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Cindy Lou - June 3

GM Ladies~Ashley sounds like everything is going great for yu all you need now is to get rid of the M/S...Lauren sorry you were not feeling well...Ln I guess Connor kept you busy all day...lol...It has been very quiet in here...Karen glad your DS slept better. KAT I hope things are fine with you too...anything going on with any of you all this weekend? Well my temps are still high but I had some pink on the tp this morning so AF should be in full force soon...I have to go get myself ready to go to DH's weighin this afternoon...Taking in laws with me...DS had a great birthday...he sadi he had a great day...then he was like it was a great week...lol....his father and that family showed up at my mom's. My DH cooked hot doga & Hamburgers and DS father was asking for onions & lettuce and I was like you are not at fricking BK you can't have it your way...lol...His wife laughed...I told him you are lucky I put 2 slices of cheese on your burger...But anyway I hope weather is better where you are all are cuz it is icky here...I hope you all have a nice weekend too...TTFN...HNK's


lauren h - June 3

Howdy everyone. I am feeling so much better today. Thought I was a gonner for awhile yesterday. Michael went fishing of course. I am gonna go with my mom to macys and bed bath and beyond. I got a bunch of gift cards from my students that I am gonna go spend........Cindy, dont say af is coming. stay positive. how many days past o are you????........not that i am ttc right now, but I have been doing opks since cd 10, and today is cd17 and still no +, they all have a slight line, but nothing close to dark!? it doesnt matter anyway. I just want to know exaclty when i do everything for when the time reeally comes............lerin hope you had fun at the wedding. i missed you yesterday! lol...........ashley hopefully that ms will soon fade to nothing. you are 12 weeks already! WOW!!! that is crazy. i cannot beleive that it has been that long already! you are easing into the easy months of rpegnancy now. hope things get better!!!! i cant wait to see pics of the us as (oh i almost said he! lol) the little peanut grows. and of the house!!!!.........Kat you sure have been quiet...........besides me being sick my internet has been being really wierd the past couple of days. d__n bellsouth! lol, it seems to be okay now though!!!!!.......alright I am getting the in the shower,. have a great day!!!!!


Cindy Lou - June 3

Hello ladies...I am back from DH's weigh in....I am so happy to say that he came in FIRST PLACE!!!! Yay...I am so proud of him...He weighed in 5 Ba__s and total weight was 14lbs 1oz...He got a check for $520. now with that win he has totled up to $727 for 2 federation tourneys...He paid out $225 to get into 5 tourneys...well he got this years monies and last years monies on just 2 tourneys....YIPPEEEE!!! anyway I still think I will being having my visitor anyday now...I am still spotting so with in 2 it will be here...Anyway gotta listen to his fishing stories...lol


LN030905 - June 4

Good morning ladies! Thought I would hope on before heading to church! YAY for Cindys dh!! Thats awesome that he did so well in that tourney! Im sure it gives him an ego booster! LOL! good for him! Ash, Im so thrilled that you are alright and the baby! I bet ur dh and family are so relieved! Sorry about them taking that one ovary, but hey, it wont make that big of a difference, right? Lauren, hope ur feeling better today! Kat, must be having a great weekendl..havent heard from u! I didnt go to sleep last night until after 1:30! Thats late for me. So, naturally, I feel sluggish! LOL! Todays D-Day for me and TTC-lol...I will start my birth control tonight. I figure that if Im not sure, then that means its probably not the time! Besides, were going to be having so much stuff going on in the next few yrs that a baby would make it more difficult. Poor Tommy, I am so wishy washy on it and hes just like do whatever you want, babe, Im happy with either choice. Isnt he sweet? LOL! I hate the idea of going back on birth control because it has seemed to mess up my body so badly! But, I do like the idea of no af for 3 months at a time! LOL! So, I hope u ladies wont mind be gettin on and talking even though I wont be talking about when Im o'ing and the last time we bd'd ..lol! I can get obsessed by this site if I know theres not a chance, right? LOL! Alright, well, Tommys snoring away in there all comfy and relaxed, so Im going to go jump on him to get him awake for church!! :) I love you girls! Have a great day!


lauren h - June 4

good morning!!!....Congrats to Cindys DH!!! YEA!! I bet he is sooo happy!!!.......Lerin I thought you were not going to start the bcp, i cannot keep up with you!! lol....you probably say the same about me and ttc!! I AM NOT ttc anymore....maybe that way I will get preggo!.........Karen I hope teigan is sleeping at night and not making you worry. That is one of the things that worries me about motherhood, when they are that little they cannot tell you anything and you hve to go on a guess to figure out what is wrong!!.........Kat maybe the weather has been really nice where you are and that is why you are gone!.......I am getting ready to get some breakfast with michael. yum yum......oh the annoying couple are gonna stay away for awhile!!! Thank goodnesss. they are tring to act like I am crazy and it is all my fault that they cannot come oevr. when really they just out did their welcome!!!!......Well im am out for now......ttyl!!!..have a fantastic day!


AshleyB - June 4

Hi all. Yayy for your hubby Cindy!! Thats great! LN- You better come on and still talk to us! We love you for you, not just cause you were ttc with us! This thread is about more than just ttc I think. We're friends. At least that's how I feel.... Kat-Where are you? HOpe all is good with you. I have another doc appt on the 13th. I kinda hope we can hear the h/b again. I'm just a worrywort! :) I"m thinking I really like the name Logan, if it's a boy. Logan David Bergman. What do you all think? I like Camryn for a girl. And her nickname would be Cammie. I like that, but girl names have been alot harder for me than boy names, I don't know if that's a sign or what though. I"m still sick. This is just awful, i can't wait for it to go away. I'm dying to get out and do something and enjoy the nice weather, but I'm always stuck in bed. :( I'm sick of feeling poopy. I'm a pukemachine. I keep losing weight. 16lbs now. Stop the insanity!!!! I want to eat! LOL I'm craving some tcby! Well, I'll stop jabbering! Talk to you later.


lauren h - June 4

Aww. Ashley I'm sure you will start to feel better soon. "They" say it usually goes away in the 2nd trimester. I'll keep my fingers crossed. Whats going on with the house? I feel the same way about us being friends not just "ttc buddies"....well hope everyone is having a good day. I haave just been cleaning and stuff. I have to go back to work tomorrow. Good cause I was starting to get bored sitting at home. I feel unproductive!*lol* Well I am gonna go and se what michael is up to. TTYL!!!


Karen S - June 5

Hey all I finally have a bit of time to write:) Teigen has been sleeping better! He was a month old on Saturday:) can you believe that? CRAZY Ashley I really like those names that you have picked out:) They are adorable names! Wow now that Im on I guess I dont have much to say:) sorry my mind is like BLAH right now. Maybe I will go and lay down, it is 5 am here. Well I will check back later but I hope everyone has a happy monday!


LN030905 - June 5

HeY Ladies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good morning!!!! Its only 8:30 and we have already had an interesting start to our day ! Tommy left for work about 7:15 and about 5 minutes later he called me and said he ran out of gas on the ineterstate! So, Im watching my lil bro today, so I had to lug him to the car, go fill a gas container and try to get to him so he could get to work on time. So, I get on the interstate finally, and he said he was about a mile off the exit ramp..so Im driving and I dont see him..and eventually I get to Marion, where he works....Im thinking, wtheck? whered he go? so, luckily I get off the exit ramp in marion and I see his truck from a distance, how I saw him, I have no idea! but I spotted his truck and drove over there and he said his truck started up and he got to a gas station....LOL...all he said was.."my truck started, got gas, tried to call u, i may make it" then he took off.....but he just sent me a txt msg that said he was sorry -lol. Oh well, so I stopped and got Biscuits and Gravy for my bro and here we are. LOL! My friend Chelly woke up yesterday with heavy bleeding and bad cramps (she had the d&c on tuesday) so she finally went to the ER and they said that they didnt get all the baby out and they thought she had an infection..so they did surgery at 7pm last night and her bf called me afterwards and said they were going to let her go this morning, but she just called me and said that her blood pressure is really low and they wont let her leave until maybe tonight. This is so sad, too, yesterday at church, this woman went out into the lobby to answer a call from a number that she getting calls from and it was someone telling her that her daughter had been in a bad wreck and that they needed to come right away to the scene. It was so sad, you guys. Worship music was going on, and she ran in and we were sitting maybe 3 rows behind them and I could hear her screaming trying to tell her husband what happened. They went running out and then the a__sociate pastor asked the choir to come down off the stage and to the alter so that we could pray together and you guys...it was crazy! You could just feel God there, it was amazing and on the way home after we left Tommy even said something about it. It was really awesome! I mean, I have felt God before, but this was so intense! I dont think I have ever prayed so hard and so long. But, they came back in with an update before service was over and said that the lil girl was flown to cape girardeu and that her hip and back were hurting and she couldnt feel her leg. Then last night I got a prayer train for her that said she was flown to st. louis and had a broken back. She is only 17, but she was driving to church and rolled her car. She has two other sisters, ones 16 and the others 18 and the 18 yr old just had a baby girl. It was so sad. But anyways, I hope she alright. Anyways, hope everyone is having an alright Monday. Cindy, tell dh u want to give him a congratulatory baby! LOL! Im a nerd! Ash, those names are adorable, cammie!!! I love that! I love Cameron. I always think of Kirk Cameron. I had a huge crush on him when I was little. lauren, hope work started off all right for ya!!! Kat, did u go fishing this weekend, or was that last weekend? Karen, glad baby Teigen is doing better! Sleep girl, sleep! No, I cant believe hes almost a month old! Crazy!!! Oh and just so u girls know, since yesterday was the day I was due to begin taking my birth control.....we decided not to start it -hehehe. Like I said before, we arent going to prevent or try, so.........hopefully I can still not get obsessed! LOL!


Cindy Lou - June 5

Gm Ladies~I just want to start off by saying I hate having a fricking dream showing that I am pregnant and waking up with the fricking aunt. That just p__sed me off this morning. But anyway Ashley when I was pg with DS I did not have a girls name picked out at all...I had the boys name from the time I found out I was pg...If I had a girl that morning I would have been lost. I am so glad it was DS. Poor baby would have been nameless for awhile if it was a girl. Well I feel like I am tired of TTC. I am getting tired of getting disappointed...I had bounced 3 days straight around O time and fricking nothing. So as you all can see I am not a happy camper today so I will not be on much if any today. I hope you all have a great Monday...TTFN....HNK's


Karen S - June 5

Hi girls! So Im going to get Teigens picture taken today cause this last Saturday he turned a month! A month already! Time is flying and oh is he getting big:) I have some new pictures but Im not sure how to work the my space, to tell you the truth I really haven't tried but I have no time. Ln- I hope everything goes ok with that lady from your church, that is horrible, poor family. Keep us updated Hey Cindi- I hope your day gets better, Hey Kat- I really didn't start looking pregnant until after new years and I would have been 23 or 24 weeks. But yep I could tell I gained the weight for sure in my 2nd trimester:) Hope all is well withyou:) Lauren- hope your summer vacation is treating you good! Teigens cryin goota go:)


AshleyB - June 5

Hi, LN -sounds like you had a fun morning.... :) Kat- my doc hasn't said anything about the weight. But I have some to spare, so it probably isn't that big a deal. I've been on 2 different meds to stop the nausea, but nothing's really working. Today I"m super sick. I can't stand this! I'm starting to show now. It just popped, I think Just because they cut all those muscles, so there's nothing strong to hold it in really. Gotta go, yucky belly.


Karen S - June 6

GM ladies! How are all of you? Im great! So Teigens doctor called and I have to set up another appt. with the doctor for his kidney:( and they may have to do another test:( I hope they dont have to do a catheder(SP) again, Teigen screamed on Friday when they did that to him and it was horrible I was crying, he was crying and I dont think we both can go through that again. I will keep you updated. Well I have to go get ready for my doctors appointment I will check back later:)


Karen S - June 6

Hey so I made a picture sight finally! The website is http://astephenson3.photosite.com/ Let me know what you think!


Cindy Lou - June 6

Just wanted to say Hi real quick and let Karen know that the album was awesome...They were and are great pictures...I hope all is well with everyone...TTFN...


Karen S - June 6

Wow it's very quiet today. Where is everyone? Sure the time i can get on everyone is gone:) J/K I hope everyone is having a great day!



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