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Want a little one - April 28

Hello everyone I'm a 22 year old female and me and my boyfriend live together have been for about 7 months we have been dating a year and 3 months, we love each other and really want to have a baby. I am on yasmin birthcontrol pills,and my last day of my period is this month. I have heard some rumors that if me and my boyfriend have unprotected s_x the day or day's after my period i could get pregnant really easily, I also heard that even if i'm on the pill if I skip one or miss one I can get pregnant fast as well. Does anyone know if that is true.. Me and my boyfriend want a little one so bad,and asap. thank you


* - April 28

hi there--first, are you going to get off the pill? of course, if you want to concieve, the first thing you should do is stop taking birth control


Want a little one - April 28

yes I am going to get off the pill, I was just wondering if I can get pregnant sooner by these things I asked in my question, basically when is the best time, right after my period a couple days when?


* - April 28

once you stop taking the pill, i would probably wait until you get a normal period (since sometimes it might take a while to get regular again). once you get your period, count that as day 1. if you have regular cycles, the most fertile time for you would be around days 10-15, give or take a few. of course, having s_x every day or every other day after your period would definitely increase your chances. just keep in mind, even if you do concentrate your s_x around your most fertile times, sometimes it just doesn't happen. don't give up. this chat room has a lot of great ladies giving great advice. hope it helps!


crystal hernandez - May 19

In some cases, I can relate to what you and your boyfriend want. I'm in the same situation with my fiancee of a 1 yr and 3 mo and we have tried on and off the pill, but I have friends that did get pregnant on the pill so yes maybe it might happen, but good luck to you both and I hope everything works out for us all.


c - May 19

hi, here are two sites that you can use to find out when you are the most fertile. like * said yuo propably need to give it a few months before the hormons are out of your system and you will be able to keep track of your cycle. http://www.babyhopes.com/ovulation-calendar/index.html, http://www.fertilityuk.org/nfps20.html


val - May 23

skipping one pill does not make you get pregnant really easily, and also right after you get off the pill is not a really easy time to get pregnant...like * said, go off the pill, and 14 days after the first day of your last period should be about when you ovulate. screwing with the pill does not up your changes of getting pregnant.


Crystal G.Hernandez - May 24

Well I want to have kids, but we have so many complications, with my period acting up, being over weight, facial hair, and not having good insurance. Well the doc's keep telling me that I'm normal and that everything looks good, but then why can't I get pregnant, used birth control and provera and nothing so far, I've gain weight because of birth control,that is why I got off, what to do and confused??!!


No One - May 24

You can not get pregnant any more hasitly by any of the ways you have mentioned.....it takes time and the whole being on birth control thing will slow you down a bit. Since you were on birth control there could be a delay in you getting pregnant up to six months... I did not say there will be, but there could be. So you should both slow down and let nature runs it course. I would recommend starting pre-natal vitamins now, since that will up your chances of a healthier baby and do not worry about missing a day. Chart your period and I would say the whole week of ovulation you should have s_x everyday, that would significantly increase your chances of getting pregnant. Hope that helps. *baby~dust* to you


crystal hernandez - May 25

what do you do when you want a baby and your fiance doesn't and of course you want to check to see if everything is okay with your body and he on some terms is like I know I'm healthy and blames ya'll not getting pregnant is your fault or your fiance says to you oh I'm not good enough to have a baby with??


to crystal - May 25

If you want a baby and your bf doesn't... don't do it. You don't bring children into this world like that. He would probably resent you and end up leaving you alone to raise the baby yourself. If he isn't ready for kids yet, don't push it. going behind his back isn't the answer.


karen - May 25

I second your advice, "to crystal." But Crystal, I would also like to add something. If you are serious about what you just said about your fiance telling you you're not good enough to have a baby with, why are you with him? You should really examine your relationship before you get married and especially before you consider bringing a child into it. This is a whole other topic, but you deserve someone who treats you with respect and doesn't tell you you're not good enough to have a baby with!


Crystal Garcia - May 25

Well my fiance is negative about everything, I want to try to get better because I haven't had a period in almost a year and I'm trying to get on birth control and he is like whatever it's your choice, I'm with him because I love him, but I really want to wait to have kids, but see I just want to make sure everything is okay downstairs.


to karen - May 25

it's not that I'm not good enough he thinks he is not good enough for me to have a baby by him but he doesn't think that I want to have kids period, but he doesn't realize what I have to go thru to have kids??



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