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LN030905 - May 31

Karen..try a car ride girly! LOL! Are you burping him? try heating his bottles or maybe even a lil bit of cereal in his bottle..no, its not too early for a small amount! LOL!...your prolly like how would you know? ur not a mo m-lol...ive learned it with Connor and not to mention having a baby in the house when I was 15! :)


jeanette - June 1

Karen, sounds like he has colic (bad gas in tummy). Usually happens at night like clockwork, my dd was 10 pm every night for 2 weeks. Try laying him over your arm or leg with pressure against his tummy. Or call pedi doc to ask what otc meds you can give him, I know there are a few for gas for infants, but make sure first. Hi girls! Sowwy, cant talk long...gotta go lay down. M/s is kickin my b___t....love you all.


lauren h - June 1

OMG!!!! I just read the post "jeanette" and she is having TRIPLETS!!!!!!! Holy Camoly!!!! Is morning sickness worse with more babies????...............Karen, that sounds terrible. I have no remedy for that, lol, listen to the moms and "almost mom lerin"! Im sorry he is crying so much, that must be scary. hopefully he stops soon!!............cindy i am praying like crazy for you this month!!! i HOPE HOPE HOPE that you get pregnant this time. then lerin and i can live vicariously through you!!!.....Im done trying for now. it has got me all crazy and turned inside out!!! i am officially obsessed, and it is not good.


shannon5980 - June 1

karen, my son was the same way...he would cry everyday at the same time and it wasnt like a normal cry it was like a cry of pain. the only thing that would stop him was to bring him outside. I know it sound weird but I would put him in a infant seat and set him out side and he would stop and just look around. try it ...it might work for you.


Cindy Lou - June 1

Karen sounds like Colic...That was the first thing that came to my mind...I agree with Jeanette...I would lay him over your leg to put pressure on his tummy and rub his back or pat it to help the gas bubbles out...There are over the counter gas relief drops but I would ask the doc first though...My son's Pop-Pop use to tell me to but a peppermint in his water at night time. I am not sure if that really did the trick but he wasn't fussy at night...It could have but then again it could have just been he grew out of it....Lauren I hope to...My temp went up .4 degrees. from 97.74 to 98.14...I doubt it though like I said before It hasn't happened yet so I doubt it will now...My DS birthday is today and the little booger woke up at 5am. I took cupcakes to his cla__sroom...Yup he is still in school until June 12th. His daddy and stepmom called this morning @7:30 to wish him a happy B-day and I invited them over to my momma's house for a 6:30 Cake & Ice Cream thing and if there other kids want to come over & swim...DS also invited over 2 kids from the neighborhood...He is making himself a little party for today. His teacher said that is all he has been talking about this week was his birthday and I was like also about the book fair too. He is excited the book fair is end of the school year BOGO sale...I gave him $15...Spoiled little booger...He got a Video gaem and a Wireless control for his game system...I told him when he woke up at 5 that was about the same tme I started having contractions when I was getting ready to have him...I was like Happy Birthday babe and he was like not until 10:52am...I was like I will be working and you will be getting ready for the book fair so I need to say it now...Anyway I need to get to work and I hope you all have a good day and I hope to hear from Ashley soon....HNK's TTFN!!!


Karen S - June 1

Hey girls! Thanks for all of your comments I will try them all. I have been giving him Mylicon gas drops but im not sure if there working. Maybe Im not giving them right. Im b___stfeeding and he hasn't been doing good that past couple days. Before we were doing great now it's like he eats for 5 mins and then goes back to sleep and wakes up an hour later. the last part he just started doing last night. I hate this I feel like i cant make my baby happy:( I hope all is well with all of you Cindy tell your son HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Lauren are you having a good summer vacation so far:) Lerin hope everthing is great with MIL:) Jeanette Congrats again I hope the MS goes away soon. I will check back soon:)


LN030905 - June 1



LN030905 - June 1

Im tearing up for ya, Jeanette...im so emotional right now! LOL!...must be pms! I knew there was a chance for twins..but gosh! Talk about a miracle ... this is your reward for being so great and relying on the Lord! Im so happy for you! Man! I woke up this morning in a BAD mood..i didnt wash my face before I went to bed last night-lol....so I woke up feeling icky..plus my af is finally picking up a tad today so Im *queasy* down there...and my dog chewed up a brand new pair of shoes, tommys cell phone cord, and the heating blanket cord over night!! I was MAD! Plus it was like 7am and I dont wake up that early! LOL! Happy bday to Cindys ds! Karen, hope things get better with ur son! Lauren, at least u know that once u get to Dec, he wont have any excused! TTULL!


Cindy Lou - June 2

GM Ladies just checking in and wow where is everyone...I guess out enjoying the nice weather...Well I hope all is well with you all...TTFN & HNK's


LN030905 - June 2

Good morning, ladies!! Cant be on long have a million things to do this morning! Connor is coming today at noon and I have a wedding to go to at 4. I rearranged the furniture in my bedroom last night so I have to finish doing some stuff with that. Hope everyone is doing okay. Cindy, did DS have a nice bday and party? Ash? So, todays a week since ur surgery. Im praying everything is alright and you are recovering well! Kat-you've been quiet, too. Did u get ur painting down? Found a job? Karen, hows the baby today? did he sleep last night? Poor kid! Lauren, hope u can get on myspace today! you were flippin out yesterday! LOL! Ok! Well, I will TTUGL! I love ya! HAPPY FRIDAY!


Karen S - June 2

Hi girls yeah last night was much better! Hope it was just a phase. I gotta take Teigen to the doctor today to do tests on his right kidney. Please pray that everything will turn out ok. Im so nervous but I will let you know how it went when I get home. Have a good day


AshleyB - June 2

Hi everyone. Sorry it's been so long. I've been mostly in bed since the surgery. Well, I'm ok, and so is the baby. They had to take my right ovary. It was one of those dermoids. I had to stay in the hospital till sunday afternoon. I was very sick the whole time I was there, which was very painful with the incision and everything. It was all downright awful. I couldn't walk, pee, situp or scootch in bed. I'm much better now. I can get up and about better. Went to the doc this morning and they took out my staples, I had 17 of them. They sliced me from belly b___ton to just above my pubic bone. They ended up using the general anesthesia, and when they woke me up right after the surgery they did an u/s and there was baby, moving all around in there. So that was good. Then they gave me another one before I left on sunday, and the h/b was still good. This little one is a fighter, I"m telling ya! Sticking around for the long haul it seems, fighting the odds. Thank God!! I'm 12wks today. I've lost 14lbs!! Crazy huh? I"m sure I'll make up for it later. Still sick, but not quite as bad. Hope everyone is ok, I"m just now trying to catch up. Thanks for all the prayers. I love you guys.


Cindy Lou - June 2

YAYYYYYY Ashley is back...and everyone is doing great....I am sooooo Glad...I was getting nervous since it had been a week. Ouch Staples sounds very painful. Well I can't stay long on here so I will TTYLLL....TTFN...HNK'ss


AshleyB - June 2

Hey guess what else? WE have a signed purchase agreement on that house, and we had it appraised yesterday, and now we're just waiting on the financing!! How exciting. My dad said we could close and it could be ours in as little as 2wks. They took down thier for sale sign too. yayy!


lauren h - June 2

Yea!!! Ashley!!! Im so glad to hear that you and the baby are doing good. i was soooo worried!!! And the house news is great too. it looks like things couldnt get any better!!!! that ia super!!!!..............I have been sick all day!!! i had and kinda still have a horrible headache. like so bad that it made me throw up! i have been laying down all day. i feel so so right now................cindy how are you feeling today? how is the temp?..........guess who didnt come down tonight!? they are mad at me!!! so mad that they are gonna stay away for awhile. i am so happy!!!! michael is upset about it. oh well............well the HEAT just won they are going to the FINALS!!!! yea for the HEAT!!!!!


Cindy Lou - June 3

GM Ladies~Ashley sounds like everything is going great for yu all you need now is to get rid of the M/S...Lauren sorry you were not feeling well...Ln I guess Connor kept you busy all day...lol...It has been very quiet in here...Karen glad your DS slept better. KAT I hope things are fine with you too...anything going on with any of you all this weekend? Well my temps are still high but I had some pink on the tp this morning so AF should be in full force soon...I have to go get myself ready to go to DH's weighin this afternoon...Taking in laws with me...DS had a great birthday...he sadi he had a great day...then he was like it was a great week...lol....his father and that family showed up at my mom's. My DH cooked hot doga & Hamburgers and DS father was asking for onions & lettuce and I was like you are not at fricking BK you can't have it your way...lol...His wife laughed...I told him you are lucky I put 2 slices of cheese on your burger...But anyway I hope weather is better where you are all are cuz it is icky here...I hope you all have a nice weekend too...TTFN...HNK's



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