Weird Dreams

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S5 - February 11

Is anyone having weird dreams?,I have all the symptoms of preg, but alot of neg tests I have noticed that i am having some really weird dreams when I sleep is this suppose to be another symptom?


La Rae - February 11

It sure is - I had my first weird dream last night - 6 dpo now. It was s_xual, it involved a stranger and some kid who wouldn't leave us alone so we could 'do what we wanted to do' if you know what I mean. It was like this guy and I were babysitting or something. We were in a really nice house (the kids' house I guess) and we kept trying to get him to go to sleep, and he never did. We occupied him with the t.v. and went to one of the bedrooms, and the kid wouldn't stop knocking on the door! It was one of the WEIRDEST dreams I have had in a long time! Btw....what other symptoms do you have? When is your af due?


S5 - February 11

I have the cramping, bloating , ga__sy , sore b___bs, they are getting to be not as sore and awhile ago my nipples hurt so bad. High temps some cm and tired, I am very irregular they can come from 30 days to 59 days (that was the last one) I had my af on jan 10 and most people would have had theirs by now so it is hard to say. Mine are very painful so I usually can tell when they are coming, not even sure when I ovulated. Last cycle it was on the 45 th day, weird eh? I just did another test on Monday and It said neg so who knows, cannot remember how the cramps were last time I was preg.


Coke - February 11

yes sometimes when are the truth. ther mostly REALITY!!!


coco - February 11

I have posted something similar on this forum, because i don't know if im pregnant, but my belly is growing ( im tall & slim) , and lately i have weird dreams about pregnancy, babies, and other weirds dreams.So i was wondering the same.


Becky - February 11

I've had some weird ones (though is not confirmed that I am pregnant). One of them was that I went to Disneyland/Raging Waters, and there were pregnancy tests all over the park! All you had to do was to stick your finger on a sensor for 5 seconds and it would tell you. The first one I went to started to say yes (pregnant), but then my mom walked by and I yanked my finger off (long story), After that I went to a bunch of them and they all said no, but I kept trying cause I was CONVINCED I was and they were all lying to me on purpose! :-p Last night I had a dream that a bunch of friends (though I didn't recognize any of them from real life) and I went to my house to go in the spa, only I wouldn't get in because I was pregnant (oh, and my fiancee was there too). So we sat around talking about different symptoms and such (like I was talking with a bunch of girls from this board). Another night I had a dream that I took a sip of a winecooler and then got all upset beacuse of the baby, but I couldn't tell anyone why I was upset cause no one was allowed to know I was pregnant. Most of my dreams lately have to do with pregnancy...


shaz - February 12

i dreamt last night me and my friend both took a test and mine was positive and so was hers!


Coco - February 12

I had a dream last night that i was dip testing and i saw the 2 little pink lines, and i was staring at the lines because i couldn't beleive it so i tested again ...and again , and again, all positives ! But in real life they all test - ve.But i feel as bloated as evr , my belly has now doubled, was always flat ...go figure!


shaz - February 12

first time i dreamt i did test the result was not clear and in real life i got a negative but still think im pregnant. last night my dream said it was positive.


Becky - February 12

Last night I also dreamed that I took two tests, and both were positive! Though, they did not show just two lines. They had the two lines meaning positive and then four above and three below! I guess my mind was trying to make up for all the negative tests I've recieved since trying :-p


Kendra - February 13

I have had one dream and in it I started my period. I have heard that dreams are sapposed to be the opposite. Who knows. We have been ttc for 2 years and went through IUI the end of Jan. Supposed to start on 2/14, but having some weird feelings going on with my body. Scared to test this early. Good luck to all.


tan - February 13

i had a weird dream the other night that i was in labour. my hunn work me up saying that i was panting and squeezing him with my nails to the part that it left marks. i would think that if i was panting id wake myself up. im not pregnante but it was weird



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