Weird Discharge

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Chrisitna - February 4

I am 12 dpo when i used the restroom this afternoon i got a glob of yellow snott looking discharge did not have any sort of odor? I have had cramping since 5dpo br___t tenderness off and on any idea? good or bad?


Grandpa Viv - February 4

Haven't heard that one before. I wonder if your mucus plug generator is working overtime. I am beginning to understand that there are two processes at work early on, one is mucus plug to seal off the cervix, and the other is the clear or creamy discharge from the v____al walls that is supposed to keep everything cleansed.


Christina - February 4

that is weird that you said that because i have also been having clear discharge off and on. I have had one full day of driness since O. So is it a good thing or bad thing do you think


Laura - October 13

Hi I know this is an old post but I have been searching for info on the site for a situation like mine and yorus is the only one I came up with. If you get this can you shed some light as to what you think the yellow snott discahrge was and if you were pregnant? email if you can I would appreciate. [email protected] Thank you so much


liza - October 13

Hey Christina, I have seen this type of discharge written about on the forum before. I'm sure I've heard of some ladies getting it in early pregnancy. However, I had it too and when I spoke to my doctor about it she said possible infection and sent me for tests. I've yet to have the results so not sure about that. I also had cramping and the discharge had no smell. Unfortunately my hpt's were negative.


me - October 14

i have had 2 lumps of snot - jelly like looking cm since o i had 1 bit at 5dpo and another all day at 9dpo and i have never experienced that in the 2ww ever. i have had b___st tenderness and tingly nipples on and off since 3dpo and 1 huge cramp lasting 15 mins at 6dpo-7dpo


steph23 - October 14

I'm haveing to same thing... it was really weird and stringy.. and my b___st feel heavy,nipples hard all the time and sore,stoped up nose,11 days pasted missed period,headaches,mood swings.


Laura - October 14

What confuses me about my incident is that I have been back on the pill for one month. I just stopped nursing my 11 month old son and went back on Ortho-TriCylen. I am wondering if this could be a side affect to the pill or if somehow someway I may be pregnant?



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