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kendra.marie - October 25

monday i weighted myself i weighted 124 then tonight i weighted myself it was 131; 6 pounds in 3 days.!!!!!! why is it like this. im 7dpo; & i got a bfn tonight?


wantingbabytwo - October 25

i am sitting here and think that is so funny because every f*** en month that i try and get pregnant the next day i eat like a fat pig till the next month or after i get that bfn and i watch what i m eating till the next month i think since we have ben trying i gain a good 10-12 lbs and it is really starting to p__s me off BUTi think that if this was the month i better eat right " FOR THE BABY" that is not even there!!


kamivy - October 26

kendra, 7dpo is too early to get a bfp - baby only implants between days 7 - 12 then you have to wait a little till you have enough HCG build up in your system to show up. The weight gain could be any number of things, impossible to tell if it's pregnancy related this early in the game. Give it another week! :) (or at least 3 more days if you are a poas-aholic!)


kendra.marie - October 26

dont tell me its to early three firends got there on 7dpo. how did that work out


NinaS82 - October 26

I dont want to get your hopes up but I got a bfp on 8dpo and I had gained 3 lbs in 2 days. I think it was from the fluid in my uterus or something, not sure. Now im scared of gaining a lot during my pregnancy. Im only 5 weeks but my pants are already really tight!!!!!!!


kendra.marie - October 26

so you are pregnant nina?


NinaS82 - October 26

Yes, im 5 weeks pg.


NinaS82 - October 26

My doc said that some women have rapid weight gain around the 2ww time. Then you lose it once you start having morning sickness. Some women dont gain at all.


ShoppingForTwo - October 26

Hey ladies. . . I got my BFP 7 dpo!!! Well I a__sume because it was 7 days before my missed period and I'm pretty sure my cycles are 35 days. I was in utter shock and thought the test must be wrong so I tested again in the morning and got another BFP! I'm super excited it too me 2 d__n hard cycles to get pregnant. Might not seem like much but to me it was very difficult, I lost my daughter in June and was determined to conceive as soon as the doc gave the green light. The first month I wanted to have s_x the day after my af ended EVERYDAY! Well we missed a couple days but I thought we caught the eggie. I was stressing everyday and worried everyday, I would run to the bathroom and wipe to check for blood several times a day, and I had cramping so I thought it was implantation but it was af. So this month I looked up my predicted ovulation online, the days in my cycle have changed since I gave birth in June and have been 35 days the last two months. But it used to be 28days when I was on bc so I looked up both days and had s_x Oct. 7th - 19th tried to stay busy with work, and not stress. I was overwhelmed with sore b___bs and other symptoms and gave in and tested and got a BFP Oct. 24th. My af wasnt due until Oct. 31st and I didn't plan to test until then. I didn't even think it was possible to get a BFP or even possible to have symptoms that early but YOU CAN people. Every woman is different and for all I know I'm abnormal and O'd on cycle day 10 or something, who knows. . . After speaking to a NP and setting a doctors appointment for next week she says according to my LMP I'm currently 4w2d. Yay! KENDRA your pregnant hun, I would bet money on it. Good luck and baby dust to all you ladies. Getting pregnant is only a fraction of the battle for me, now I need to take the necca__sary precautions to keep this baby inside of me for 37 weeks and deliver a healthy baby I can bring home from the hospital!


Corrie - October 26

Wow! CONGRATS!! That is awesome news! I am SO happy for you!!!!



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