Want TO Wait Together AF Due JULY 12 13

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AA - June 26

Anyone due for AF around July 12 or 13th? We are ttc#2! Got very lucky with getting preggers with my dd on the first try! Hope it will be just as easy this time, although i have heard after a c-section things arent always as easy.....want to wait together???


kvilendrer - June 26

I'll be happy to wait with you. I spoke to you earlier. I am also ttc my 2nd. I got pregnant with my ds on first time. af is due july 23...good luck!!


rhamel - June 26

Hey AA, I'm due for af a couple days earlier than you and I already started a thread for July 9th but I'd like to wait with you anyways :) I'm also ttc baby number 2 my son is 17 months and I had him by c-section. I'm going to do everything in my power to try a VBAC though.


AA - June 26

rhamel- I would love to VBAC too if possible we'll have to wait and see! What was the reason for your c?


tiffani - June 26

Well if it make you ladies feel any better, I've had 3 c sections and conceived all three of my children with absolutely no difficulty. :o)


tippykitty - June 26

Hi ladies. I would like to wait with you too. We are ttc #1. Hopefully this month will work out. AF is due around the 17th (I think). Good luck!


kvilendrer - June 26

Welcome tippykitty. I hope this month is the one for everyone!


moni76 - June 26

Sure - I will wait with you...We ttc last month with no luck. I relaxed a lot this month, so we'll see what happens!


rhamel - June 26

AA- it was a lot of different things the reason the doctors told me was that he was facing the wrong way, also he was 8lbs 13oz so he was a lil big, he got to zero station and I was fully diatated and pushed for 4 hours without any progress. The thing the doctors didn't tell me that probably was a big reason is that I gained 70lbs during my pregnancy and apparently the extra fat kinda blocks the birth ca___l. That's why this time I'm going to be REALLY healthy and I'm going to get medicine for morning sickness instead of using food as medicine lol. What was the reason for your csection?


AA - June 27

Hi rhamel, I gained 50 pounds but docs never said anything about it. I was a scheduled section because my cervix was closed and thick, and baby was waaayyy up high, she never even attempted to engage. I went past my due date and my body wasnt even about to go into labor so my doc just scheduled me. It was a wonderful experience had a very easy time with recovery but this time I would love to at least feel what labor is like :)


Mrs.Steve - June 27

HI, AA, My af is due on Jul 5, but I'd love to wait with you anyway. As we all know, 2ww sucks. Babydust to all!


Mrs.Steve - June 27

Oh, and I'm also ttc#2. And, like you, I got preggers with dd on first try.


angela1986 - June 28

hello everyone....af is due some where between the 15th and 18th so i guess we'll see but i'd love to wait with you. Were ttc #1 and hoping. Last month i thought i was,but turned out to be a fluke. July 10th is our 2 yr anniversary so how awesome would that be to see a bfp then lol. Good thing is im supposed to O tommorrow or friday so lets hope this is it and we get lucky. Good luck to all you ladies and babydust!!!


Meghan - June 29

I am due for af on july 14th I will wait with you!! GOOD LUCK!!!


AA - July 1

Well I beleive I am 5 dpo and have not been feeling right the past few days, I know its early however with I got preggo with my 1st I knew right away becuase I dont ever have pms symptoms. I have been feeling nauseated off and on, and just exahuasted but most of all MAJOR mood swings. I am not sure if this is our month but something is definitley going on! I plan on testing 10dpo. Oh and I have been so gasy and blaoted and am never like that! We shall see...anyone else have these symtoms or any others?? July 12th seems so far away :( to wait for AF.



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