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Lesah - September 15

Okay here is my question. I had my period Aug 3-7...I had s_x on the the 7 & 8. Is it possible to get pregnant right after your period. A couple weeks later I felt like I might be pregnant. But then I got my period on Aug 30 which only last for 2 days which is not normal for me I usually have it for 4 or more days. I haven't had s_x since Aug 8 but now I just feel different. I was nausess, headaches, back pain, and stomach cramping....no changes in br___ts, or not vomitting. I took a HPT two times but they are Negative...but i am still feeling all those stuff symptoms today. I don't know if I am but I would be soo happy if I am because this would be my pregnancy.


Viv - September 15

That sperm from the 8th would have been around to fertilize an egg on the 13th, Day 10 of your cycle. The blastocyte would have implanted about the 20th, which is when you would have had the first symptoms. Your 2 day period Aug 30th was on schedule, but was not a true period. This happens quite often during the first months of pregnancy. I give 3 to 2 odds on you being pregnant. I would like to see a few more symptoms, like frequent peeing. It is time for you to make an appointment with the clinic for a blood test and prenatal counseling. Those hpt things do not work well for everyoen. Good luck. Come back to this thread and let us know the outcome.


Lesah - September 15

Thank You for responding. I have been going to pee more frequently, and also experiencing soreness of my body, and sometimes shortness of breath are other symptoms I'm feeling. When do you think I should take a test again. I took one last week but it was negative...I'm going try to buy another and try again. I also going to make an appointment with the doctor but not soon.


Viv - September 15

Lesah, congratulations! The shortness of breath is because progesterone also relaxes your diaphragm, the muscle that controls your breathing. Together with the confrimation of frequent peeing, the odds are now 100%. You really don't need to take another hpt test. If you can't afford a doctor, call the Health Department or Planned Parenthood (1-800-230-PLAN) and set up an appointment for prenatal counseling. Your baby needs certain vitamins including folic acid. These items are probably on the shelf at Walmart labeled as such (I need to check on that)


ca__sie - September 15

viv--just a quick question, are you a nurse or something cuz you sure know alot about this stuff.


Viv - September 15

Ca__sie, I'm a retired mining engineer and computer technician with the ability to do my own web searches and a__semble information coherently. Everything I post is researched from the web. What is going on here is that these women want a conversation, a reality check with someone they can talk to. I'm happy to do that.


Nick - September 16

Lesah-My sister is four weeks pregnant and shortness of breath is one of her biggest symptoms.


Lesah - September 17

Hey everyone I went to the doctor yesturday and did a pregnancy test and it came out negative. But still feeling the same.


Lesah - September 21

Hello everyone. I am still having the symptoms but the doctor says I'm not pregnant. Is it still possible that I could be? My next period should be coming in a couple of days.



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