty sure coz it could be pms


Marussia - May 15

Well, I thought I ovulated on the 11th, but today I am REALLY wet again, but my tempurature hasn't changed. Has anyone ever heard of wetness being a sign of pregnancy? Also, my b___bs haven't started hurting yet, and usually they start hurting as soon as I ovulate.


Ashley - May 16

i am also waiting to test (5/30)! its so hard to wait! cm kinda creamy and abundant lately, no sore b___bs though. its kinda weird because generally they hurt alot about a week before my af. could this lack of soreness be a preg sign?


serene - May 16

hi gals, i m join u all ... not sure when af is comin coz the last cycle was 44 days but it can b in betw .. ttc for the 8th mths :)) thot i ovulated on the 10th coz woke up wet .. now, feelin dry & lately, heavy head .. hope i can hit tis cycle .. lots of baby dust to u all too!


Marussia - May 16

I'm new to all this pregnancy jargon so if someone could tell me what AF means I would greatly appreciate it. I'm pretty sure cm=cervical mucus and ttc=time to concieve. If there's anything else I'll need to know to keep up with you ladies, please let me know...


to marussia .. fr serene - May 16

well, af means aunt flow (menstr) ttc means tryin to conceive .. :))) BFP means we are all PREGNANT, yeh! BIG FAT POSITIVE!


bump - May 16



L - May 16

Hi Guys! I FINALLY got my first positive OPK on Saturday night (cd 76 for me... can you say IRREGULAR CYCLES ;) ) Bd'd on cd 73, 75, 76, 77 (today is cd 78) but that means that I actually get to wait to test!! I'm waaaaaaay excited. I'm going to try to hold off until May29/30 to test but knowing me with my UTTER LACK of self control, I may be tempted to test earlier!


K - May 16

Marussia - look for a thread on here called "lingo to help the newbies" - it might be a page or so down but it gets bumped up heaps for people like yourself. It's got more abbreviations on there than you'll probably ever need - ;)


Ashley - May 17

congrats and good luck L! i'll keep my fingers crossed for you!


Mina - May 17

I ovulated on the 7th and today had some spotting. Fingers are crossed that it was implantation bleeding. Testing on the 30th also. *Baby dust** to all. I will keep you guys posted.


bump - May 18



*marie* - May 18

hi girls...i am also going to join you all. my last period was on the 26 of april and i had intercourse on the 7th..i am also waiting to test the same week as you all. good luck.!!


Mary Ann - May 18

Hi Ladies. I am also waiting to test at the end of the month. For the last couples of days I have had lower abdominal pain and I have noticed white little bumps aorund the aerola of one of my breats. I am sure they just showed today. This all could mean nothing though. So I will be waiting aw well until the end of the month. Good luck to everyone, and baby dust ot all! :)


Marussia - May 18

Mary Ann, I as well noticed litle white bumbs around my aereola and I honestly can't remember if they've always been there or not. Perhaps I am creating my own signs in hope that I am preggos...I guess we'll see!



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