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leonie - April 17

my cousin has endemetriosis and recently got it cut out. she now thinks that she maybe pregnant.she is 3 weeks late for her period has temp rises and falls feels lethargic and nausea cant sleep and feels like she is full and needs to go to the toilet all the time she has had 3 urine tests all negative the last one was on fri.morning what do u all think im so worried for her


Louise - April 17

what exactly did she have cut out


leonie - April 18

the endemetreosis i thin she had to have some sort of operation to remove it from the outside of her uterus she had another test today another negative but her doctor thinks she maybe pregnant but 2 early to tell


louise - April 18

why on earth would she have endometriosis cut out. it is relieved during pregnancy? ask your cousin what procedure she had, because i have not heard of endometriosis being cut out before


Jules - April 18

Hiya ladies. I had a laparoscopy done a few years back along with a dnc to have endo removed and also to have ovarian cysts removed. My inner workings were in a bad way and I would have had little chance of conceiving if I had left it - besides the fact that the endo and cysts caused a lot of pain. My doc actually recommended that I start TTC soon after the op as that is when one would have a good chance of falling preggers - just that Dh and I weren't ready then. I think your cuz has a good chance of being preggers, especially if she's just had that op and would have the all clear from endo at the moment! All the best to you (and her) *****


leonie - April 19

thanks JULES i showed my cuz your message and she was glad to know that there is someone out there with the same experiences that she has been through. her test is still negative and her doctor wont prescribe her a blood test because he thinks that there will b a chance that it will show up in a few days. so she is silently praying thankyou for your encouragement.and goodluck to you to.


Tracy - April 22

I am kind of going through the same thing...I'm alittle over 2 weeks late and took 2 test they all came up neg. also.I made a apt for Tuesday. I would say to tell her to call the doc to ask what they think she should do. It wouldn't hurt to call and ask.



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