Weight Gain Vs Pregnancy

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anon - February 15

I know this is a dumb question but i have been gaining weight recently. First it was all below my belly button and now it seems to be right around my belly button. I have always been a stable 92 lbs. (I am almost 21) for the past five years and now I am 100 lbs. so i don't know where fat goes first. I have taken numerous pregnancy tests and they have all been negative. My question is when you gain weight when your really skinny does it look like you are pregnant because it looks as if I am four months pregnant!!!


liz - February 15

Have you missed your af? I am guessing you had unprotected intercourse. 92 lbs is pretty small. Do you have a small stature? Maybe your body is just putting on some healthy weight. Weight gain can delay your af. I am 21, 5'5 and I weighed 100 lbs up until recently. I am now 107 and the doctor says it's a healthier weight to be at.


anon - February 15

Thank you for responding. I actually haven't missed a period but i have had three extremely light ones. I have other signs as well but they could be coincidental. Is there any other reason besides weight gain and pregnancy for weight gain in the lower stomach region?? (I am 5'2'")


Grandpa Viv - February 16

Three extremely light periods and a pooch growing by the month is good justification for an examination and a blood test. Your doctor won't laugh at you!. Good luck!


Faith & Hope - February 16

That exact same thing happened to me when I was 17 and my mom kept asking me was I pregnant I was still a virgin but no-one would believe me, turns out I had a cyst. I eventually had it removed although by that time I looked like I was ready to give birth, I was perfectly fine afterward, I can look back and laugh now but at the time it was very upsetting. Get yourself checked out and Good Luck.


Lisa - February 16

I had the same thing happen to me...I had three light short periods all while my stomach was growing...but then i had a longer period (although it was still light)...all tests said negative.


bump - February 16



louise - February 16

a pregnancy in a small frame, generally stays quite a neattidy little bump. until of corse the third trimester! maybe you should consider a blood test. a pregnant belly only really starts to show past 3 months-12 weeks, when the uterus isnt behind the pelvic wall anymore. this however can be different for things such as excessive amniotic fluid. also, gas, constipation etc can cauyse this aswell. worth a blood test!


Mimi - February 21

Well i was wondering the same,. I have been asking around but it's hard to tell on the internet. Like u,anon, i am slimm and my belly always was flat and now it's growing out and had 3 weird periods.I was wondering the same.My doc said all is fine ( doesn't care really ). and all my tests are -ve.Like u i'm confused.If i was preg, i'd be 11 weeks i think. Let me know how it goes for u please. GL 2U !


chriss - February 21

first of all in order to rule out pregnancy, you should see your Doctor. Next, it could just be your metabolism changing, which happens at different stages in life and the early twenties is one stage for women. A high carbohydrate diet ie lots of breads, pasta's etc can result on more weight gain around the middle (belly b___ton area) so it could be this also. If your doctor confirms that you ARE NOT pregnant, perhaps reduce your carbohydrate intake and see what that does for you!



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