Watery Irreguarl Period

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Anna - February 25

Ok so i got my period on sunday the 13th it ended on sundaythe 20th ..i have been getting watery light red periods frm wendesday to this day..im really scared i took 2 tests before my period and they said neg. and one when i was on my period it also said neg. what do you think?


I heard - February 25

I heard results would not show while on period...


Anna - February 25

but i took the test before my period too all of the tests i took said neg. and i took sensitive test too.but could i still be preggy??


I heard - February 25

I'm still waiting to find out for myself.. all I know is that I was told it would be toooo sooon to tell until a few day after af stops....


Anna - February 25

Im so scared im wayy to young for a baby im only 13 if i dont kill myself my mom will


yohoe - May 11

why are you having s_x at 13??


WHAT??? - May 11

you are too young to be having s_x at the age of 13!!!


chriss - May 11

K ladies, Anna is NOT here for a preach session, I'm sure she has heard it all before. The point is, she has had s_x @ 13 and now things she may be preggers, so she needs some advice. Not that I agree with having s_x that young, because I don't, however Anna, please take another test if you can, and if it comes out negative, take another in a week. If that comes out negative, everything should be fine, wait for your next period to come and if it does great and you will know better next time to use protection but if it comes out positive, you should really talk to someone, like a teacher or a guidance councillor or your mom. Are you sure that you can't go to your mom?? Of course it's not something that every mother wants to hear, but it you are preggers, it will be the reality, you will have to figure out what to do next. But for now, take the test. Good luck to you and I do hope that everything turns out for you and I know I said no preaching, but you really should be using protection, pregnancy is only one thing that happens as a result of having s_x, there are so many STD's out there, please protect yourself.


Hoping - May 11

Anna, If this is the first time you have had s_x then if I were you I would worry about it too much! When I first had s_x @ the age of 15 I was 2 1/2 weeks late! I was soo scared but then I took a test and it came out negative! Now I am just waiting to get pg!!! Everything will be okay!!!



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