Weird Preg Dreams

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Jes - April 6

I have a strong feeling that I'm preg, waiting to see if AF comes, due on 4/9. Well last night I several weird dreams. I can remember them all, but the one that stood out the most was one about me shopping for shoes with my one aunt, and my aunt was pregnant! She was huge. I found it weird because i'm not even close with this aunt. The only connection I could make was when my mom was preg with me, the same aunt was preg at the same time with my cousin. Anyone else have weird dreams during the waiting game??? or while you were pregnant?


Kerry - April 6

Hi Jes, I have had quite a few dreams where I have been preg and was quite far on, and then where I have had a baby, and where I have just found out I was preg. My mum also dreamt that I was preg, and my little sister had one that I was preg and then gave birth. I am 16 days late for af and I am waiting for results for a blood test.


Becky - April 6

Just last night I dreampt that I had 3 BFPs!!!! :-D I was planning on testing this morning, so I guess it was on my mind (course my dream tests were not the normal sticks that we use :-P). It was very cool, cause the +ives came up RIGHT away! Alas...not in real life... though, I wasn't using an *early* detector, so I be testing again.


Bangla - April 6

I've had several dreams over the last couple of weeks. Usually don't remember most, but these stuck out. I'm chalking it up to having to wait for answers re: being pregnant. In the first one, I dreamed that I was having an ultrasound and I could see clearly two babies with afros. My husband is Asian and I am Caucasian and neither of us has really curly hair. The second dream, my 7 year old nephew was scrubbing the bottom of a pool. It wasn't a scary dream, like he was drowning or anything. Just that he was holding his breath underwater and cleaning. I also had vision (of sorts) on my way to the doctors office . . . hard to explain, but I read in a magazine (one that I've never read before) the exact same scenario that had played out in my mind 20 minutes before.



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