We Want Valentines Day Babies

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Treybugs Momma - May 8

Alright ladies from our old thread. Come one come all unless you are trying for a girl and then they say you shouldnt come. HAHA Lets get some BFPS and get our love babies!!! I am on day 2 of AF and I am happy about every single cramp and miserable sensation I am feeling because AF finally CAME!!! YES!!! I know most ladies post differently but I am THRILLED because this means a new month and I get to try all over again!! And I have lovely ladies to share it with so it makes it all the better!! XOXO


hopingwishingwaiting08 - May 8

Yay for AF!! I never thought I would be excited for her to come either, but for some reason, the prospect of knowing that your aren't preggo makes you all the more dilligent(and somewhat desperate) to get that BFP! I meant to ask hubby today where that sudden curiousity came from. But I forgot. I think that Lily(I think that is who posted before you on teh old thread...) was right when she said he was trying to figure out when to get jiggy! That made me giggle! ROFL. I also realized that if we get preggo this month, and we go to term(*crosses fingers*), our baby would be approx a year younger than my SIL's! She had a little boy on 2-11. I was and still am a bit jealous...is that normal!? I think it's because I want to be a mother so badly. Sigh. Ok, this was rather long. Bed is calling...and it's raining...perfect lseep weather! Baby and Sticky Dust ladies!!


pba74 - May 8

Treybugs....LOL...I had to read your intro three times and said "WHAT?" outloud before going "AHHHHHH....hahahahahaha - I get it"....duh....Friday is almost here thank goodness. Well, I'm officially out for the month of January and now tryng for a V-Day baby. AF showed today and I'm pretty disappointed BUT know that this cd 1 and I'm ready for this next round of trying. I actually made an appt to discuss other options since it's taking so dang long. HOPING - perfectly normal. I relate so much to you and other women on here longing for a baby. Even when I watch TLC A Baby Story - I actually feel a baby in my arms. It wil happen for us - how long have you been trying if you dont' mind me asking? I've been trying since June '06 - 1 missed m/c and 1 chemcial later I'm still trying.


sammyface - May 8

I'm in! Just started AF on day 36. how annoying. I ALWAYS am on time. usually have a 28 day cycle... and of course when you are acutally trying to have a baby AF decides to be late for the first time ever!!! Valentine's day baby sounds awesome!!!!


hopingwishingwaiting08 - May 8

PBA-We are currently on cycle seven. Compared to you, it's hardly anytime at all...but I have the baby bug...BAD! My SIL has had two boys within two years, my one best friend is expecting, another good friend is preggo...a woman I work with is due in August as well as a step-cousin who had an "oops." Gah! DH and I have been discussing having kids since we met(in '02')...and he wanted to try to get pg before we got married last year and I said no. Now I sort of wish I had said yes! LOL. We may have been preggo at this point! LOL. Baby Dust to us all!! LOL. And like you, I am obsessed with TLC's A Baby Story, and Bringing Home Baby. Sigh.


alape052105 - May 8

This is so funny I was just looking at the calender and realized that if we would get pg this cycle I would be due on V-Day and wala you start a thread! I am not supposed to try this cycle, but I think I am going to anyway. Good luck to us all!


hopingwishingwaiting08 - May 8

Ok, somehow my post got itself mixed up...I meant to put the obsessed aprt before the Baby Dust part. LOL. But I know you all know what I mean! :-P


hopingwishingwaiting08 - May 9

Where is everyone?! LOL. I am hogging this thread!


MelissaP - May 10

Hi Trey! I am on cycle day 20. A little ahead of you all, but I still want to chit chat if you dont mind. If I am pregnant, I will be due January 30th =) I can't start testing until May 21st at the earliest...so the wait is going to suck!


hopingwishingwaiting08 - May 10

Good Luck Melissa...the wait always sucks...LOL. But I feel for ya...I've never had to wait that long, but sheesh if I'd make it that long! I'd go insane from curiousity!


Tiggy - May 10

Hi all. Been lurking for awhile, though I was more apart of the thread in March/April. I was hoping for a Mother's Day BFP but AF has come today..sigh... I am dissapointed but excited as my cycles are finally starting to regulate after coming off BCP's last July and I used an OPK kit this month and it was accurate and I bought a BBT to use this cycle so I am taking charge of my fertility this month! Feb. baby would be so cool as my B-day is in Feb, along with 4 other members of my extended family! Can't break tradition now...:)


MelissaP - May 11

Hi Tiggy. Sorry af showed...but hey, on the bright side, that is awesome that your cycles are regulating. It will make it easier to pinpoint things =). I am on cycle day 21 today...I shouldnt count them everyday because then it drags...lol. I usually have about a 32 day cycle. I bd'd cycle day 18 and 19. I am a__suming cycle day 18 was O day...or it could have been day 19. My libido was extremely high those days. Now it's tapering off and I have noticed my cm is drying up. I hope I timed it right. I have temped in the past...but then I got a good idea of when I o'd (which is about cycle day 18-21)...so I thought I wouldn't need to do it anymore. Anyways...just the waiting game now! How is everyone today? Happy Mother's Day out there to you moms!


lilymummy - May 12

Hey guys just wanted to pop on and share something with you. I have just been at the doctors confirming my BFP, had a bit of a worry as I handed the doctor a sample of cold FMU and he did a test that came up negative. I was not worried unduly as I had done a First Response this morning that was positive after less than a minute, but then he relaiese there were no lines at all and the test was a dud. But he did have me wee him a fresh sample and he said cold wee will often give unreliable results. I got a BFP no problem then but wanted to pa__s on the info to you guys, specially Treybugs, who I seem to remember was unsure of her results last month using cold wee. The moral of the story - always test using fresh warm wee and MY MORAL is always use First Response. I have tried so many brands including internet cheapies and that brand consistently seems to detect small amounts of HCG, in other words I find them the most reliable. Baby dust!


lillybug - May 12

Hey Treybugs momma! I'm so glad ur AF showed, I'm still waiting, I'm on cd 102 right now and on Wednesday I'm seeing my obgyn! Finally, I can get some sort of answer on this later period. I want AF to come so bad, so that I can fianlly say again "I'm on cd2 or 3" is stead of "Oh..I'm on cd 102" It feels like years have gone by!


austynsmommy - May 12

Hi ladies. I had an u/s sound today. I thought I was 6 weeks alond because my lmp was march 31st. It turns out I am earlier than that. There was a gestational sac. I am kinda nervous about that. How is everyone else?


lillybug - May 12

lilymummy! I also love First Response! They are the best, Are you getting a blood test done? Hello Ausynmommy- how are you today? How far are you then now? I'm ok, just waiting for Wednesday when I get blood work done again and hopefully be put on something to regulate my period, I'm on cd 102 when I usually only have 32 day cycles


austynsmommy - May 12

They never even gave me a due date. I am so mad. I have to wait for june to get here. I am not very happy. I ovulated really late. on april 16 I think. I dont know. All's I know is it is in january I guess. I might call them tomarrow and ask how the blood work turned out. I hate to bother them but I just want to know.



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