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Deb - December 6

Hello, I have been having watery discharge a lot lately. I am currently 1 1/2 weeks late. is this a symptom?


curly - December 6

yes i believe so, take a hpt


Deb - December 6

Seems to be more when i am standing vs sitting. or walking.


curly - December 6

do you feel any other signs?


Deb - December 6

well i feel a flutter once in a while in my pelvic area, however i have read about pregnancy flutter doesn't happen until week 20. and headaches


curly - December 6

well it is possible to feel fluttering, i think you should take the test. would being pregnet a possitive thing right now


Deb - December 6

I guess the feeling would be more like twinges.


Deb - December 6

oh yes it would be a great thing. I am 23 and would love to have a baby. I just don't want to get my hopes up. if you know what i mean


curly - December 6

i know how you feel my expected period is on the 21st and im always thinking i have the signs but i dont want to get my hopes up


Deb - December 6

this is probably a dumb question but how would you be able to feel anything this early if it is?


Brooke - December 7

i am 10dpo and i got a light + with 2 tests! I also have watery discharge.. and after i eat i feel sick, also pee a lot! hope that helps you! Good Luck!!


curly - December 7

well deb, i know quite a few people that feel it the next day after having s_x, its just a feeling that i guess us women know. you do know when you ovulate right?


Deb - December 7

Yeah i think - i have been using babyzone.com and it gives you the days you are fertile - i haven't done the whole temp thing or cervical thing - and the twinges isn't from s_x or the discharge - we haven't in 2 weeks.


faith - December 7

i have a milky like discharge, could that be a sign?


Anna B. - December 7

Deb- I have watery/ snot like cm right now. AF is due 12/10. I'm hoping this is a good sign too!


deb - December 7

good luck to us! keep posted on if you get a bfp


nicky - December 8

i have been having watery discharge off and on today along with yellowish discharge when i wipe. is that like anyone else?



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