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Shawly - April 21

did something bad. verryy bad. I put a Q tip in my va___a to see wht my CM would be like today, and my cervix was open so i was like, hmmm..." I put the qtip through the cervix, and when i pulled it out there was blood? As if my uterus were full of blood? umm...eek? I know I shouldnt have done this bt I was just curious what was up there. Is my uterus full of pregnancy blood or period blood? eek i just dont know what do to. and what was that blood from? I didnt rip or tear anyhing, so its gotta be either AF blood or preggoo blood, which is it? h__llp sorry i know that was stupid... now i all of a sudden have AF cramps, am i going to start my period because of this? if i was pregnant did i accidentlly just kill the baby?! what just happened! ahhh


daisy jean - April 22

I'm not sure pregnancy causes you to fill wilth "Pregnancy blood"- it might be period blood about to come down. I doubt you would have caused a miscarriage- it just doesn't seem like enough to do that. Best of luck to you.


shellly - April 22

Is there even such a thing as pregnancy blood? haha. Doesnt a baby float around in a sac, and if I would have been pregnant there wouldnt have been blood just floating around, right? So your saying that I went through my cervix, into my uterus, and accidentally stole a little period blood that has yet to leave my uterus?!


Alison - April 22

From what you described my guess is that your period was starting at the point you inserted Q tip. The blood was on it's way towrds leaving your v____a and you basically reached up and found it there as it was about to leave anyway. As Daisy Jean said I very much doubt you would cause a miscarriage by your action I don't think you would of reached as far as the pregnancy sac if you were pregnant by doing that. Especially if there was no rip or tear as you said. Obviously I can only stepulate and give an opinion but it sounds to me like your period was starting and the blood was on its way out at the time. Take care xxx


Grandpa Viv - April 22

Another possibility is that the cervix was open because you are ovulating, and what you found was the tiny amount of blood that comes with rupture of the follicle.


shelly - April 22

nothing was about to come down though. it was blood that was way way way up in/past my cervix. or do you think its a period that would have come down in a couple days.


Me me - April 22

Was you af late? I wouldn't stress about it too much ir souds like Alison said - that you're AF was due to come anyway. I guess the best thing to learn is that your cervix is not a toy! :o) Good luck!!!


Shelly - April 22

Ok I would say the same thing, but the blood wasnt in my v____a. It wasnt even on my cervix, it was like 3 inches into my cervix (so technically my uterus). its not like im bleeding or anthing now, like i still have CM. I think the q tip reached up into my uterus and got blood, thats what i was trying to say-sorry if it sounds confusing. My question was if this blood from my uterus was just probbaly my period--im not due for AF for another week/week and a half


bump - April 22



nancy.santos - May 20

maybe u irritated your cervix by doing the test


Grandpa Viv - May 24

So this was mid cycle when one would expect ovulation and a little spotting which left alone would not have been noticed. At this stage of the cycle it is surprising the cervix was low enough to reach with a Q tip, but it would have been open enough for a Q tip to enter. 



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