WAS Anyone WAITING On March 11th

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Hailey - March 12

Just checking to see if anyone else was waiting for march 11th and didn't get a visit from AF! I was supposed to get it yesterday, and still no signs of her yet! KNOCK ON WOOD! still having a few pg symptoms..peeing a lot, losing my hair(ugh), tired, excess saliva, lotion-like discharge, wierd feeling in my stomach, occasional headaches, sore in wierd parts of my body, like the side of my butt?...not really feeling nausous anymore tho....hows everyone else doin?


lalya - March 12

im due on the 13th march. still no show of af, have killer b___bs tho! find it hard to sleep on my side now at night! have a sore thoroat today so feeling sluggish anyway. well i hope af dosent turn up for you, i will keep fingers crossed for both of us ;-) x


Hailey - March 12

Thanks!!! My fingers are crossed for the both of us too!! My b___bs haven't really been that sore, a little but not killer b___bs! Hope AF doesn't show up for you either! *baby dust* ;-):-)


kathy - March 12

I was due for her on the 11th also no sign yet. Boobs are a bit sore and I'm feeling a bit nausous but that could of just been lunch (lol). Good luck girls!!!!!


Hailey - March 12

Kathy-good luck to you too!!! keep me posted since we are in the same boat with this!! This would be my first pregnancy...what about you?


Kathy - March 12

This would be my second I have a four year old son. But he was unexpected so this is the first time we have been trying


Hailey - March 12

aww well good luck!


Kathy - March 12

You too!!!! keep us posted.. hopefully AF wil stay away


lalya - March 13

i have a 5 year old also but have forgotton all the symptoms that i had!! still no show. fingers xxxxxx


Kathy - March 13

I only remember the morning sickness, but didn't have that till 9-10 weeks****baby dust*****


Hailey - March 13

well...i think im outa the waiting game :-( this morning i wiped and it was brown with some clear cm and was kinda goopey....i guess thats AF making her enterance....:-( it couldn't be anything else, right?


Kathy - March 13

I'm Sorry...Is that how yours normally start??? Don't give up hope yet, we'll all keep hoping for you. She hasn't raised her ugly head yet with me. If AF don't come by Thur I will go buy a test. If I buy one now I know I will use it and I think it is to early still. Best of luck ladies!!!!!!!


Hailey - March 13

well i tested today and it was neg...i don't think i have started to bleed yet..I normally start with brown discharge and then go right from there to a pink/red flow, not discharge...but now I think i am still having brownish discharge with clear cm....i will check it out in the am.....


Emma - March 14

Hi - I was waiting yesterday too... and nothing yet - feeling slight cramping and rushing to loo regularly to check but nada yet.....very tired, slept for hours yesterday, extra saliva, and b___bs taking on a life of their own! Also peeing alot.....waiting till weekend and will take a test.....good luck!!!!


caz - March 14

Hailey maybe it's implantation bleeding? I had a small amount of watery brown discharge when I wiped on Fri (day 28) but had cramps and thought it was AF on her way. But... same the next day - I was v hopeful I was pg. But yesterday morning (day 30) I woke early with bad cramps and had heavy red flow. The weird thing is I usually have a 26/27 day cycle and it starts with red flow and ends with brown discharge. It disappeared by the middle of the day so now I don't know what to think? Had planned to test yesterday but not sure if it's worth it now - I no longer have sore bbs. What do you think?


Ocean - March 14

Hi there!!!! Me waiting too. My b___sts feel awfully tender and I feel really tired and hungry... There are slight twinges in my lower abdominal like it seems like my periods so I don't wanna keep too much hope.I really do feel nauseous. which is so frustrating.......... Anyway will wait and see if AF knocks!!!!!!!!!! or the Stork!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hailey - March 14

well this am i checked and i have no bleeding still and no more brown discharge..could it really be inplantation bleeding? Im gunna just have to wait it out!! gl caz!



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