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LN030905 - May 29

Happy Memorial Day, ladies!! Its been really quiet around here this weekend, hope everyone is having a good one! Saturday was the start of lil league here in my town, so first thing that morning we had to watch the parade..Max is playing..and then after that was the first game. It was so cute. I did laundry all Saturday afternoon and we had a movie night that night..then yesterday was church and afterwards we had my other brothers grad party. Stayed out there for a while then came home and Ch__ly came over. Well, she got smashed and Eric ended up ending his date and coming over here ..and I woke up this morning and they were both sleeping on my couch, wrapped up in eachother?? She doesnt even know if she mc'd for sure! Its no use trying to talk to her about it because she wants to mc so its like she will do anything to further it along! So, I got up and started making an angel food cake to take to my in-laws (whoo hoo) for a cook out they are having this afternoon. My house is a MESS..I really havent gotten much accomplished this weekend..but it was relaxing! So, Cindy, I just read that Angelina and Brad had a baby girl yesterday!! They named her Shiloh. Kat-are u fishing like u said? Ash..Im praying for u that everything is alright! Hopefully u wil be able to get on here soon and let us know how u are! Lauren, I still CANT believe those bulletins! What did Michael say? Did Shane say anything?Hopefully dh wasnt mad at ya! Ok, well..I need to go finsih my cake, so I will talk to u ladies later! Have a safe and happy memorial day! Love you guys!


Equuss - May 29

Oops, didn't see a new thread started, my last post is in part 19 lol


lauren h - May 29

Good morning!!!!!..........No way! did they really have a little girl??? i read a book called Shiloh, it was about a dog! LMAO!!!.......it sure has been quiet!........I am not gonna get pregnant this tiem around, more waiting for me!!!!! it is okay. i am fine with whenever it ahpppens. but i know it will not happen this month


LN030905 - May 29

Good evening everyone! Back from the in-laws FINALLY~!!! We got there at 1 and its 930 and just got home! There were alot of ppl there and actually had fun! Tommys cousin and his wife were there and they are around my age so that was nice..it was a lil akward tho, I admit. Like, because Im new into the church and not really familiar with everything, I felt a lil out of place at times. But I played all day with Eli, the cousins 7 mo old lil boy..he is adorable! I walked inside and Tommy was sitting in the floor watching Snow White with their two daughters-4 and 2!! It was so cute!


LN030905 - May 29

ok, so I didnt mean to end that..i was talking and not thinking so..I meant to tell u guys that i got home and Tommy asked what I thought about the baby...and I was like..hes a doll..and he said yeah, I know. I was like...ok, what did u think? and hes like..i want one..but I just dont know if this is the right time. I said, yeah, I know and he asked if I was taking those pills to start my period and i said no, that I may start taking them tomorrow..that I wasnt sure if I was going to or if maybe I would just let it come naturally-like whatever happens happens. Then he asked about my birth control if I started that yet...and I said no, not til my af comes..and he goes..why dont we just not be on anything? LIke, he said, I dont wanna take any vitamins and u not take any or bc..just let it lie in Gods hands. and I said..ok, but, u need to think about this becasue I dont wanna get this set up in my head and then in two days u come and say u need to start ur bc...so, he said he had thought about it and thats what he wants to do if its okay with me. So, I said ok...dont think its going to happen for a while, but Im not going to worry about it. Im not going to count days or use opks or anything....I HOPE i can do that! I dont need that stress right now! So, like, I said, when it happens it will happen!!! Ok, but Im going to bed! My house is dirty, it smells like icky cig smoke and I cant stand it..im going to go in my room-the one room that doesnt smell like an ashtray then Im going to get up early and CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN! I love u guys, talk to u later!


LN030905 - May 30

Good morning ladies! Hope everyone is not too upset about being back to the daily grind today! At least ur one work day shorter to the weekend!!! Ok, Im going to get ready so I can clean!!


lauren h - May 30

hello! well today is officially my first day of vacation, and i got up at 7 to go to work and bring home my turtles. what a mission. but the stand michael built looks fantastic!!!! i am pooped now after all that work. but now my whole zoo is at home!!!! thank goodness that is over with!! I am gonna take a shower AGAIN, and go to old navy to exchange a couple of things!....hope everyone has a greatd ay!!!...........Ashley I hope you are okay and come on soon to fill us in!!!


Cindy Lou - May 30

Hello Ladies...I was hoping to hear from Ashley already but I guess she is feeling sore. It sounded like it could be painful and a heck of a recovery...My week end was ok but I think I would rather have off on a Friday then a Monday because now my days are all going to be off...I do think I need a vacation because my att_tude I have been having here is pretty bad. and I don't think that is good if I am TTC...I am on DPO5 and with in the last several minutes I have been having some very sharp pin feelings in my belly Lower left ab side...It is the aunt looking in the closet for her luggage so she can start packing for her visit..lol...Lauren how come you say you are out for the running this month...The Heat have been winning so you should have been dancing....LN I hope you can keep your mind of the days and the opk's....I tried and it did not work...I hope you can be stronger and hope it works for you. Kat I am sorry that AF showed up for you...I really thought it would not show for you since it was strange last time. I would have been p__sed if DH did not take me back to shore when AF started...SOOO Rude. Karen I hope you and your Family had a great weekend. My ds is sooooo happy that pools are now open...He is just a fish....If he could sleep in the water he would...I think he has gills somewhere I haven't found them yet...lol...Well Let me see if I can find a job...That is how aggrivated I am ....lol...HNK's TTFN


lauren h - May 30

well i say that i am not gonna get pregnant this time cause i have been having a very bad att_tude lately. and been kinda mad at dh, and i dont want to bd!!!! lol....lastnight he p__sed me off so bad i was slamming every single door i walked past, and every cabinet and anything i could pick up and slam back down. mind you, it was midnight and dh was trying to fall asleep! he made me soooooo mad i didnt even want to lay in bed next to him. i bet anyone of you can guess what he did!?!? he tried to put on one of his rain slickers for his little man!!! I cannot believe it. of course today he is trying to be all sweet and nice, but i am not having it. i am iiritated to no end with him right now. somehow i am gonna get my way!!!


lauren h - May 31

I am starting to think that maybe i need to try and get baby making out of my head for awhile. it is making me crazy. all i think about is babies. and not getting my way is really beginning to bother me. i have to do somehitng cause i cannot go on like this. i have to come to terms with the fact that michael is not ready at this exact moment, i i need to believe him when he says real soon, and take that for all it is worth. i am young and we have plenty of time (just sucks cause i want it so bad.) i need to stop obsessing. it is definitely starting to cause tension in our relationship :(


Equuss - May 31

Guess what happened to my dh Monday!!!...Well he was at the lake, tried to jump into the boat when it was casting off & he fell in the water...THEN, he LOST his WEDDING RING!!!!!!.. Even tho I know it's not his fault, I'm upset about it!!!...He came in the house & told me w/ tears in his eyes so he's just as upset...Fil tried to get it w/ his fishing pole but the current would just sweep it away...I told ya guys I'm havin bad luck! lol..Hope Ashley has all my good luck..I bet she'll probly be down for the count for awhile..But at least it'll be taken care & she won't have to worry about it & she can concentrate on the baby from now on...So that sucks that you're stressin Lauren..I''ve been praying for God to bless you & all of us, w/ a baby, I'm hoping that He blesses us soon cuz I the waiting is killer...I thought it was my month too Cindy..I was so disappointed when I saw af...I'm tired of seeing her!!!!! lol..The one thing I don't understand is that dh & I BD on the right days & nothing has happened...I keep thinking that its me..Like I'm the reason why I'm not getting pg...Oh well, maybe I'm stressin too much about it still & just don't realize that I am?...Well, I gotta go clean out my barn...Dh & I save our pop cans & I need to go squash em & rebag em...Damn bags are everywhere cuz dh doesn't care where he puts em..Ok, I'm done venting lol (sorries)...Hope the day gets better...TC !!


Cindy Lou - May 31

Well GM ladies~Lauren I am sorry your DH is putting you through this. He tells you yeah then he backs down...He is the one driving you crazy. Telling you yeah then no...Kat I would be upset to but my DH doesn't even wear his. It does not bother me because of his job and I know no one else would wnat him...lol...He was lucky I even wanted him...Heehee...LN are you doing ok? Are you still going to go to school even though you are not going to take BC...I hope it will keep your mind off TTC...Karen I guess you are out with family...Ashley I wish I had your phone number so I could call you and check up on yeah...I might have to get all detective and find your phone number...lol...Well nothing really new with me...DPO6 today...Still having some sharp pains on my left side and a backache like crazy...Last couple of months I had a L phase of 9-10 days so I am thinking that AF will be here Saturday or Sunday...I told DH if it does not work this month since we had 3 days of Bouncin' in a row then he will have to make an appt to get his swimmers tested...He was like I told you....and I stopped him and said no you need to do it because I don't know what insurance you have and how your schedule is to what day would be best for you....I have done enough on my side now it is you that has to have fun seeing what is wrong...I told him that Doc told me that I have concieved before with another so it can't really be my problem...So let's see what is going to happen...Fricking Men and thier ego's...I can't do that in a dr's office but d__ned if they can't do it when they are at home...Which he better not be since he has me to take care of that....Well Let me get back to work...Lauren I hate the fact that Michael is putting you through this....HNK's ...TTFN!


LN030905 - May 31

Hey ladies! Kat..im so sorry dh lost his ring! That would upset me, too...did u have insurance on it or anything? You could get it replaced if u did! Im always getting onto Tommy about his, becasue he just leaves it lying around. I found it one time on the floor..I left it there for a couple hrs just to see if hed notice and pick it up and when he didnt, I hid it with my jewelry and finally a couple days went by and i was like..Tommy, wheres ur wedding band? and he like in there on the desk..im like no it isnt and he goes..ok, so its probably on the night stand..im like..no....so, he stressed out cuz he couldnt find it! But it didnt do any good because I think its lying on the dining room table as we speak=lol! Ash, still praying for ya girl! Cindy, hopefully those aches and everything are good signs! Lauren, dont be down, girl...he is just scared! I woke up at 2am with my stomach hurting soo bad..and I couldnt sleep for like 30 mins and finally it quit and I jsut went back to sleep, but this morning, i feel crampy, so maybe af is coming!!! Id be happy if she did on her own. Karen, must be busy with ur sister and family!! hope ur having a great time! LOL..i hate talking about it, because Im so wishy washy on the subject but I dont know if Im going to stay off my birth control. Im glad because I know that Tommy is okay with us ha ving a baby! that makes me really happy, but at the same time..I think about going to school and hard it would be and the fact that I LOVE to travel and have never wanted to travel outside the us before and never have..but lately while we have been talking about our anniversary trip, Ive been longing to go to, like, Rome and London...I also wanna go to hawaii and traveling like that before im out of school would be impossible with a baby and I dont think I could leave the child at home while we went. I dont know. I guess if Im so wishy washy, then I should start my bc... i dont know why I should worry about it..I wont get preg until God thinks its perfect...I know u guys hate hearing me talk about it, but God has a perfect time and baby picked out for you...he wants it to be great! I hope everyone finds some comfort in that !


LN030905 - May 31

AF just showed!! YAY! LOL...see! If i woulda started that medicine, af woulda showed right around now, too, so this way I know it was me and not medicine!! YAY!! LOL! Never been so glad to see my period! :)


Cindy Lou - May 31

Yay LN she came all by herself...I am glad you are glad...I am behind whatever decision you make. We are never tired of hearing your wishy washiness...that is what we are here for...I hope the pains I have been feeling is a good thing but I doubt it...It hasn't happend yet so I feel it will not happen now...I really think DH has a problem and the earlier we find out the better...Nothing like an ego buster then that...Your sperm is no good...Well at least I will know instead of hoping , obsessing and going crazy every fricking month....I had told him to get tested before and he was/is too lazy to do anything about it but d__n if it had to do with fishing he would have been right up on it....Well there is my b___hing for the day...It would not have been a complete day if I didn't b___h about something...Shucks last night right b4 going to bed I about b___hed at DH...He was already in bed when I came in the room and as I was going to my side of the bed there was one of the blakets on the floor and I was like why the hell you throw the blanket on the floor. He was like I did not know I did...I was like yeah right a person that is always adjusting the blankets didn't know we had 3 blankets to begin with...WHATEVER...Dumba__s...LOL...well let me get back to doing something.TTFN!


Karen S - May 31

Hi girls Im having an awful time with Teigen:( For the past 3 nights from 7-10pm he crys and crys. he will stop for a few mins here and there but starts back up again. I dont know what to do. Here he goes again sorry I gotta go


LN030905 - May 31

Karen..try a car ride girly! LOL! Are you burping him? try heating his bottles or maybe even a lil bit of cereal in his bottle..no, its not too early for a small amount! LOL!...your prolly like how would you know? ur not a mo m-lol...ive learned it with Connor and not to mention having a baby in the house when I was 15! :)



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