Weird Prseeure

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kaylas mom - July 12

okay well today makes 9 days late for af. has anyone ever just gagged for nor reason and almost have thrown up? i have alot of nausea. oh yeah someone please tell me if this sounds familiar..I HAVE A WEIRD LIKE PULLING PRESSURE WHERE MY RIGHT OVARY IS? IT DOES NOT HURT BUT IT FEELS VERY WEIRD. I WOULD LOVE SOME ADVICE ON WHAT YOU GIRLS THINK THAT IT MAY BE OR IF I AM NOT THE ONLY ONE THAT FEELS IT.


kvilendrer - July 12

during my first pregnancy, i gagged all the time. this could very well be pregnancy. did you test??


Nell143 - July 12

Kayla definitly test! I am 14 weeks and I gag for no apparent reason all the time. The pressure you are describing reminds me of what I felt in the early weeks.


AA - July 12

Kaylas mom, I am having the same pulling as you speak of......still only getting faint+ with doallr store tests though... I just dont know now I am officailly late for AF which has NEVER happened. Have been to the doc?


RuGreen - July 12

Kaylas mom...I have the same pulling, but on the left side. But no nausea...just sensitive nips and bloating. Could be AF coming on. If it is...she's pretty late this time (cycle day 38). BFNs, though.


kaylas mom - July 12

yeah she showed her head today but not enough to even use a tampon. i really have no idea what is going on.


Cindy Johnson - July 12

RUGreen, I am having a pulling on my left side too. I got a faint positve today and yesterday. Definately a positive though.


kaylas mom - July 12

af is here. maybe next month. me and dh have decided to have intercourse everday this month.. maybe then it will happen?! what do you girls think


RuGreen - July 13

Cindy - congrats on the positive! I'm still waiting for AF...and the fact that she's taking this long to come is really crazy if I keep getting BFNs!


LoVeLyMoMmY - July 13

Kaylasmom...i am kinda using your method too my dh and i are bding every other day....i mean what could u miss doing that...we would do it everyday...but they say the sperm needs to reenergize(for lack of a better word)...hahaha...maybe when i feel its o time we do it every night...but i think even after i think i might have O'ed we are going to continue every other for the heck of it...goood luck



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