Waiting To Test 5 28 6 1

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Beth - June 2

Hi all! No AF yet, had some cramping at midinight, and decided to try and test....BFN! What gives? This is sooo frustrating! : (


Ashley - June 2

hey pattie...how are things with you?


dea to christie - June 2

sorry about AF-- she can be sneaky and always seems to find a way in. at least we can start over together... i promise not to test so early again this month..i will work on my self-control.. HA! ~~~dust to you~~~keep the faith.


Pattie - June 3

Hey ladies. Took a break for a couple of days, sorry. **ASHLEY** that d__n adunt flow. I was four days late and she showed up anyway. Was very depressed for a few days, but hubby suggested that we buy the clearblue kit, so I did. Hope you feel better. You probably are preggo because you immune system is low, keep us posted. **DEA** sorry about AF, still waiting on ASHLEY. **Christie** sorry AF showed at your house too. She's very busy!!! Im going to start another thread for those ladies trying again this month, ill call it "LOOKING FOR LADIES WHO'S AF CAME 5/28-6/1, anyone who is interested, ill look for you all there. ~*~*Baby Dust*~*~ to us all this month. Any ladies, who tested BFP who want to keep us informed, please look for us.


Christan - June 4

Hello everyone. I'm in the same boat as all of you. Was pregnant in Jan. but mc in Feb. Last period was 5/13/05 so expecting it on 6/10... Boobs are not sore, but experiencing creamy cm, have felt tired, and lil queasy to my stomach... But other than that nothing.. But today my legs have started hurting me really badly... Do you think I could be pregnant.. Wanting a baby really badly..


Ashley - June 4

sorry about your af, pattie...i'll keep my fingers crossed for you for next month! i still have not had an af...i have to go out of town tonight because their was a death in my husbands family. off to west virginia for a few day...when i get back, if i still dont have af, i am going to test again. talk to you ladies later!


bump! - June 10



a - August 15

hey gals!!! i have a question...if i am doing this right.. i had my last AF on the 26 of july. me and my husband had unprotected s_x on the 7th of august. i believe i ovulated a couple of days late ( like the 9th because i was cramping really bad, and had lots of discharge) . anyway, the past couple of days i have been having lots of cramps on and off in my abdomen . it is too early for my period to start, and too early for implantation cramping.....no sore b___bies, and no nasea.. what do you think??


Marussia - August 15

Not at all too early. I started to feel things happening almost right away. One of the biggest signs for me was that I was still quite wet and had quite a lot of discharge even after ovulating, which I never had before. Sure enough, I was pregnant and learned since then that that discharge never really goes away thoughout your pregnancy. Hope that helps...


a - August 15

thanks marissia.. i cant test untill thursday ( 3 more days...) it is killing me. im not however cramping anymore tha much, which worrys me. i am still having lots of discharge. so i will just have to wait and see!!!


Nancy - August 17

Well I thought I would join you ladies also. I just got married in may of this year and we decided just to make a go of it. I am not doing the bbt but I have bought the opk's and got positive every month so far. I am supposed to start today 8/17/05 and still no sign of the evil lady (af) showing her face, my b___bs are sore and I still have ew cm. So I am hoping that It will be a BFP when I test but Im not going to test till probably Friday of next week. Dont want to get my hopes up. **** Baby Dust to all and hopefully we will all get the BFP soon.


Candice - August 24

Hi ladies, I have a question, Af reared face on the 6th of this month, my husband and i b'd on the 19th,21st my o day was the 22nd and had signs of it(pain) we did not have s_x that day because i was scheduled for a pap the following day(23rd) doctor said i was ovulating so i went home and we had s_x that night. now i have been experiencing something like menstraul cramps on and off all day today. Is it possible that I concieved one of those days and is it possible to have stomach pain this early ? please help I know that I have to wait 2 weeks before I test but I just wanted to know what anyone thinks. Candice



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