Was Wondering If Anyone Wanted To Wait With Me

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amy w - April 28

hi ladies, i see several threads that are playing the waiting game, so i thought i would see if anyone wanted to 'wait' with me as well, i have already taken 2 HPT seeing that i am so impatient, both BFN so far, but not even expecting AF until the 1st...i really dont have too many symptoms, i am just a bit grouchy latley, and i have noticed some ewcm, which i am not quite sure is a sign or not, but thought it would be nice to chat with everyone, i have been TTC for about 3 months, after my second miscarriage in november, so even if i do become pregnant again soon, i will be quite nervous as well, anyway, i am babbling, so come join me, and lets keep our fingers crossed for BFP!


Dawn - April 28

Good to hear others are as impatient as me. I've taken 2 HPT as well. I've been having small cramping sensations for about 4 days. No bleeding. I'm not due for b/f until the 4th. I can't wait that long!


amy w - April 28

lol...me either, i feel like i am always getting my hopes up, like this has to be the month, i also before bed which i forgot to mention, have been feeling like 'b___terflies' in my uterous, as well as some pains, not as intense as cramps, but still there nonetheless, also do you know why every morning when i wake up i am feeling hung over, and i have a hard time focusing in the morning...obviously i am not drinking since i am TTC lol...but am still feeling like that, anyways, i hope that we both get BFP's!


Jacqi - April 28

So glad someone else is feeling this way. I thought I was nuts. I have been nausious, b___sts hurt, (i'm sure i'm imagining veins and bumps), moody, tired, etc. Not due for af until the 5th or 6th. DH has been "laying down the law" (LOL) and telling me to wait to take a hpt until next week, but I don't think I can. He's so excited that this might be it. Every morning he rolls over and asks me if I"m sick. LOL Sometimes I think I'm imagining symptoms, but I hope they're real.


amy w - April 28

lol i know what you mean about the pregnancy tests, sometimes i think my husband thinks that we are going to go into debt because we buy so many and i use them up so quick, but if we have them i can help but use them sounds crazy i know but i want us to start a family so bad lol. maybe we should put money into the hpt stock lol.


jordan - April 28

isn't it frustrating doing tests thinking you are preg to only find it another bfn. Amy you explained it well saying you feel like you have a hangover that is exactly how my stomache feels thanks for the great way to explain the feeling. I try to explain to dh how I am feeling and he is being very supportive but it has to be frustrating for him also. When you get the BFn they must a__sume that you are making up the symptoms. My dh wants me to go to the dr's to discuss my symptoms as I continue to have ewcm and this is not normal for me I do get it when I am ovulating but I have had it now for 7 days and alot of it. I am now on day 41 of this cycle. Does anyone know if ewcm could be a sign for something else other than ovulating? Hopefully we will know soon


Chila - April 28

Hi Gals! I'm in the same boat.. This is my 4th month TTC. Today is 9dpo. Af is expected May 4th. My DH was wanting me to wait to test next week, but I can't help it... I plan on testing on Saturday!!! I really believe this month the one!!! Lots of Baby Dust to you all!!! Fingers crossed!


amy w - April 28

thanks girls for responding so well to my post, i am happy to have the support from everyone! when i wake up feeling 'hung over' it isnt so much my stomach, it is my entire body! i feel like i am in my 80's lol. i am also trying to figure out about the ewcm, and also wondering if it could mean anything else besides ovulation, i had regular cv during the time i would have been ovulating, but now i have it again...these things are so weird, its funny how aware you become of things like this when you are TTC lol! well good luck girls, i hope that we all get those BGFP's that we are waiting so patiently for


bump - April 29



Jacqi - April 29

I know. While you're waiting, EVERYTHING is a sign of pregnancy LOL


Candy - April 29

Hi amy w, I took my first HPT yesterday, and got what seemed to be a very light +, however, I want to wait a few more days to take another... so I'll wait with you...


Oz girl - April 29

I just wanted to wish you all the very best of luck this month and hope this month is "the one" for you all. We are planning to start trying in about 3 months and i can see this site is going to be the place to keep me sane when we are playing the waiting game too. Goodluck again :)


Chila - April 29

Hey girls, how is everyone? Today I had some slight cramps again in my lower right.. Not sure what's going on? but I normally don't get cramps before AF, so I'm praying this is a positive sign for pregnancy. It's like a tingly, tugging sensation... not really painful.. and sometimes it feels like someone is poking me with a stick.. Do any of you have these? Still no other symptoms like sore b___bs.. but I was a little naseaous yesterday morning.


Ally - April 29

I would love to wait with you all too. Af is due for a visit on the 1st although I don't feel like welcoming her.(Ha). Anyway, this is our 3rd month on clomid. I am now on 100mg. The 1st two were on 50mg. Anyway, I had an ultrasound this month to check the follicles. One ovary looked realy good, with 2 good eggs. Then the other is not functioning(stage 4 endo). Anyway, as someone said, it is amazing to me when I am waiting that everything is a preg sign. I have sore bbs, but I usually do. I do have blue veins, but I think I have them alot too. I have twinges in my sides and stomach but again who knows. I hope that you all have BFP's this month too. Thans and I hoe that we can support each other...Have a Blessed Day!!


amy w - April 29

hi ladies! wow i am so excited to see all of your posts...i really welcome all of the support, and i hope that i provide all of you with the same, i still dont have too many signs, i have noticed some ewcm which was present during ovulation, and now back again, so i am not sure what that means, and i am just a crab apple lol, my dh might want to start hanging out with his buddies instead of me lol...no i am just kidding, its not that bad...yet lol. other than that, i get at times what i think are the twinges that you ladies talk about ( kind of like little b___terflies in your uterus? ) and i have been a little more tired than i usually am, and in the mornings when i wake up...like i said before, i feel like i am hungover which is weird...who knows, i dont want to get my hopes up too much, but who are we kidding, it is so hard not too! :)


amy w - April 29

hi candy, wow a faint + that sounds really promising, i have heard a lot of the other girls mention that they have heard of false -'s, but not false +'s, so i am definatly keeping my fingers crossed for you...keep us posted :)!


natasha - April 29

hi eveyone. my af is already 3 days late. but i'm not sure to take hpt or not. it seems too early. maybe. my b___bs still sore. a morning sickness, fatigue and a slightly high body temp. i'm still afraid to take hpt bcause last month i got the same symptoms except fatigue and high body temp. i tested on the day that af suppose to show. of course it shows -ve result bcause after a few hours i got my af! and it is so funny... so this month, i want to wait untill a week maybe...



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