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Cheryl - June 18

I was wondering if anyone else is waiting to test until June 25/26. This is my first month of TTC again. I lost a baby at ten weeks in April, and my husband started to try again this month after getting over our loss. I'm really scared if I am pregnant becuase I don't want to go through another m/c again, but I really want a baby. I'm just looking for some testing buddies. Baby dust to you all.


mellissa - June 18

cheryl...i also had a m/c in april...at 7 weeks. i had a d&c done april 26th. i'ma little confused as to when to test because before the d&c my cycle was 32 days but my first af came 27 days after d&c. i took a test 2 days ago just out of curiosity and it was negative. Have you been getting any symptoms? I've been constipated all week (tmi, sorry)and that happened both times i was pregnant before..and the headaches are here as well, but my mind could be playing tricks on me. Anyhow...if af doesn't come before then, i'd be glad to be your testing buddy..and if it does, i would still be glad to wait with you.If you need to talk, i'm here.


To Mellissa - June 18

I have had to pee a lot lately, I'm also have headaches just like I did last time I got pregnant. But I also think my mind is playing tricks on me becuase I just want to be pregnant so bad. I hope when you test you get a big fat +. I think any woman who goes through a m/c should get an "easy" conception next time she tries. That's what I tell myself anyways, but I guess I'll have to wait and see what happens.


Laura - June 19

Hi Cheryl and Mellissa. My af is due the 28th and I am in the same boat as both of you. I also had a miscarriage in April (8th). I had to have a d&c with my baby at 8w3d.


Hollie - June 19

Hey, i am also waiting to test on June 25. That is when my period is expected if it is going to come. Hopefully it won't though. I lost my baby in March at ten weeks. Losing a baby is so devistating and they ttc is harder than i thought it would be. I keep thinking about my baby i lost. Anyway,i am scared to but i am more excited than i am scared to get pregnant. I have been having what i think are symptoms but i just keep second guessing myself. I am having headaches, my b___bs are so sore it hurts to wear a bra, i am so tired i can't stay awake, but the thing that is getting to me waundering about it so much is i am at 10 DPO and i have been experincing some cramps and my abdomen is tender. I feel like i have been running and i have a cramp in my side, or like i have to go to the bathroom but i can't kind of feeling. I took a hpt today but of course it was negative. I can't wait till Saturday so i will know what is going on. Hope i can be a buddy too!!!Lots of Babt Dust to all of us!!!


bean - June 19

Hollie - I think I have a lot of the same symptoms you have - sore bbs, and that darn cramp in the side. I also have really sore lower back, but I can't tell if it's from doing yard work or something else (however I have it every day). I still wake up in the middle of the night, no matter how much I try to tell myself to sleep through the night. I'm sooo hoping things turn up BFP this month. I'm due on the 23rd, and already running to the bathroom every hour to check! Hate these last few days of waiting...


Shula - June 19

I am also waiting. AF is due Friday. I want to test tomorrow, but I know it will come up ---. I also lost a baby in April and with that one, the + didn't show until the day after my missed AF. Does anyone's symptoms come and go at all. Sometimes I have them so strong and sometimes not at all. It is freaking me out!


mellissa - June 19

my symptoms seem to come and go too shula. i've been getting heart burn a lot..no matter what i eat. i feel sick to my stomach on and off throughout the day. b___sts aren't too sore though sometimes i do get the same feeling i got when i was nursing and could feel them filling up. my headaches seem to be getting worse by the day. the only problem i have is i don't even know if i ovulated this cycle!!! we haven't been actively trying (at least he doesn't know we have hehehehe)..but i usually notice the clear egg white like discharge when i ovulate and i didn't notice it this cycle...it could be that i was too busy (we were camping during that time) and just didn't notice. either way, i hope everyone here gets a bfp!!!


lisa - June 20

Waiting to test 6/25-Little nervous- had a miscarriage over a yr. ago. This is my 1st month trying. Trying not to stress. Really want a positive. good Luck to all!!


Shula - June 20

I am going to try and wait until Thursday morning. My sypmtoms seem to be worse at night and in the morning. They nearly disappear during the day. But they are SO bad at night.


Juliet - June 20

Hey Mellissa - I had the exact same situation as you did this month with not noticing any cm at all!!!!! What do you think that is all about? My dh and I are ttc this month for the first time, since we had our daughter in March '04. I don't remember last pregnancy if I experienced the same lack of cm or not.....do you think maybe the egg was fertilized so there was no cm? That is sure what I am hoping for! Baby dust to all!!!!


lisa - June 20

should i jump the gun & get a blood test?


Cara - June 20

Yes I am waiting to test at the end of this week as well. I had a m/c in late April at 5 1/2 weeks. This is the first month that my husband and I have been TTC since then. Best wishes to you!


Linda - June 20

Hi all! I too am waiting for 6/25, that is when af is due. This is also my first month ttc. I have absolutely NO symptoms...but I guess it would be a little too early. I have been having some cramping in my lower abdomen, especially my right side, but I have adenomyosis and I cramp often. I admit that I am a test-freak! I have already taken 2 (both neg, of course), but hopefully it will pop up a BFP on the 25thish! Good luck to all!


Casey - June 20

I am due for my period on the 22nd but yesterday morning when I got up I had blood when I wiped....then nothing all day and then this morning I had blood again when I wiped and so far nothing since then. I have had extremely sore b___st/nipples which I never get and constant headaches. Does it sound like I am not pregnant because of the spotting?


mellissa - June 20

juliet- i'm not sure what's going on with the lack of cm. i know it's definitely something new. I just hope it doesn't mean i didn't ovulate this month. I heard that after a m/c your cycle is all messed up. I thought for sure i'd be feeling af coming on by now...i usually have excruciating cramps the week before. when i found out i was pregnant in april i felt crampy but not until the day before af ws supposed to come. i took a $tree test the day she should have been here and got a bfp... hopefully the same thing this month!!!


carrie - June 20

Casey - sounds like you might have implantation bleeding which comes around the time you expect your period. It's a good sign of pg! Good luck! I'm waiting for 26th - no real signs as yet but keeping fingers crossed...



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