We Are So Confused

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ConfusedCouple - April 28

Hello, My G/f's period in march occured on the 24 or 26, I can't remember which day My on the 11th of april my G/f and I engaged in unprotected intercourse. I pulled out before reaching climax, but a little may have leaked. We are each others only partner so we aren't concerned about STD's. A few days later she experienced slight naseua, and it continued on and off for about 3 days. The weeks up to her period she didnt experience it. She said her period should have occured on the 24th of this month and it has yet to arrive. Two days ago (the 26th) she took an HPT and it returned negative results. The part that worrys us is the fact that she has been cramping, but still no period. She was cramping for either 1 day or 2 before she took the HPT. And about 1 year ago she was 13 days late before having her period, but I she didn't get cramps like she is now. I'm not sure how often she is getting the cramps, and Im not sure how often she cramps when she is on her period. So I cannot say if she is experiencing as many cramps as she normally does on her period. As for other symptoms its hard to tell. To be honest something is always wrong with my G/f. Sometimes she is sick to her stomach, she has a headache everyday (due to scoliosis (sp)). And well, she sleeps more than any person I know. As for sore br___ts she wont say they are sore, but She will say she doesn't feel like being touched there, but that also happens around times when she isnt pregnant. As far as stress goes she says she has been under alot of stress lately from school since the past few weeks have been rather hectic. Plus She says she has been stressed out since the 15th of the month we she got naseuated. We realized that may prolong the period's arrival too. We plan to get married about 1 year from now, and if she is pregnant we will definatly get married and have the baby. We just need some help as we are really confused and kinda worried. Please any insight might will be helpful


jena - April 28

it sounds like she is late due to stress, especially if that has happened before. her sore b___sts could be PMS and in my experience, you don't usually get nausea so soon after s_x... unless maybe she was worrying herself sick? I wouldn't worry about it too much - the withdrawl method isn't too trustworthy, but you did it at a time when she probably wasn't very fertile. good luck!


Yes!! - April 28

She took the test too early. Wait one week and test again. You can get pregnant with pre c_m.Pull out during s_x do not protective agaisnt pregnancy. It is best to use a comdon or birth control. Good Luck


jena - April 28

sorry, my mistake - you did have s_x when she was fertile so the chances are a little higher...


ConfusedCouple - April 30

Hello, I appreciate your feedback, I thought I would update you. Last night (April 29th, 5 days late) she took another pregnancy test and it returned negative results as well. Nevertheless there has been no period. what do you think her chances of being pregnant are now that two tests have returned negative results? Even if she isn't pregnant do you think we should go to a doctor to make sure she is ok? Thanks again guys.


Jules - April 30

Hi there - I would go to the doc and get her checked out. If she is 5 days late for her period a blood test should confirm if she is pregnant or not. The doc will best know what to do. Also, if she's not preggos there may be other reasons for her delayed period and your doc could help sort things out. That's what I would do anyways. Not nice living in doubt and wondering ;) All the best to both of you. I hope it turns out very well for you. xxxxx


ConfusedCouple - April 30

Hi again, Just wanted to let everyone know she started her period today. Thanks to everyone who helped us out. It meant a lot, thanks.



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