Weird Dreams

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daydreamer - February 16

People always say that dreaming of fish or that you may be pregnant, often means that you or someone close to you is. Last night I had a dream that someone bought me a tank of fish, It was alot of them and they were tropical, then in that same dream I was giving labor to hamsters, gross huh! I don't have hamsters and I don't have any fish. I have a 2 year old now, and I dreamed of whales when I had her. I had a miscarriage several of months ago, and before I even knew I was pregnant, I dreamed someone caught this real big and ugly fish. Did any of you have dreams like that when you were pregnant?


Michelle - February 16

I always had dreams of aliens:)


hope it helps - February 16

i dreamed of dancing cookies, and then they would crumble and turn into cotton candy.


LAQUANDA - February 16



sara - February 16

My mom had dreamed of fish, and it turned out that my cousin that she was staying with...was pregnant again.


tiff - February 16

I have all kinds of nightmares, my doc said that it is common in pregnancy, and that some women have dreams of being pregnant before they find out. Womens inter wishing kicks in. Sending baby dust your way!


MandyD - February 16

Hey Daydreamer - I'm sure giving birth to a hamster is a lot less work than a baby! LOL! I've been having weird dreams lately too, but they don't have anything to do with animals...just weird things happening with me and people I know. ??? I don't know!


daydreamer - February 16

Yea true, but it was a litter of them critters! So I was extremely grossed out. LOL! Well at least they had fur.


jane - February 16

Oh thats scary!


sharon - February 20

i dreamt that me and my friend did test and were both pregnant!we both want to be!


sharon - February 20

also i dreamt 2months back of a fish in a tank that started flying in the air and kissed me


bethany - February 20

Ive been having crazy dreams too, I had a dream the other night, that I was at a dance ball and everyone was wearing green and dancing to river music. And when I would look at the poeple, they had no eyes,ears,nose or mouth. They were just plan faceless!


sharon - February 21

now that would scare me!!!


deah - February 21

i've been dreaming about knives and blood alot..not fun dreams...last night i dreamt that some guy brought my girlfreind over to visit me....but she was in a cage! and she brought me a plant! lol! go figure


christi - February 22

my hubby dreamed about 3 of his co-workers & me all talking about our pregnancies. Now guess what...all 3 of the co-workers are preggers! Wonder if I am too, but af isn't due for another week. Guess we will see. I haven't really dreamed anything weird, though. But when I do dream, it's like I am 1/2 asleep & 1/2 awake, like it seems more real. I don't know, maybe I am crazy.


mindy - February 24

I want this baby to be a lil boy soooo bad. With my daughter, I was very sick during preg. Everyone in my family who had a girl was very sick during preg. This time around Im fine, no very very light sickness andd b___bs only hurt once in a while. Im hoping that it means I m having a boy. I had a dream and in that dream the baby is a girl, at first I thought it was my daughter, but the baby was younger. Lately at night I really have not been able to sleep good either. I don't know why.



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