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Lucy - February 27

This last period I have had mainly clots (about 90% of bleeding has been clots). They are not large clots, but a lot of them. Is this normal? We are ttc and I hope there is not a problem.


Maggie - February 27

Lucy have you had any Pregnancy Symptoms?


Theresa - February 27

I have weird periods too. I'm late 8 or 9 days lately and light for 3 day and clotty for a couple days then and light again then have the soreness b___st ever for 2 weeks.


Janelle - February 27

Hi Lucy I am wondering the same thing, I have a similar situation, my period came 15 days later than scheduled and it has been watery" and definitely more clotty than usual. Now my periods have been regular for at least 2 years I am 27 so I am way past the irregualr periods. I also had spotting for a day on 2/3. I have also had pregnancy symptoms for the last 3 weeks including nausea, vomiting, tingly b___sts, sore nipples, headaches, and stuffy nose w/ blood. Going to Dr tomorrow for blood test intuition tells me I am pregnant. Good luck to you. Anyone else think I may be pregnant?


Jae - February 28

hi ladies.... im in the same boat i was 3 weeks late & had heaps of symptoms, my period arrived 10 days ago it started as brown discharge then for a few days after that just red tinged mucus then it turned into average flow period not to heavy but not to light but lots of little clots..... im 25 this has never happened before has any women bled like this & for this long to fin out they where pregnant? really need some advice........thanx


Lucy - February 28

I really doubt I am pregnant since I took a test last Sat. and it was neg. My period was actually 2 days early this month and when it started I was hoping it was implantation. I am 28 so like all of you I should not be irregular. We have been ttc for 8 months and I am worried there is something wrong. I know some women bllen while preg. but I always thought it was light with no clots.


S- - February 28

clots could either be your lining getting ready for the implantation of a baby, or an early miscarriage.


Lucy - February 28

if a woman is peg. and has her "period" will the test show positive?


Mika - February 28

I've been ttc for the past 10 months and my af was completely regular up until 3 months ago. All of a sudden it came a week early and it was very watery with a lot of clots, and then the next 2 months it came closer to on time and the same thing, very watery and clots. I was thinking what is wrong with me. Someone told me that it could be that i had cysts that ruptured. I was worried that maybe i miscarried but i haven't had any abnormal cramping. I took an HPT and it was negative. I have a dr appt this week to find out what is wrong. I'll let you all know how it went.


bump - February 28

bumpin it up!!!


Kym - February 28

Yeah - I am getting a blood test done tomorrow. I have a similar thing. Have not missed a period but for the last 2 weeks have felt like c___p! Sight of food is awful and have been so tired - also have had period pains but have read that this can still happen. My bleeding is like a browny discharge and is very light and clumpy so it sounds like we all have the same thing. Here's hoping it is an implantation bleed - I have tested and both came back negative but that could be normal too!


Jae - February 28

i was wondering when you have your period isnt your cervix supposed to be low? i tried feeling for mine last night & couldnt touch it yet im having a period..... anyone else have the same problem?


christine - February 28

i was pregnant, and when i miscarried i was bleeding like that. were there any really really bad cramps???


Cutie - February 28

My goodness, it seems exactly like mine situation, but it has been bleeding very light, watery, with a LOT of blood clots and I really mean a LOT... Its driving me crazy... I am so frustrated, mad and disapointed. I was told I had a cyst, but I cant go to see the doc. because I have no insurance, at least not yet. I was told that it would start March 1st, however they sent me another letter for one more signature........I am getting so frustrated... I would bleed heavy like I explained above and then spot for a few days and then again, bleed, then nothing, then spot and like this for two month.... I dont know what to think, what to do.... I just sit and cry, I became very, very cranky. I also wanted to mention that in the beg. of all this I had all the preg. symptoms and my hubby and I thought we were preggo.... Too bad now..... Do you ladies go to the bathroom often? Because I do.... If this doesnt stop, I am going to go to ER, I dont care anymore for their huge bill, I want to save my health and have kids, lots of them. Good luck to everyone :)


Jae - March 1

to cutie.... when my period was 3 days along it started getting really watery too & it is starting & stopping like yours... i go to the bathroom quite often aswell..... do you have symptoms of pregnancy?


Lucy - March 1

my period is done, but for last night and today I am having pressure in my pelvic area. Sometimes pain, but mainly pressure. (I get pain while I have my period). The pressure and pain is not new; I've been having that since August. My doctor did a vag. u/s in Jan. and found nothing. I am really worried it might be a cyst, but I would think the doctor would have found it.


Lucy - March 1

and last night I noticed that my right b___st started to ache, not a lot though. I am pretty sure I am not pregnant since I did a test and with the clotting, but I just want to know if it sounds like a problem. I am going to look for a new doctor, but I just don't know if my insurance will keep paying for all of this.



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