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Me - March 3

Please help. I went from a 34 day cycle to a 44 day cycle to a 41 day cycle. My last period was Jan. 28th. I took on ovulation test on the 18th of Feb. I let it sit for a while and went back to it about an hour later. It had 2 lines on it. Husband and I baby danced on the 14th, 18th, 19th, and 21st. Now if my calculations are correct, if I was ovulation on the 18th, that would bring me back to a 34 day cycle and I would be expecting AF on or about Mar. 4th. Does that make sense? Lately I have had a huge appet_te. Mostly craving sweet things. I have sore br___ts, but I usually have that when I am expecting AF so I can't go on that. My husband says that my areolas are bigger. I have had major hot flashes and then cold. I have a weird smell down there that I have not had before. Not fishy but a little acidy like. I'm bloated, and I have back and headache pain. I am also tired, however I have a hard time sleeping at night. Can't seem to get confortable and my stomach is really sensitive lately to food, touch, everything. Thoughts? I took a pg test on Tuesday it was Neg, but it was probably to soon.


me - March 3

Forgot to mention that I have dizziness as well.


bump - March 3



Grandpa Viv - March 3

The cycle is unpredictable, but you must have done something good, for I like your signs. Appet_te esp. carbs., minor areola changes, hot flashes, smell (your nose changed, or do you both agree?), bloated, back pain, headache, tired but hard time sleeping, sensitive to tastes, and dizzy - those are all signs we see often. It's a pretty good list. We lack only peeing more, veins on b___bs, and wet when I should be dry. Oh well, you can't have everything! I would wait a good two weeks after the signs became evident, and then test at frist pee at weekly intervals. I like the dip method better than in-stream. It replicates those laboratory conditions a little better. Good luck.


me - March 3

Thanks for your input. I am thinking according to my calc. I should be back on the 34 day cycle. Hopefully I won't get to find out. Again thanks for your quick repsonse. I appreciate it.



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