Waiting To Test Dec 16th

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Cass - December 1

Not sure if this will get a response but I figured I would see if anyone was out there. I think I just got done with ovulation, not quite sure though. Waiting to test after the 16. Couple questions though how long is your luetel (sp ?) phase suppose to be. I heard it has to be at least 14 days or you can't carry a baby. Also is there anyone trying thats due for af around the same time? I have so many differant questions that pop up and it would be nice to share them with someone. Thanks!!!


nicky - December 1

I too am waiting to test after the 16th...well maybe not that long, but i am going to try and wait that long. i am trying and i have a crazy af, so i am not exactly sure when she should be here. i usually go 35-40 days b/w cycles. so i expect her sometime around the 6-11th of dec. like i said i will probably test when you do, the 16th. good luck and baby dust to you.


kerri - December 1

my cycle is normally 42 days long, since Ive been off pill. Im due for af around 6th and trying to wait as long as possible too. Im new to all this "baby language:" so Im not sure anout luteal phase


Sarah - December 1

I'm due for af Dec. 8th. I really would like to wait too, but I'm sooo wondering. I know you can test up to 4 days before, but the tests are so expensive and the past 4 months have been neg.


Ca__s - December 1

My cycle is really strange to. Sometimes it seems like its only 25 days then other times it seems like 35 days. Plus I have really long periods so I dont really know when I ovulate. How long have you been ttc. I am not that great with the language on here either. I try to pick it up as I go. I always wonder if I can tell if I am too. I know it would be way to early. Even though I thought i was before and never was.... Good Luck to all of you! Is this a first time pregnancy for you all! Hope your days going great!


kimb - December 2

CD18 and I think 6 or 7 dpo today. Confused though, on O day my CM was dry and CP low. I don't chart temps (not yet ; ) ). Got my fingers crossed for all of us!!! I probably will start testing on Sunday..(Yes, I am a pee stick-aholic, "Hi Kim")


kimb - December 2

PS Ca__s, every other month I am not sure about o either...I wonder, is it possible to get AF if you don't O. I often wondered if I don't O every other month, because on the other months I get the LH surge and then sharp pain the next day. The other months no pain.


Ca__s - December 2

Oh my I am such a pee stickaholic too. I spend more money on those things than I should. Its almost like an addiction. I will take 3 a day sometimes.... :) I am not sure when I O either. This month I was also really dry, so maybe I didn't at all. But I haven't gotten into the ovulation tests yet. I have tried checking my cervix, but thats seems so confusing to me also. Okay I have another stupid question... what is the LH surge????


nicky - December 2

this is my first pregnancy. i hope we all get BFP's...Good Luck


Kelly - December 2

Hi Ca__s, I. waiting to test on the 16th too.Good Luck to you! I learned the whole temp chart thing from my dr and it helped me . I think the LH surge is the hormone released right before you ovulate


kimb - December 3

LH is "lutenizing hormone" that is detected by an OPK. You usually get an LH surge (the test line is darker than the control line), about 24 to 36hrs before you ovulate. You can go to www.peeonastick.com, it explains it. I am so hoping for a bfp this month! It would be a nice xmas present!!! My dd told Santa she wants a baby brother ; ). Hopefully he brings her what she wants this year. With my daughter it was so easy, this time it seems more difficult.


nicky - December 3

anyone have symptoms yet? my b___st are a little sore. not to the touch though, it is hard to explain. i have also been having a slight cramping on my right side.


Ca__s - December 4

I have sore b___bs too, but I have had sore b___bs before and was never pregnant. Sometimes I wonder I am actually ovulating later then I think and I the sore b___bs is from ovulating.. I hope not but has anyone heard of that being a symtom of ovulation? Its so confusing I wish there was a way to tell that you are likely pregnant by just checking your cervix or something.


nicky - December 4

i have read that sore b___bs can be an ovulation symptom. i wish i could remember the site. i think it was tryingtoconceive.com you might could look up symptoms of ovulation. that is how i found it. good luck


kimb - December 4

Sore b___bs here too, but I get them before AF too, so who knows!! Cramps off and on too. I have my fingers crossed! Lots of BFP this month!! Can't wait to test next weekend..


nicky - December 4

no new symptoms, and no sign of af either...fingers crossed...how about you guys?


kimb - December 4

Well, I got a bfp on equate, definately pink this morning, but I don't believe it yet, as I have gotten false positives with them before. I am going to test again tom. morning with another brand. I am only 8 or 9dpo. Have some cramping, bbs sore and lots of blue veins...Oh, I hope this is it this month!! I so want a real bfp for xmas!



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