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sanky - August 5

Hi all!!! you all might have seen my other posts since last week.. TTC 7 months and had a roller coaster ride last 15 days what with missing periods and being excited about it, and negative tests, and now periods in its full flow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am worried that i am becoming increasingly desperate to have a baby. i am normally a very strong person. but now i feel i am broken. Last night i saw a newborn in an ad and broke down.... My cousin is preggers just after a month of TTC... i am always thinking of babies.... please help.. hope i am not going bonkers.... i really read your quesstions and answers the whole time.. jusst to keep myself busy.. thanks for taking time to read my blabbering... love u all


lillybug - August 5

Hey Sanky! I think we all have our crazy moments. Everytime I go to the stores I go straight for the Baby isle to pick what I would want for my child, lol I'm always talking about pregnancy and babies to my husband. You're fine. Its just getting and catching up to you. Good Luck hun!


wantbabyboy - August 5

hey sanky I am the same I come here and read what everyone has to say and I have a co-worker who started with me and she is 4 months pregnant and told she told everyone that she is having a BOY(what I want) and showed her ultra sound pics ..I AM HAPPY FOR HER BUT IT HURTS SO BAD!!!...I am on cd11 since my period and just for the hell of it I picked up 5 PRO-CARE tests and not surprised I got BFN.


Naomi98 - August 5

We all know how you're feeling, it's hard to get through the crazy days. Personally , it helps me a lot to focus on living the life I have now. i have a great job, a great husband and a great lifestyle that I will definitely miss when the lil one comes along! So I keep reminding myself to enjoy it while I still have the chance lol. I also think it's really important to find things to take your mind off ttc, even if it's just for an hour a day. Yoga and swimming work for me. Aside from that there's nothing for it but to keep hoping and trying! Good luck!


sanky - August 7

Hi,,,, thanks a lot lillybug, wantbabyboy, Naomi98....feeling a lot better :)


biskz - August 9

hi sanky..i have been ttc for a year now,only this month am 11 days late..i feel like you do its horrible so ur not alone..i have every thing already cot pram,just cant help myself..i want to comcieve soooo bad..we sit and wonder will it ever happen :(


POOF - August 9

i guess youre not superst_tious biskz huh. i just always remember if its meant to be it will be, focusing on it and wishing it seem to push things farther away. in my life anyway.


hope-31 - August 9

i feel broken too. its probably weird and stupid but whenever i am in a clothes store,mainly target i look at the maternity clothes and usually buy stuff that is super cheap on clearance and i tell myself that why not since i hope to need it soon. is that totally crazy. i have two huge bags of clothes from a friend who is done having babies and when i found out i was preggers last year(m/c 2 weeks after i found out) she gave them to me and with them and all i have bought i figure my maternity wardrobe for any season is basically complete. plus i do happen to love the baby doll shirts that are in style now notto mention they hide my fat belly. i just widh it was because i was preggers. i am having a laparoscopy sept 2nd to see how bad my endo is which has been giving me lots of pain. i pray its the reason things arent sticking. everyone around me is pregnant.like 6 people i know so i feel your pain.


sanky - August 16

Thanks a lot all of you. All the best to all of us :)... you do ont know how much all you advise mean to me :).....


intuition11 - August 18

Hi. I know what you mean. I am not married, not even with anyone now, but am 30 and want a baby. I really do believe that things happen the way they're supposed to but grow impatient with waiting. Of course, it doesn't help that women at work are getting preggo left and right. I am truly happy for them, but wish it was me & wonder when I'll get that chance. I too look at baby stuff. It helps that I have had the excuse of buying baby gifts for collegues. I too have bought stuff for my someday child. I save it in special place until then. So I don't find your feelings so strange, Sanky. Like someone else said, I think everyone who wants a baby goes through it at some point. I hope it happens for you, and all the rest of you ladies soon. Babydust***



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