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Cindy Lou - August 2

GM ladies...Well they did not take m y tooth out because 1. It is still tender and has a bit more infection to be taken care. 2. the dentist said she rather have an Oral Surgeon due it since it is still hooked pretty good and she rather have them do it then her because she said that if she did it it would probly take awhile and hurt. I am not good with hurt so I am like ok I will go to a surgeon...Plus now I have dental ins so it will cover some of it. But I am now mad at DH I just called the dr.s office where he said he has an appt for 8/31 well they told me for a complete physical I asked work that include checking sperm and they said no that is done elsewhere. I was like man he is a lier and she said that maybe he thought it would be included. I am sorry but he has had a complete physical b4 and I know they did not do it then. He can not fall back on that. I also said if he mentioned it to the doc I believe the doc would have told him then that it was done elsewhere. Now I have to think of how I am going to go off on him now...I guess I will just come out with it...I don't know. Maybe I should wait until his tourney is over this weekend so he won't be too stressed but then again he is a man and nothing ever really important ever really stresses them out...in one ear and out the other. Well I guess maybe I just wanted to be in a p__sy mood today since I called. I knew what the answer was going to be I just needed to confirm it I guess. SO now I am mad...Whoo Hoo. MEN ARGH...TTFN...HNK's


Equuss - August 2

Hi again....I'm feelin a little bit better, I'm able to eat somewhat now so I'm glad...& yea Ash, you're right about dh & I having some issues, thats an understatement lol...But I just get tired of of dh's bs at times & most of the time I b__w it off cuz I don't want any tension...In the long run, I know who's in the right & who's in the wrong..The dude is just bullheaded & like most men, don't wanna think from a chick's point of view...So thats one of the reasons why I'm not really tryin to concieve, but on the other hand, I'm not proventing either...Cindy, sorry to hear about your jeep...& I know what you mean by bein kicked back in the dirt, I'm starting to feel the same way cuz this part time job I'm getting isn't going to pay enough so I'm going to have to look for another part time job, sigh...I'll never be home or have time for anything...Speaking of job, my fil quit his job cuz he pa__sed out on the job from them not letting him have any breaks...I told him that it's against the law & he could report them but he said it's not worth it...Anyways, Zach, my puppy is doing good...Him && Sheba are geting alone really well now...It's like she understands he's just a baby...But I f*cked up bigtime yesterday, I accidently let the dogs out when fil had his dog in our yard..Fil's dog, Chewy, charged after Zach like a mother bear!!!...Zach ran past my legs inside & I closed the door on Chewy's face lol...Sheba saw what was going on & chased Chewy & when Zach made it in the house safely, Sheba gaurded the door from Chewy!..I couldn't believe that she was protecting him lol...Ok, so, about my job,...I'm going back out there tomorrow morning to hand in some paperwork, liability papers & such, & to basically be shown the ropes about how things are done in the morning...The lady is really laid back, has been through alot w/ in the last 4 yrs, has had 2 artifical hips put in, lost her husband to cancer, & her best friend died last yr, poor woman...As far as her horses, the seem good tempered & the owner isn't picky about how clean her place is, so she'll love me cuz I tend to be a perfectionist when it comes to a clean barn....Only thing that scares me is that she wants me to run a bobcat!!..I've ran tractors & spreaders hooked on the back but never a bobcat, so I think I'll do it manually, w/ a wheelbarrel ! lol...I'll just say to her, "look on the bright side, it'll save you gas" lol...Oh & before I forget, I need to be invited back into Wanna B's so I can look at those pics Ash!..I'll put some up of Zach & Sheba in a couple weeks (I shaved Sheba so she looks like a smooth coated Colie instead of a rough coated, she looks so funny! lol)..Well I'm gonna go take a luke warm bath, maybe I'll feel better, talk to ya guys laters, take care!


Cindy Lou - August 3

Hey Kat I sent you an Invite for the wanna B's so you can see Ashley's Belly...Ashley you look so CUTE...


LN030905 - August 3

Hey ladies...how are u guys doing!? Its soo early for me to be up here...im TICKED! the city is going down our street and cutting trees back from the power lines...which is alright, but they go way toooo far. We have two huge hickory trees in our front that keep alot of heat off the house, well, they cut the holy heck outta em..they look STUPID! Tommy was mad when he came home last night. This is the first time in a yr theyve ever done it. We usually cut them back ourselves...anyways, Kat, glad ur feeling better. Hope this job works out. Tell the lady to pay u what she saves on gas..lol. Sucks u have to find another job..since u hadnt worked before wouldnt this job be okay for a while? Dont wanna just throw urself into it, do you?Cindy, glad ur up and back to normal! I hope things work out w the jeep situation. Ash, belly pics are cute! I told u tha already, though, I know. Not alot going on here...getting ready to run to school and turn in some video tapes. FUN FUN! Well, talk to u girls later! LOVE!


AshleyB - August 9



Cindy Lou - August 10

Ashley so glad you bumped up the thread. I take it nothing to much is going on with anybody. Hopefully once summer is over we will be more chatty...And of course as it gets closer to Garretts arrival it should be very chatty hoping to hear how Ashley is doing day 2 day...Well nothing really new with me. I am still waiting to get my tooth out and my son has ear pain again because his iddiot of a father did not take any precautions like I told him to do. I told him to put plugs in DS's ears while he was on vacation...Then I told his dad when they take him to the docs for his shots for school to check his ears then which would have been right after vacation to make sure they are ok, But nope did not ask doc to look at them...His wife said that he never mentioned to her to ask the doc...I swear...ARGH...Well I am going to stop b___hing and try to get in a decent mood since it is only one day before FRIDAY!!!!Yeah!!!! Get this my son said he would like to get up early and go on the water and go fishing with DH & I... I explained to him it would be a 3 hour drive to the place and he was like ok...I told him he could sleep on the way up and on the way back if he wanted. I told DH maybe I will have to learn to drive big Vroom Vroom truck with boat since he drinks while fishing...He said he will only have a couple on the water and then none while driving home. He knows no alcohol while DS is in the vehicle. I think I will let him only put 3 or 4 in the cooler so I can track how much...Heehee but I think it is cool DS wants to go fishing. His own dad does not do that kind of stuff...Maybe Darin will get DS started and they can do tourneys....Like the youth tourney s they have...Oh well let me get and either work or something here..LOL..TTFN...HNK's Miss You all...Karen how his the little one?


Cindy Lou - August 14

Wow to pages back...I know we are not on here alot but I surely hope we are not losing this. I sure hope that when Summer slows down we all will be on here like before. I know we have other areas to chat from but still this is nice to get on here to check up too...Especially Karen and little Teigen since I don't know what her MYSpace address is. and any other person that wants to join in...I know I am not that chatty right now. I really do not get a chance to get on the computer at home because of DH but here at work I do check in as much as I can. Boss doesn't get here til around 9:30ish so that gives me some time in the am and then there is lunch and whenver I can sneak on. Kat haven't heard from you in a bit...Hopfully you are doing better and hope the job is better or maybe it can go to full time to help you out more...How is the doggie Doing? I Hope everyone else is doing fine. Asley I tried to send a message back to you from Wanna b's but the darn comp locked up and I did not get back on... I willl get on there in a bit and try to remeber what I had said. Well I gotta go check out my daily websites b4 bossman gets here. TTFN...HNK's


Karen S - August 14

Hi girls! sorry I haven't been on in awile. My myspace is http://www.myspace.com/kpetersen53 it's under Katie! Thats my name:) Karen was my pregnancy website name cuz of my situation I was nervous and didn't want anyone to know who I was or my situation. I know Im so stupid:) please dont hate me:). But thats me and my myspace address! I hope you all come and see it! I have pictures of Teigen and guess what, he already weighs 18 pounds! At 3 months too:) I hope everything is going well with you all! Talk to ya soon


Cindy Lou - August 15

Noway! No reason for us to be mad for not having your true name on here. I have used an undercover name on here before we had to be registered and to log on here. But I figured cindy lou was fun since the Grinch movie and all. I left you a message on my space so you can add me if you want to. Well I hope all is fine and dandy with the rest of the crew.


Cindy Lou - August 24

Ok Ladies I am just writting something just to bump this up. Day 41 for me FF says no on ovulation but I feel that AF will be here by Saturday so The chart is messed up. I have not had a normal month as in times that I temped and plus being on some medication for a while for the tooth guess did not help out much either. if I do get it like Saturday I would say I o'd around sometime early last week and DH didn't do anything because his back was hurting...But did do some last Friday and Saturday but too late in my mind. I know AF will be here by Sat because I have a little Pink on TP so I usually have that for a couple days and then Bam...Oh well I gotta get Just wanted to give an update and to push this up on the list since it was a few pages back. I hope you are ok...Trying to do things on Myspace and it is F-ing up...Oh well laters...TTFN...HNK's



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