Wandering If I Had A Miscarriage

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Cayce - January 5

Me and my husband have been trying for four months to have a baby. Last month, I had slight cramping and twinges in my abdomen about a week after supposed ovulation. About four days before my period I experienced some brown discharge with a mucousy substance. Then my period did start, but it was a day late and was unusually painful. The cramps were awful! I had never experienced cramps like this with any other periods. Could this have been an early miscarriage?


izzy - January 5

i had the same thing happen to me on my first month of ttc. my cramps where so bad that they almost brought me to my knees. now im on my 2 ttc, hopefully this one took.


Vicki - January 5

My miscarriage did hurt a bit, but it was so early in the preg. The only reason I thought my af was late that month was because I miscalculated, so when I tested I got a positive, and I was surprised! Then I recalculated, and when I was supposed to start my af, I did, but I was having a mis. Miscarriage is way more common than people think, because many women don't even know they are pregnant when they have one. The only time you really need to worry is further in the pregnancy, because then it can be very very painful, lots and lots of blood, and need a DNC. ALl my periods feel different since I have been off the pill, every month is a new surprise! It could be that you had a mis, or experienced a bad month. Hope this helps. Keep your chin up and keep trying.


AMY - January 5

I have been through almost the same thing as Vicki. Both times i had a miscarriage i hemraged so bad i needed a dnc.And both very very paiful. My doc told me it was like i was going threw labor! After i stopped my birth control my periods were wilded . It comes when ever it wants to and stops whenever. I don't really have a schedule for it anymore. I am a lil over a month late now but took 3 tests all all were negative. I also have been cramping but no dicharge at all except after s_x .


cayce - January 6

Yeah, it sounds like I did have a miscarriage just because how unusual last month was! My period are usually smooth and are like clock work. Im always on time and never start cramping until I actually start bleeding the first day of my period! What causes miscarriages so early on in a miscarriage. From what you guys have said sounds like that's what happened! Thanks for the encouragement, it can be very stressful ttc! Good luck to you guys too!



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