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AshleyB - July 26

Hey Kat! Congrats on the new job!!! Good for you. I have a level II u/s and will probably find out the s_x on Friday. HOpefully. I can't wait to buy my first baby thing. But I want to know the s_x, so I can buy something cute for girl or boy. My mom is going with us., she's excited about that. Today is such a dreary rainy day here in MI. Yuck. Makes you not want to do anything or sleep all day.


Equuss - July 27

Thanks for the congrades!..I don't know why, but I'm so nervous about starting that new job, maybe cuz I know the barn owner has 4 stallions & she's hired & fired, 3 ppl already cuz they couldn't handle it!...So anyways, whats a level 2 ultrasound?..Is it that the new 3d?..(those are so cool btw).. Wow, I can't believe that the baby is old enough to find out the s_x, dang time flies!!..(just hope the cord isn't in the way ha!) ..When I accepted the friend request on myspace, I had to take a peek at your ticker & I was shocked to see how far you were, didn't think you were that far along wow!..Glad everything has been going ok for ya....neways....speakin about drab & dreary day,..it's like that here today!...I keep forgetting you're from MI lol...like, "duhh, it's no wonder it's rainy here, Ash said it was rainy yesterday, so I should know I'm gonna get hit w/ it!"...Sooo anyhoo, what's the first thing you wanna get/buy when you find out the s_x?...First thing I got after I found out was a nice wooden crib & a white & baby blue crib set...It's so pretty, such a shame I never got to use it!...Then after that, I had to have all the little stuff to go w/ it, like changing table w/ pads, a nice gliding rocker chair, cute little basin tub w/ tiny wash clothes & a matching diaper genie lol...I drove dh crazy w/ me "needing" this & that lol ..But keep in mind that, I don't have but really, 2 relatives that could buy me stuff so basically I had to...Dang, just looked at the clock & my hubby should be home for lunch here soon & I don't care for him to catch me typing on here so I'm gonna go lol....I'll keep posting more often to keep the thread alive...c-ya :)


AshleyB - July 27

Hey Kat- a level II u/s is just a much more detailed u/s I guess. I''m not sure what to expect. They can tell all different types of abnormalities from this u/s, so hopefully all will be ok. I'm a bit nervous. But I can't wait to see my little bundle! And I really hope we can tell the s_x. I'm sorry you didn't get to use your cute stuff. If you don't mind me asking, how far were you? If you don't want to answer I understand, I've just been wondering lately and couldn't remember, Sorry. -- As far as what I want to buy, I don't really know, I just want to buy something, I haven't gotten anything at all yet. It will just be an official recognition to buy something I think. But I can't wait to figure out what I want to do with the nursery, and it will be easier once I know the s_x. I just want to start picking stuff out. I'm sure I'll have a shower or two, so I don't want to buy much, but I still can't wait. Anywho... I'll let you guys know tomorrow what we find out!!!!!!


Karen S - July 28

Hey girls! How is everyone? I hope great:) Well today is my B-day! Im turn stupid 24:( Im not looking forward to it, but I am looking forward to having my first B-day with Teigen!!!! Well I hope you all have a great weekend! Aaron is taking me to a dinner and movie tomorrow night, Im so excited:) I will talk to ya soon:)


Equuss - July 28

I think everything should be ok, everything has been ok so far right?..It's probly just the mommy worry jitters, which ya know you're going to have anyway (ha!)....I remember how excited I was to find out the s_x, I was always asking the Doc. & up her b___t about when she was going to send me off for an ultrasound ha!..(seemed like to me like she was putting it off at the time but it was just me being moody lol)...But finally she sent me off to have a 3d ultrasound & man was that sooo worth the wait!!!....If your insurance covers it, ask if you can get it done!!...You can see the definition & details of the baby's face, its so cool!...Plus, the tech. can put the whole ultrasound on tape or cd for you & you get pics too!....Only thing is, for me, my insurance would only cover having it done if there was a real medical reason for it, like, if the docs. thought there was a problem, so my doc. said that she'd use the excuse that the baby was measuring a week behind & it worked...So, anyways, I was 28 -29 weeks pregnant, which made me 6 & a half months pg when I lost the baby....I don't have any prob. talkin about it now, I've learned to live w/ it & know that its better to talk about it than to sweep it under a rug, ya know what I mean...Can't wait to see what you're havin tho!!...Were you wanting a boy or a girl?...how about your hubby?...You guys probly don't care either way, just as long as the baby is healthy, I know!....Have ya done the ring thing? lol...It works, try it if you haven't yet ....Heya Karen, Happy 24th B-day girly!! ...I know ya got a myspace page but can't find ya, who's got you on they're page as a friend, so I can add ya?....Well anyways, have fun being wined & dined!......Cindy,...It's Friday!!!! ha!...Lerin & Lauren, where you hidin at, the thread has been dead w/out ya's!...Well, anyways, I've got a long @ss drive ahead of me tomorrow, so, I should go get stuff done around here & get some stuff packed...I'll be on Sun. to let ya know that I made it back ok (the semi's scare the c___p outta me lol)....Have a good weekend all !...ta-ta-for-now


Equuss - July 28

My myspace account was deleted!!!!!!!!!....WTF!


LN030905 - July 28

Hey guys!! Hey Kat!! DOnt worry..it wasnt really deleted!! They are doing maintance and teh majority of the accounts are saying that they are..I freaked out this morning and called Lauren and asked her about it..lo.l..and she said that her hubby said that they posted a msg about it!


LN030905 - July 28

Hey Karen!! happy birthday, girly!! How is our lil Teigan doing!? I bet he is sooo big!! Do u have any new pics of him? Id love to see them! and I cant remember the site you have w them!! LOL! I hope everyone is doing well..I cannot wait to find out what Ashley is having! LOL! I bet its a girl!! Cindy lou sent me msg yesterday..I dont know if any of u have talked to her or not but she hasnt been feeling well so she hasnt been online lately...she ended up getting an infection from a chipped wisdom tooth!! OUCH!! poor thing and then beforet hat her dear lil son was sick with I believe an ear infection..cant remember for sure. Kat..Im soo oexcited for u getting ur new dog!! I bet he is sooo cute!!! Im going to check out the pics once myspace gets back up and running! When do u start ur new job? Im watching my soap while Connor is sleeping..so Im trying to get some sneak peaks on here! LOL! Ok, Love u girls..why dont any of u sing into msnger anymore? :) Love u girls!


Equuss - July 28

Wheew, glad it's myspace messin up, I was thinkin, aww man, now I gotta make a new one...anyways,...I start my job this Monday & I'm not use to getting up at the b___t crack of dawn lmao....I have to be there inbetween 6:30 & 7, but I have to drop dh off at work at 6....I still don't know how many hours I'll be working & how I'm being payed, from what I was told, it's going to be discussed Mon....so...I might not be able to see dh for lunch any more which is a bummer but oh well, I'll live.....So Cindy has a nasty toothache huh, I'll be heading to the dentist here shortly too I'm sure...But once everything is drilled & filled, I'm getting coneers or veneers cuz I'm tired of my teeth...I have eye surgery in 2007 so I can ditch the gla__ses/contacts, I'm tired of them too lol.....nehoo,...I'm d r e a d i n g the drive so bad!!!! ...8 to 9 hour drive, not including, pit stops, red lights, stop signs & traffic...I like to travel but I'm the kind of person that would rather take a plane than drive ha!....uh well, it'll be worth it!!...I just hope the puppy doesn't puke or p__s on me cuz we're not crating him...Oh & Lerin, I bet Ashley is going to have a girl too but I bet her & her hubby are one of those lucky couples that have a girl first, then a boy second.....Nehoo, I still have some stuff to do yet so I'll try to get back on later....


AshleyB - July 28

Everybody was wrong...... Including me!!!! LOL!! It's a boy! Perfectly healthy boy. Happy birthday Karen. I posted u/s pics on the yahoo group site. We got a bunch of them.


Equuss - July 30

Ashley - Awwww it's a boy!!..& here I was thinkin it was a girl....Bet your hubby is happy as heck!!....Well as you can see I made it back ok, & the puppy did too...The breeder let him eat a big meal before they left to meet us & he puked all over in they're car lmaooo...They didn't even line they're back seats w/ nothing!...Plus, the breeders son was holding the puppy & they had no air conditioner & it was like 96 degrees!!...Then, we met up at Holiday Inn, & she put the puppy down on the hot blacktop ground & he looked like he was stressed bigtime from the heat...Poor thing was trying to crawl under the lady's car...I hurried up & picked him up & said something about putting him down on that hot pavement wasn't good....Then, the breeder said "I forgot his papers"...plus, on top of that, she was a freakin hour late!!!....We had air in fil's car but we couldn't leave the car parked & running cuz anitfreeze was leaking out & the car would try to over heat so we couldn't just sit there for an hour so we ended up going to a mall that was close by...to make a long story short, I was so worried about the puppy having heat exhaustion & I was the one who ended getting it instead. lol ...So I feel like sh*t right now...just trying to slam fluids down cuz I have to work in the heat tomorrow & I'm hoping I don't pa__s out or something ya know....So anyways, Sheba is trying to bully Zach & I've become his protector...She's had 3 swats on her b___t since yesterday cuz she snipped at him..Now he's timid of her...He's not leash trained at all & he can fit under acouple of my gates in my back yard so taking him out to potty is a big ordeal, he expects me to pick him up & carry him. lol...But he's a real lover boy!!..wants in my lap all the time & waits for me to sit down lol...Oh & he also likes watching tv too..It's so funny...Well, I'm feelin lousy so I'm gonna go....I'll post again tomorrow after I get home from work & let ya know how that went...C-ya's!


AshleyB - July 31

Wow Kat, I haven't had a heat stroke since I was a little kid, and it didn't last long, once I got in a luke warm bath, and took a nap I was fine. I really don't know what to tell ya. I wouldn't think it would last this long, I thought it was just until you cooled your body down, you may want to just call your doc or got into the hospital. Hopefully your new job doesn't suffer, things always have bad timing huh? It always happens that way it seems. As far as your fight, you guys have some crazy jealousy issues I think. That would drive me nuts, to constantly be wondering about what he's doing. sounds like you guys need to work some stuff out when it comes to that. Just my opinion from an uninvolved outsider. Please don't take offense to that. How's your puppy? Do you have any new pics of him up? Did you see the picture of my collie? They're the best dogs, I've almost always had a collie since I was born. I love them. My dog Angel is so gentle and sweet, I can't wait to see how she is with a baby, she and the cats play like crazy and she's so gently with them, Its funny. Well anyway, I wish Cindy lou hoo would check in, I"m getting worried about her.


Cindy Lou - August 1

Hello all!!! Ashley I am happy that things are great and the baby is kicking. Wow a little boy...That is awesome. I am glad that I had a boy...I think they are easier to raise since I think little girls that I have been around always seem to have att_tudes...I couldn't handle att_tude out of little girls...lol...Kat I am happy you got a job but sorry on the first day you are feeling sick and could not find the house...I hope she understands. Kat I sort of a gree with Ashley about getting all the jealousy thing under control...Shucks an old married ex boyfriend that I was seeing b4 my dh & I hooked up had called me yesterday and that was pretty much the first thing I told DH when I got home. He was p__sed that he has called me twice with in the last 3 months...the guy was married when I was seeing him and after I got married he was calling me and asking me to come over to his house and dh got on the phone and told his wife that he was calling me for s_x and all hell broke lose...I tell DH everything that happens. Everytime he calls so if someone happens to over hear me talking to him or anything he will know and it also puts trust in our relationship because of us telling everything to each other. I know he has lied to me about certain stuff but not about stuff about other women or anything. I trust him with that...Enough of that mess... Lauren I miss you I hope you are doing ok. After I emailed you about your website I was thinking that I sounded mean about the pics but then I was thinking I need to email you back and say good job and I was also wondering if you build the web page from scratch. LN thank you for letting the girls know I was feeling like c___p from the d__n tooth. I only ate Mashed taters from tuesday until friday and tried a soft taco on Saturday by squeezing it down so it could fit into my mouth, Sunday I got to eat some macaronit & tuna ca__sarole since noodles can be put into the mouth w/o trouble. I can only fit a finger 1/2 in my mouth...I told DH sorry babe but this is as far as my mouth can open...LOL...I am supposed to be going to the dentist today to maybe get the tooth pulled out...I hope so, so I would not have to go through this again. It is only a wisdom tooth...I told my dh that I was wise enough that I really don't need it...LOL...He told me he never got his wisedom teeth and I was like now that explains it all...LOL...Anyway my DS is off with his dad and family at the Ocean. He started feeling better by the 26th with his swimmer's' ear... He was on meds too. What a nice vacation for the both of us. Karen Sorry that I missed your b-day...I hope you had a great day with your family. Are you on anybody friends list? I would like to add you to mine if that would be ok. Well I think I've taken upo enough of all your time...so TTFN and as always HNK's....3 more days till Friday...Oh yaeah I forgot to mention that my DH & I did 2 Ba__s Fidshing tourneys together...We lost...I am a Loser & bad luck...Ok I am really going now...Laterz...time to catch up at work.


Cindy Lou - August 1

Oh yeah I forgot to tell you all something else...On july 19th the day before my b-day I ended up getting into an accident with my Jeep. Luckly it was just a cracked headlight and parking light but also my fender is a bit bent...It will cost $1755 to fix but then a $500 dedductable from me...I was so sad on my b-day because I am poor...So I was crying on and off on b-day about finally getting my loan paid off to my work...I borrowed $4000 from my work when I had totaled my car back in Sept 2004 and they gave me the money to help me out and one of the last payments was on my b-day and I was like just when I thought I was getting out of that debt I am getting kicked right back in the dirt with this accident and now my tooth. So after me b___hing about the moneies my boss called me in at the end of my b-day and said happy birthday that he was sorry that he did not say it earlier but he did not know about it until people around the off ice was saying stuff but then he said I was getting a raise. So that made my day better...It was $1.50 extra an hour. So now I am about eight cents away from making 31k...I still think I should be making more but hey I did get something which is way better then nothing. I was on the verge of going on interviews to find some place to pay me more...what I think I am really worth...But now that is on hold until they p__s me off again...lol...Ok now I am going to play catch up...LOL...


AshleyB - August 1

Hey Cindy, so good to hear from you. I'm glad youre doing a bit better, sucks about your b-day and the jeep but cool that you got a raise, congrats! Hope your tooth feels better. I think you're right about the boy/girl thing. I think boys are easier (not to mention cheaper) than girls. I really hope I get a girl next time though, but for our first, I'm happy it's a boy.


Cindy Lou - August 2

GM ladies...Well they did not take m y tooth out because 1. It is still tender and has a bit more infection to be taken care. 2. the dentist said she rather have an Oral Surgeon due it since it is still hooked pretty good and she rather have them do it then her because she said that if she did it it would probly take awhile and hurt. I am not good with hurt so I am like ok I will go to a surgeon...Plus now I have dental ins so it will cover some of it. But I am now mad at DH I just called the dr.s office where he said he has an appt for 8/31 well they told me for a complete physical I asked work that include checking sperm and they said no that is done elsewhere. I was like man he is a lier and she said that maybe he thought it would be included. I am sorry but he has had a complete physical b4 and I know they did not do it then. He can not fall back on that. I also said if he mentioned it to the doc I believe the doc would have told him then that it was done elsewhere. Now I have to think of how I am going to go off on him now...I guess I will just come out with it...I don't know. Maybe I should wait until his tourney is over this weekend so he won't be too stressed but then again he is a man and nothing ever really important ever really stresses them out...in one ear and out the other. Well I guess maybe I just wanted to be in a p__sy mood today since I called. I knew what the answer was going to be I just needed to confirm it I guess. SO now I am mad...Whoo Hoo. MEN ARGH...TTFN...HNK's



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