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Marussia - May 18

Mary Ann, I as well noticed litle white bumbs around my aereola and I honestly can't remember if they've always been there or not. Perhaps I am creating my own signs in hope that I am preggos...I guess we'll see!


Autumn - May 18

i had my last af april 30. i had unprotected s_x with and without the pull out method almost everyday since may 1. i think i just ovulated or am... sorry still trying to figure body out. i have been having headaches and really tired. yesterday i had that feeling you get when you are car sick. this just started yesterday..... is it possible to get symptoms this soon? if last af was april 30 then around what time would have ovulated? i am confused.


Marussia - May 18

When you say your last AF was April 30, does that mean the end of your Period? Ovulation is calculated as occuring approximatley 10 to 14 days from the start of your period. So if you started your period around April 23, then you probably ovulated between May 3 to May 8. Women can start having symptoms of prenancy only a week after conception. If the above math is correct then you may be a week and a half to 2 weeks pregnant, so yes you would definately be showing signs of pregnancy. Looks like you'll be ready to test around May 21st, depending how long your cycles usually are. Yipppeeeee!!!


autumn - May 18

my period started april 30


...... - May 18

im waiting to test on the 28th


Marussia - May 18

So 10 to 14 days after April 30 means you may have ovualted between May 9-13th. So you may be a week pregnant and waiting to test with us at the end of May. Maybe check out this website for more info, although I am happy to answer any more questions you may have. http://www.amazingpregnancy.com/pregnancy-articles/cid_3.html


Jess - May 18

I am also waiting to test on the 24th of this month I have had early symptoms like constipation which I havent had before and gas. Also sore b___sts and nausea. I cant wait im so anxious what do u ladies think am I? Good luck to us all.


Cari - May 18

I'm right there with you all too. My hsband and I have been trying for four months now and I am so tired of getting my hopes up each month. Last month was very odd, AF was not due until the 28th of April and I started spotting very lightly on the 25th! I'm NEVER early so I thought this was the implantation bleeding since it was so early, very light pink in color and there were no cramps. The bleeding was VERY LIGHT, almost nothing at all. Then Tuesday it got a little heavier and Wednesday it stopped. Again very strange for my body but when I tested on the 30th it was negative so here I am again waiting again.....I tested on the 9th and 10th and was ovulating so I guess I should be starting my period on the 23rd of May or hopefully NOT!!! Keep in touch!


Beth - May 18

Can I join? I'm waiting to test, been actively ttc after my TR. I tell you this can be very stressful. Best of luck Ladies! ^_^


Autumn - May 18

i am so tired. you know how tired you get when you have the flu... but i don't hae the flu. i remember being this tired in feb. when i had an ectopic. i could not wake up in the morning. i would go to bed early and still wake up late. i want to go to my car and crawl in the back seat and sleep. my body feels limp.. weak.


Marussia to Autumn - May 19

I truly hope you are pregnant and not coming down with something horrible. I also hope if you are pregnant that things improve throughout your gestation period. 10 more days to testing...


~*Annie*~ - May 19

~*I am pretty much in the same boat as Autumn and with everyone else on this forum. My last LMP was 4/30. My bf just got back from Iraq and so we had made love on 5/7-5/8 using the withdrawal method. Then again 5/14-5/16 and on the 15th he actually came in me. I know this might sound confusing but on 5/13 & 5/14, I had some serious cramps and I know its way to early for my AF. And as of lately I have been so very sleepy and tired around noon and then I noticed that my nipples have gotten darker and bigger and every once and a while they hurt but they aren't really tender to the touch. So please tell me if anyone else feels like this. I know it was early to test, but I did anyways and it was a BFN! Give me some input please!*~


Marussia to Annie - May 19

Sounds like you have some symptoms of pregnancy and those cramps you experienced around 5/14 may have been ovulation cramps. Doing another test before the end of the month isn't going to show you anything. The tests read the extra hormones that get dumped into your body when you become pregnant, but the hormones don't really show up til you're due for your period. So I guess you are playing the waiting game with all of us...


~*Annie*~ - May 19

~*Marussia--Thanx for the input. I seem to be extremely emotionally today and I've been feeling like I'm coming down with a cold, when I'm not, too and then I get so hot that I'd have to keep the A/C running in my office and everyone that comes in complains that it is cold. Could this be another sign?*~


Ashley - May 19

okay, i started to have A LOT of that egg white cm today...does that mean anything? i was waiting to test 5/30...is this a good sign?


L - May 19

Awwww, thanks for the well wishes Ashley!! I'll do the same for you!!



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