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jo_hanna - February 10

ok ive been talking with my fiance and we have decided to start trying for a baby, but im on bc pills and will be stopping at the end of my packet i would just like to hear stories from people who have been taking bc pills and how long did it take them to get pregnant after they stopped


MammaJL - February 10

Hi Jo Hanna. I stopped taking my bc pills on the 6th of jan. the day my af started, I had a shorter cycle and had another period on the 28th of jan. I'm (not) expecting my period (af- aunt flow) between the 18th and the 24th of this month. This will be my 3rd baby and i've been on bcp's for almost 8 years.


LIN - February 11

I'm on my 18th cycle off bcps, and I'm still not pregnant.


LIN - February 11

I just thought I'd add that I was on bcps for approximately 15 years.


jo_hanna - February 11

thanks for the answers girls ive been reading up on the net about it and reading different stories that it can take anything from 2 weeks till 1 year, good luck to yous all and hope yous get pregnant soon baby dust to all


soimpatient - February 11

It took me 16 months off bcp.


tryin44 - February 11

I have three kids and my first two both took less than two months. My third took more like six months but I had two misscarriages in the six months. Good Luck!


tryingrose - February 12

I am on my second month of trying now.. When I decided to go off BC I spoke to my doctor, she said it shouldnt take more then three months cause I am young and healthy.. But in readying other stories of women trying I really dont think it will happen that soon... The only thing i can say is keep trying... Are you charting at all?


andysbabygirl - February 12

it took me the month i stopped. I was on loestrogen 24 i think and i stoppped after my pills were done.. we baby danced all that month about a week until af was supposed to come. I tested the night before af and the day of af and got BFP... that was my first preg. GOOD LUCK AND BABY DUST GIRLIE :)


jazminesmom - February 12

i got pregnant with my daughter the same month i got of bc pills


Punkin - February 12

First time around I stopped in Dec. and I was preggers by March, this time around we've been trying for a year and a half, good luck!!!


jo_hanna - February 12

thanks for the answers girls no im not charting at the moment i think ill start when i finnish my pills. and ill keep yous updated with anything that happens x x


LIN - February 12

Good luck!!!



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