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Zinya - July 24

I am 28 years old and got married 2 and a half years back till now we were planning for no kids but since 6 months I am trying to conceive every month we try and every month we fail, every month I get disappointed and every month I get the same feeling of being pregnant. My periods were irregular but since one year they are very regular. Even this month i got my periods but they were not proper as usually I get for 4 days this time it was only for 2 days, also I feel like vomiting and last week I was suffering from food poisining can you please tell me whether I may be pregnant ? Though i did my pregnancy test at home & the test was negative I am unable to except that I am not pregnant due to all this signs


jojo - July 24

the pregnancy might be all in your head.. if you really think you are, you can go to a doctor. is your period late or anything?


scobet - July 24

I am in the same boat that you are in. This is my 4th month of trying. My period is 6 days late not but the at home pregnancy tests are negetive. Good luck to you.


M Everlasting - January 7

I know... It's the same for me. Every month I go through this same feeling of being pg!.. vomiting, nausea, no appit_te, back pain, big belly, but this time it was really different! My b___bs actually got bigger and tender. The bad part about this was never before had I ever let my husband know about the symptoms... this time I did and I got him excited. He gave her a name. I had to call him this morning and tell him that I got my cycel this morning. I just don't want to discourage him. My cycles are pretty normal. I count the days and usually from day 1 to about 3 or 4 of my cycle, it's 23 days. I thought it should be 28, but to me it's still normal. We haven't been trying long, but all the symptoms and signs are there. Last year I had a cyct removed from my ovary, but I am still pretty healthy. I take prenate vitamins, I eat plenty of fruit and veggies and I don't eat red meat, pork or chicken. Yet I do subst_tue my protein with bean, nuts and peanut b___ter... I don't dring sodas and I watch my sugar intake. It's not that I don't think I can't get pg, I just keep having these symptoms like I am pg and that is really hard to understand and accept.. so I feel you totally!


Grandpa Viv - January 7

If you are trying to conceive, checking ovulation with BBT Basal Body Temperature is a good way to become familiar with your cycle and check that you are ovulating. Once you know these things, watching ovulation mucus is the best way to time intercourse, as the mucus starts a few days before ovulation. The best time for intercourse is the day before ovulation.


M Everlasting - January 7

my first question was, is it possible to get pg during your cycle?


cai - January 7

how far late are u when you did the pregnancy test? from my experience when I did a pregnancy once on my 31st day it was negative and I tried again on my35 day of missing my period and it was positive. Maybe you tested early. Try it again and I know the feeling of waiting and finding out it's negative. I've been there. Sometimes you just need to relax and not think about it. The more you wait the more it doesn't happen.


Sanchez - January 30

When we s_x? so, I can't be a pregnant. I don't want to pregnant.after periods or befor how many days?



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