We Are Trying To Have A Baby And Cramps

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kim - December 17

I just had my iud removed a few weeks ago and I only had it in for about 5 months when we decided to have a baby. I started my period 2 days after my ius was removed and was on it for about 5 days. We started trying to get pregnant as soon as my period was gone. It has been a couple of weeks and I have had cramping and my left side is alittle sore. I talked to my mid wife today and she said to take a test. I thought it would be to soon to get results unless I was pregnant when she removed my iud which she said may be possible. Does anyone know the symptons of an eptopic ( dont think i spelt that right) pregnancy? We have a 6 year old aswell and I dont remember feeling crampy. I know every pregnancy is different but Im alittle worried... Someone Help.


bump - December 17



Christine - December 17

Crampy is normal in pregnancy..but could also be a sign of ectopic...if you are getting pains in one side...not showing positive..(having lower hcg levels than should)...or feel ill you should be checked...I got checked for it with my pregnancy now due to pains in my lower left abdomen...it was a cyst..thank god...which was not fun either but me and the baby are ok...ectopic will eventually get to the point of bent over pain...can be life threatening...get checked just to be safe..have them run your hcg levels..and do an u/s..they can usually tell with these tests...good luck


kim jackson - December 17

Hi Christine.. you are pretty good with responding back to people.. I took a test this morning and it was neg. I guess that is a good thing because if it was pos. that would mean I was pregnant when they removed my iud and that is not good. So I started my period on the 4th this was 2 days after my iud was removed. I was on it until the following thurs. or so... My husband and I have pretty much done it everyday sometimes more then once since i have been off my period.:0) When do you think I would be most fertile.. Today or tomorrow?



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