Weird Symptoms

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Mellie - March 6

My head is killing me and I've had weird nausea symptoms for a few days now. Each time I feel like my lunch made me feel so sick -- but each lunch has been so different (ziti, boston market, and indian food), and at different times, and the nausea has been roughly from 6pm to 11:30pm. I have not vomited, but I've had some gas and my head aches like crazy during this time. I am pretty good about staying hydrated. Also, my last period was lighter than usual but not really spotting.. I usually use super tampons and this time I used regular and they didn't really fill up, still wouldn't say spotting though. It also started a couple of days early, which is weird since I'm on the pill. I haven't always been great with the pill but the last two months I've done it right, to my memory. I've also been feeling more tired than usual.. And I've had more "baby fever," dunno if that's a sign though.. I'm a nanny and seeing all the mommies and babies at gymboree has just been appealing to me lately. I did just get over a cold (a week ago), but as I have asthma I took precautionary antibiotics. I have a very slight fever right now but it could be from my body's stress at feeling so sick -- anyone experience this? Also -- constipation and slight back pain.. Of course, all of this could mean nothing.. But I was wondering what your opinions on the likelihood of my being pregnant is.. Just so you all know.. I'm 21, and in a long term relationship.. My bf is 31.. I would prefer to wait before having children, but I wouldn't be horrified if I was pregnant now.. My bf feels pretty much the same way, but I think I'm a bit more paranoid about it, lol.. Anyway, I feel like c__p and I'm going to take a test tomorrow -- sorry this is sooo long but any advice/opinions would be greatly appreciated!


Grandpa Viv - March 6

I wonder if you are aware that antibiotics affect the workings of the pill? Your signs fit. Good luck with the test. Usually they advise a blood test if you plan on starting a new month of the pill but aren't sure about pregnancy.


Mellie - March 7

I've already started a new pack just a few days ago.. I think I should keep it going, as I've currently been active.. But if this keeps up I'll be getting a blood test.. Crossing my fingers about peeing on a stick tomorrow -- I'll be so relieved if I'm not.. but I know I'll be happy if I am.. Anyway, I should add that the food choices above are common for me.. None of it was spicy either, although I'm good with spicy food. Also, saltines helped a lot and earlier I could have used some -- or some ice cream! =] Also, my nausea is going away although it comes back in little waves.. It's worse tonight, plus the fever.. Again, sorry so long but I think I should give all the info I can.. Thanks so much for reading and responding!!!!


mellie - March 7

I know it's annoying to bump your post to the top.. But I'm desperate, please please give advice!



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