We Are Testing In The Next Few Days Send Us Some Baby Dust

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izechsmama - February 8

There are a few of us testing within the next few days.. i will testing Monday morning and a few others testing tomorrow and Saturday... Ladies join me if you will.. so if you are preggo, send us some duct tape sticky baby dust.. like really really sticky.. haha.. Thanks in advance!


carla123 - February 8

hi ya how you doing?? x


KWaits - February 8

*~Running around throwing duct tape sticky baby dust all over this forum~*


izechsmama - February 8

hahaha.. thank you Kwaits... Hiya carla.. how are you doing.. AF show her ugly face yet? i'm just hanging out.. bored outta my mind.. waiting on the laundry to be done...


frozenfeet - February 8

*********~~~~~~~~**********"Huffin, Puffin...........BLOWIN' the baby dust all over the place!!!!**********~~~~~~~~~~~**********


AmySmoak - February 8

I will be testing in a few day!! Sticky baby dust to all! I am two days late so far(knock on wood)...hopefully AF will not show her ugly face!!! :) Keep us posted!


CaseyB - February 8

Hey Izechsmama - How are you feeling?


DANI - February 8

I will be testing as well. Af is def due today and I have no signs of her coming at all. Not sure when I should test b/c of my late O date?? Any suggestions? I O on cd 21, and I'm normally 28 day cycle. Hey CasyB, how are you? and the little beans?


VenusdiMilo - February 8

*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*Blowing Lots of Baby Dust *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*


izechsmama - February 8

hey Casey.. well today and last night the most unbearable kind of exhaustion has set in for me... like the kind that even if you sleep you just want to start bawling.. i only ever remember feeling like this when i was pregnant and the first month or two of having a newborn.. so its a good sign.. but i cant say i love it.. haha.. i havent really had any other symptoms which i'm taking as a good sign, cause last two cycles i had them all and i wasnt pregnant... but thank you all for the sticky baby dust.. i'm getting out my vacc_m to suck it all up.. HAHA... so anyways.. Casey how are your beans? DANI you can test Valentines day... that'd be cool... your AF should technically be due on the 15th.. one week away if you are 7dpo today...


izechsmama - February 8

ohhhhhhhhhhh, i forgot to mention.. i didnt tell you ladies how i was gonna break the news to DH if we are expecting again... i made a shirt for my DS who is 15 months on the 11th... it says on the front I LOVE MY DADDY AND SO WILL MY NEW LITTLE BROTHER OR SISTER and then on the back it says BIG BRO #1... i'm gonna test and if its a positive i'm gonna dress my DS in it and tell him to go find daddy.. DH wont recognize the shirt at all so of course he'll take interest in reading it.. he has no idea when we are testing or anything.. i've been keeping it all on the downlow and talking like we arent pregnant just in case to make it a suprise.. haha... then i got valentines cards Shark Tale ones for my DS and i'm gonna fill them out to my family from him with PS i'm gonna be a big brother.. hehehe..


krismit - February 8

I am due for AF on Feb 13th!! I am not too sure about this cycle, but only because I didn't try very hard like I have in the past. I am trying to just let it happen when it happens!! Good Luck to everyone!!! Lots of Baby Dust to you all!!


DANI - February 8

izechs, that is the best idea. love it. i may copy you....hehe. your dh will be so excited about that and how cute for little man to wear it. great idea! i hate this waiting game. ugh! i feel like i could be preggo but not sure. this lotiony cm is really throwing me off. and the fact that it keeps getting thicker. hhhhmmmmm....has me thinking. i may just test on v-day with everyone else. by that time i should know.


izechsmama - February 8

haha thanks Dani.. i liked it.. haha... how you doing today? i'm ready for the weekend....


whatisgoingon - February 9

Hey Ray & Dani, sorry havent been on as much, still waiting for our DSL modem to arrive 2 have internet at home, so using next door neighbours internet on wireless he he...they dont know, didnt have pa__sword so r able to tune in 2 their network. he he he! I am so excited to hear u guys r testing! I can not wait to hear the good news! Ray..I thought u werent going to try anymore? I am glad u r tho, it really doesnt matta wat month ur child is born in, juz the miracle of actually having them :) - I got my af last month for 4days, I use to have 7day af's, but since going off bcp in October I have only had very short af's..ah well not complaining! he he. I am on CD18 of 30day cycle. Bedded from CD5-16. I am pretty sure I ovulated on Cd12..but cannot be 100% now can we, unless we temp etc. Due for af 22nd Feb. Not really focusing on anything though. I mean I have been off BCP since end of cycle October 2006, bedding unprotected every month now for 4cycles... so really not very long at all hey. Will happen when it wants to though! I gotta go Dr next week tho, cos I found a very small hard blue lump in my nipple..its a solid little ball under one of the montgomery tubercules... could it be a calcium build up ball or something? he he... I dont know, but finding something like that u automatically think AH CANCER, but I am only 20! Still will keep u posted on that progress. Good Luck girls on testing, when r u going to Ray? :)


2ndtimeround - February 9

~*^~*^~*^~*^~*^~*^~*^~*^ sticky baby dust ~*^~*^~*^~*^~*^~*^ for everyone testing.... =)


carla123 - February 9

hi all!! well i TESTED this morning and its a BIG FAT NEGATIVE!!! gonna wait a few days now. i am sure af is on its way. but will let you if she arrives. good luck everyone. x



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